Friday, July 17, 2009

Unanswered Questions

For you Agatha Christie and CSI fans, I will answer your questions about where the coke packages came from in the backseat of the police cruiser. It was night and the suspect was driving a stolen car that was speeding. While the police were waiting on the side of the road for the owner to come and identify the car, the suspect was apparently "fishing out" the packages of coke from inside the crotch of his Speedos. There were handcuff marks high on his wrists to indicate that he had done so. The "sloppy" police work was that the rookie cop had failed to search the back of his car after taking the suspect in to be booked. He was so excited about finding the marijuana during a weapons search that he didn't remember. Only when he had gone to Abuelita's on Hwy 177 to have a soda with another cop did he remember. I learned that those seats slide out easily so that the crevices can be searched. One of the cops who testified is a drug specialist. He immigrated from Austria 10 years ago. It was like listening to Arnold take on the world in one of his movies.
Just Coolin'

I haven't felt this lazy in a very long time! I've watched Wheel of Fortune, flipped between CNN and Fox, and slept! Yesterday, I washed my hair, put on a new gown and put on some lip gloss. I returned to the world! Today, I'm going to pack for Michigan. At least I'm not going to the Amazon. If I forget something, I can go to Wal-Mart. This morning, I called Shirley and she is helping me plan a birthday dinner for Mom at our house. Mom will be 86 years old on August 16th. Shirley is sooo excited! She's giving invitations to Mom's Bible study class.

Galen called to say that he and Sondra made it back to CA okay. Kelli called during a work break. The VP for Baptist Press told her about a writing position in CA, but isn't sure where it will lead. I told Kelli how blessed she is to have a successful writing career. Many women stay in bad marriages because they are afraid of a loss of lifestyle. I was reminded that we all make choices. We can stay down on the ground and let someone control our every move, or ---- we can remember just how special God made us to be and fly like an eagle! Kelli is my petite quiet child with gigantic brown eyes. No one, but God, knew that she would be interviewing men like President Obama and taking pictures of Billy Graham! God uses the most humble.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Subs had been hired to take my place at SEI for Monday and Tuesday since no one knew for sure how long my jury duty would take. So, I spent Tuesday getting our insurance changed and going to the Tag Agency for the new car. That evening, I felt weak and had no appetite. (It must have been the Okla. excise tax on the new car! Smile.) I became more ill as the night wore on. I'm a polio survivor, so Bill knew the drill. He drove me to emergency to get an injection in my hip. I feel like I've been in a coma for the past 2 days. I know that I've been pushing it for the past few months without taking any real time off. I guess God stepped in and said, "That's enough!" I'm off for the rest of the week. We are suppose to leave for Michigan on Saturday, the 18th for 2 weeks. I'm looking forward to just sitting on the deck and watching the boats and the ducks. Bill's brother, Dr. Jim, is flying up from Florida to spend a few days with us. We'll stop and see Noel and Janice on the way North, and then check on Noel again on our way back to Oklahoma. I learned that my brother, Roger, didn't come to the PowWow this year because he's saving his pennies to take Julie on an Alaskan cruise this fall. I guess Julie doesn't get pampered enough on their 40 ft. sailboat. I don't blame you, Julie. Go to the boat spa and relax!

Kirk is a hoot! He sent pictures of himself wrestling with Pastor Vince. Kirk is Youth Pastor at SetFree in Yucaipa, California. This summer they have had Christian rock concerts, and now this wrestling match. Kirk said he refused to wear the spandex! Ha!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jury Duty

I reported to the courthouse in Shawnee at 8:30 AM yesterday morning for possible jury duty. I was sure that I wouldn't be picked due to David's conviction. Out of 52 , 22 were chosen. I was number 7. The judge and both lawyers questioned all of us extensively with the defendant present. Then, each lawyer struck 5 people from the list. I remained juror #7. The case involved a man who had been stopped for speeding and was found to have marijuana on him. The case got more interesting when it was noted that there had been some sloppy policwork, and that 6 packages of coke had been found in the seat of the cruiser after booking the fellow. As a jury we had to decide who was telling the truth - the defendant, or the police. After putting all of the puzzle pieces of the evidence together for over an hour, one lady wouldn't make the verdict unanimous because she has friends who are users and "nice people". It was getting late, and I was tired. I closed my eyes and began praying in my heart for this lady. She finally agreed, and I prayed again that we weren't convicting a "good guy". Once the guilty verdict was delivered, we were told that it was the job of the jury in Oklahoma to decide the punishment. We also learned that the defendant had served time previously for dealing drugs. The judge asked us to stay and finish the case. If we would do so, we would not be required to come back for the rest of the week. I got home last night at 7 PM, totally exhausted physically and emotionally. I learned once again that I HATE conflict, and don't like to pass judgement on anyone. That's God's job, not mine!! I did my civic duty as required and don't want to ever do it again. I actually felt great pity for the poor fellow because he obviously thought he couldn't make it in this world without drugs. However, I don't want him selling to kids in my neighborhood.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Surprise!

