Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday morning, Mom and I went to the nursery and bought plants together. I bought pots of petunias, one pink and one purple for the patio. I also bought several tomatoe plants. This afternoon I plan to plant a package a sweet pea flowers that I bought last year. I'm hoping they will grow along the back fence. On Saturday afternoon, Bill and I drove to the small town of Arcadia to eat dinner at Pop's. I did the "50's" thing and ordered a hamburger, onion rings and a coke with a shot of cherry syrup. The weather was about perfect, so we ate on the veranda.

Sunday, several of our students showed up for Bible Study on their own. Many people come to New Beginnings Church for the music. We really know how to sing!!! If you don't feel joy in that church, you are a hopeless case! Larry preached on Genesis 49. It was about Joseph making funeral arrangements for his father, Jacob. Larry is senior chaplain at Unity Hospital, and is asked to do many funerals each year. Not only did he teach us about many of the words that we use associated with a funeral, but he challenged us to be ready for our own funerals. Larry is a very transparent guy, and shared the feelings that he had when his mother died. Most of us were at that funeral and it brought tears to our eyes. He gave us all permission to cry.

Today, Bill and I drove to OKC to the new Health Dept. Bldg. He got 6 injections for his trip to Brazil. The nurse was very personable and the fastest I have ever seen. Many of the shots were free, but the cost was still over $100! I was advised to get a Swine Flu shot since I live with someone who will be traveling.

I was excited about my new teaching schedule for next session. I will only teach in the mornings from 9 to noon. Yeah! I have one verbal skills class, and two classes of reading and writing.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Yeah! Yesterday was the last day of Session #4 at SEI. I'm really hoping that they don't need me full-time next session. I didn't go in today to help test because I had a routine doctor's appointment. I went in for lab tests last week, and the doctor said all of my numbers looked good. Bill and I have both been swimming at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes. I like to think that it's doing some good. The fitness center is beautiful, and the water is on the warm side!

Last night, Marlene Walters called. She and Roy are our neighbors in Manistee, Michigan. She thought that Bill was still in Singapore and wanted to just talk. Marlene spent 3 months in the hospital this past winter and nearly died from pneumonia. I can't imagine not having Marlene nextdoor! Our kids grew up on the lake together every summer! Kirk and Hans are still close.

Family Matters

God answered our prayers this week! David signed the divorce papers, and Kelli didn't have to take him to court. Kelli has also been given time off from Cornerstone University so that she can cover the So. Bapt. Convention in Louisville this June.

My brother, David, fell through the cracks of the justice system for six months while he sat in the San Bernardino County Jail awaiting parole. Thanks to Galen's persistance, he has now been moved to OKC enroute to Big Springs, Texas for his final hearing. While in California, David became best friends with a man who wanted David to teach him the Bible. He knew that David was a pastor's kid, but didn't realize that David was being challenged big time! God has a sense of humor!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm still learning how to juggle working full-time with my other resposibilities once again. Last Friday, we had Professional Day at SEI. I had to give a presentation on teaching low level English students to write a story. When that was finished, I drove to the mall to pick up Mom. She had more neurological tests at St. Anthony's in OKC this week and we are waiting for those results. She is praying that all will be fine since she will be flying by herself to California at the end of this month for graduations, a wedding, and a new great-granddaughter!

On Saturday, I bought groceries and went to the post office while Bill mowed the lawns. In the afternoon, we saw "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage. It was great! I was so surprised by the theme of the movie! It has some errors, but still worth seeing. After the movie, we went to Wal-Mart to buy gifts for friends, and some geraniums for the patio. While we ate at Wendy's the rain poured. I still just love thunderstorms. The sky is beautiful, and the earth smells so fresh! I will always remember my 4 year old granddaughter, Sofia telling me that thunder is God talking. He is saying, "Go in the house, or get your umbrella!"

Sunday was a full day. I taught the Bible study lesson on the power of the Holy Spirit. We had a full class and I was surprised because the other adult class had a special speaker. I was sure my class would switch teachers for the day, but they didn't!! Then Bill and I sang a duet for the worship service. We had never done that at NBC. I sang alto. Following the service, the church had a baked potatoe and dessert lunch to raise money for the team going to Brazil. I was amazed that $1,600 was raised in 30 minutes! In the afternoon, Wanda Christian called to say, "hello". Her husband was our pastor in Yokohama, and they live in OKC now. About an hour later, Ian called and asked if he and Phyllis could just "hang out" for awhile. They are always lots of fun to have around!