Well, I got some of my goals accomplished ---plus. Yesterday, Bill followed me to Norman. We took both cars to the dealer for their annual check-ups. Toyota has a gorgeous new showroom with a cafe and restrooms to rival any 5 star hotel! Anyway, when I bought my Camry two years ago, I was advised not to pay cash if I could get a low percentage loan and put the rest of my bonus into a higher paying investment. I followed that advice. While walking around, I noticed that prices on cars have NOT risen. So, I asked the general manager what percentage rate loan I could get now. He crunched some numbers and said that our credit rating was high enough to buy the building if we wanted. Bottom line ---we drove a new 2010 Camry LE home. We didn't pay any extra! Janice, thank your brother, Dwayne! Now, I know how he became a millionaire! We also learned that Fortune Magazine named Camry the most and best American car. Eighty percent of the parts are made in America, and the car is assembled in Texas!

On the way home, we stopped at the Calypso Marina to eat lunch at Thunderbird State Park. While there, Sondra called and said that she and Galen had just left Springfield and were on their way to our house. Noel is not doing well and will go into St. John's Hospital on June 27th. The doctor is waiting to administer the treatment when he can be there for 3 days to watch Noel.

Galen played with the computer after dinner last night and cropped my picture for this blog. He laughed because I think the pic is horrible! He likes it!

Today, there were 16 in Bible study class. That group teases constantly and is such fun to be with! When I went into worship I was surprised to see Galen, Sondra and Mom! I have mentioned that Loretta gave Bill a check for $500 to go towards his Brazil trip. This morning her husband became a Christian and asked for baptism. He's in his fifties. When Bill gave Loretta a necklace that he had bought in Brazil, she burst into tears. It was one of those mornings when you could feel the Spirit of God cover the congregation once again! I'm still waiting patiently for God to answer some of my prayers. I have quit asking Him, and I have started thanking God for what He is going to do!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Daily Events and Goals for the Weekend

Okay, okay, you guys! Now that Bill has sent all of his Amazon pics via email, I will put up my picture this weekend. I am also taking the car to the dealer on Saturday for it's annual check-up before driving to Michigan. Last year, they looked it over and said nothing had to be done. I was in shock, but my checkbook was happy! I do know that my tire pressure light has come on due to the extreme heat.

Yesterday, I had my blood drawn at the lab, and then saw my doctor. He had just gotten back from Italy and was in a very playful mood. While the nurse was weighing me, he came in and stuck his foot on the scales. He loved watching my reaction! Before I left his office, he showed me pics of his vacation. They made me want to go back to Venice.

Yesterday was my day! I heard from friends after a long silence. Lee called from Vancouver, B.C. We taught together at Triple C School in Grand Cayman for 4 years. Her husband was the school business manager. Lee and Lloyd want us to come next summer and dust off the Rook cards. They said they had just endured the coldest winter! Grand Rapids and Chicago also had a chilly July 4th this year.

I've been re-reading "What In the World Is Going On" by Dr. David Jeremiah. I'm just amazed because I have been told since I was a small child that all of this would happen. I just didn't think it would happen in my lifetime! It seems that the people who do not believe the Bible to be true are the very people who are making the prophecies unfold. The Bible said it would be as in the days of Noah. The people made fun of him, said he was crazy, and concentrated on having wild fun. They wouldn't listen, and it broke Noah's heart!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yesterday, I taught my morning classes, ate lunch in the teacher's room and then prepared to go to the OU Medical Center in OKC for a mammogram program sponsored by Avon. I was asked to participate based on my age and ethnicity. The sky looked very black, and just as I was turning onto I-40 the heaven's opened up! In spite of the torrential downpour with stupid drivers continuing at outrageous speeds, I felt calm. Later, I learned that I was being prayed for. I had studied the map, but found I really had no need to worry. Lady Garmin talked me through every turn and lane change. Wow! What a machine!