Today, was back to school. This is the last week of this session, and I am ready for a less demanding schedule. I'm not sure I'll get it, however, because we have another Saudi couple coming in who are low level. I have to say that teaching these Saudi students has been great! They are so polite and eager to learn. Today, Ibrahim offered me some lemon-rice that was wrapped in grape leaves. Not bad! I'm still waiting to tell them that I have Jewish blood in me. Smile! I don't really think they will care. They were really interested in the Easter story this past week. I explained it to them in "first grade" English. When I finished, Khaled looked at me with tears and said, "Jesus was really nice, wasn't he?" I simply shook my head - "yes".

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

Last Saturday, Bill and I picked up Mom and took her to Jason's housewarming party. Jason is Galen's son. Jason and Shelly built a beautiful 2 story brick home in Twin Lakes Estates. From there, we took Mom to lunch at Burger King. We had all eaten some finger food at Jason's and weren't too hungry. While eating lunch, Mom said she wasn't feeling well and didn't think she could come to the Easter musical or to our house for dinner.

Easter Sunday, NB Church had about 350 people in attendance. While playing the piano for the congregational song, I saw Mom come in with her best friend, Shirley. I also noticed that all of our 7 Saudi students had come in along with 3 Koreans and 1 Japanese student. Many of you wrote or called to say that you were praying for the choir's presentation. Well, God was listening!! I helped with the sound and the lights and could feel God's presence. Our new sound system is fantastic! It wasn't so difficult to balance the singers. You can tell that we aren't professional, but everyone enjoyed!!

After the service, there were 15 of us for dinner. Bill helped clean the house, and I cooked. I cooked a huge cassarole dish of rice and chicken, but it was my spaghetti that they devoured. After lunch, the students sang and danced for us. They were so entertaining. Before they all went home, everyone stood in a big circle and sang and danced "Hokey Pokey" together. Shirley, Mom's friend, danced with us. It was great!

This week is flying by. I have learned that I don't want to teach full-time again. It's too hard for me to get everything else done that needs attending to at home. It drives me nuts when my house is cluttered! I must be getting old because I want everything in it's place so that I can find it quickly.

Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10, 2009

Last Friday when I came home from school, I noticed that we had no power. A transformer had blown. Saturday morning, we still had no power! We went to my mother's to shower and for Bill to work on the computer. I played Yahtzee with Mom. She is still very sharp in spite of her mini strokes!

We received an email from Kenji Kimata with a picture of his baptismal certificate. He was the manager of the TGI Fridays in Yokohama where we use to eat lunch every Sunday after church. He loved our music and would come and listen to the church's concerts. After we left Japan, Kenji was promoted to the corporate office in Japan. He was able to attend a Japanese Bible study with our doctor, Dr. Akashi, every Sunday. In his email, he was thanking us for introducing him to Christianity. He is an excited new Christian!

Kelli called this week. The divorce is going smoothly, but she has some medical issues that require a biopsy next week. I'm praying for her! Kelli will also be going to Louisville, Kentucky to cover the SBC National Convention in June. She asked if Hannah and Caleb could come to Oklahoma the end of June for the PowWow. It's the Bergeron family year! (Mom's maiden name.)

June will be a major month. Bill is going to Brazil with a medical team. He's getting his passport updated and all of his injections. The team will go down the Amazon River.

I am learning how to teach full-time again. It's been interesting to teach Hanadi, my new Muslim lady student. She has a degree in Physics and is super smart, as well as pretty. Her face is not covered, so she looks like Mary, the mother of Jesus. She really is beautiful.

I continue to enjoy my Saudi boys! They are so funny and have such a good sense of humor. All seven have agreed to come to the Easter concert on Sunday and then have lunch at our house. No ham this year! It will be chicken and rice, and spaghetti.

Last night, I learned how to use the new soundboard. The church bought $2,000 worth of new microphones. They are great! Chuck is teaching me. He is such an interesting person!!! He works for FEMA and is a storm chaser. He grew up in Columbia where his father was a surgeon.

To make last week special, Galen called and shared the news that Crystal's baby arrived. She is Bailey Nicole! I can hardly wait for Bailey to visit Oklahoma soon! Her other grandparents live in Tulsa.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Never Having to Say Good-Bye

Last night, my mother called to tell me that she had been to the neurologist. The doctor found evidence that she had several mini-strokes recently. The problem is that her arteries do not meet in the middle of her head and cross over like an average person. If she has a severe stroke on one side, the other side of her body will not compsensate --she will die. Realizing that her body is aging and she won't be with me much longer always makes me feel sad. I haven't learned how to be apart from people I love without hurting, so this has become my definition of Heaven. "Heaven is never having to say good-bye!"

Dad died of congestive heart failure. I'm guessing from the symptoms that my friend's father has the same problem. I can remember praying that God would take Dad home quickly because I couldn't watch him suffer. I felt the same way when my brother died of pancratic cancer. I CAN'T say good-bye, so I will say, "Until we meet again in Heaven!"