This morning, I woke up to more thunder and lightening. It rained again for about 15 minutes. That means that it will be very humid. The lawn and my flowers drank it in. Mrs. Charles Cowman writes, "We go forth to life's conflicts and duties like a flower that has drunk in, through the shades of night, the cool and crystal drops of dew. The dews of God's grace never come to the restless soul." After reading this, I thought about the people I know who are always ranting, fighting and proud when they "win". They do not portray the grace of God in their lives. God's grace produces a quiet calm. I will strive for that today.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oasis Radio, FM 88.1

I listened to the Oasis radio station a few times and then decided it was too hokey for my personality. However, I have really enjoyed the programming from 3 to 4 pm. while I am driving home from school. It is sponsored by AirTech in Sand Springs. The Christian music was updated and relaxing! I also heard a guy talking about laughing in Satan's face. I tried it yesterday and it worked for me. When I woke up, I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish. However, while I was in the shower the phone kept ringing. My boss wanted me to find out how long my jury duty was going to last. That took me some time that I had not counted on, and I could feel myself beginning to stress. I decided to let God handle my crammed schedule, and I began to laugh at Satan. Last night, when I went to bed I was able to thank God for managing my day in ways that I could have never imagined. Everything got done! I even finished my mid-session grades.

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Weekend

Saturday morning, I took potatoe salad and watermelon wedges to my mother. She didn't feel like coming to our party. The evening was extremely hot, so we chose to barbeque hamburgers and hot dogs and then move inside to eat with air-conditioning. I decorated with red, white and blue and little flags. While teaching in Japan, we only got the month of August off in the summers, and there was naturally no celebration on July 4th. Ususally, the schools were holding their music competitions on that day in one of the many music halls. I admit that I did enjoy those competitions!

The park behind our house had jumping castles for the kids and prepared to shoot off fireworks. However, God had his own show planned. It rained most of the night and there were numerous lightening strikes. I loved it! We needed the rain sooo much, and the city will keep the fireworks for Pioneer Days in Tecumseh in September.

In spite of a 3 day holiday, there were 12 in our Bible Study on Sunday. The worship service was filled with guests. Edgar, a 55 year old man talked to us about how God had changed his life in the past 3 years. He did not believe in God or Satan because they go together. He had found happiness through prescription drugs, and hoped that there was no eternity. His life was same old, same old, and he got to the point that he wanted to commit suicide. Then, he met Larry, our pastor. He said he kept listening to Larry because he is so funny. (That's true!!!) Anyway, when Edgar finished talking, he and Larry hugged and we were all crying with them! When I go to NBC I find myself laughing or crying ----at least I'm alive and feeling something! Yeah!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Lazy Summer Day

When class was over yesterday, I quietly celebrated! Bill and I went to the pool. One of the ladies had brought some classics and I found myself exercising to "The Flight of the Bumblebee". After the swim, we were planning to go to the Arrow Cafe, but it was closed, so we went next door to Subway and brought home Black Forest ham and vegie sandwiches.

I had a realization last evening when I was checking my tomatoe plants and saw the tiny little fruit turning red. I had cherry tomatoes! They were mislabeled! Wow! I ate one this morning and danced in my backyard with excitement. My confidence returned. I really could grow something! Even my yellow and peach colored roses have new buds! I learned that roses love my banana peels!

I spent today moving matured IRA accounts to banks with higher earnings, and making potatoe salad and key lime pie for our July 4th party tomorrow evening. The park behind our house always has incredible fireworks! While cooking, I listened to new CDs that I bought two weeks ago. When I like something, I usually buy one for myself and one for a friend.

Tonight, we are going to the Hornbeck to watch "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past". Bill thinks it will be a hoot. We'll see!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family Happenings

A week ago I was talking to my nephew, David and his wife, Charity at Mom's apartment. They shared that they were going to have another baby in December. When they returned to California, they learned that it will be TWINS! David is a Riverside Sheriff, and Charity teaches 5th grade.

Kelli and the kids made it back to Grand Rapids, Michigan will no problems. Kelli is back at work at Cornerstone University. Caleb is at basketball camp, and Hannah is in children's theater.

Noel and Janice are on their way home from Mayo Clinic. I talked to Noel last night on the phone. They tweeked his pace maker, and he will go into St. John's Hospital in Springfield for 3 days to try a new medication. His adrenoline gland is overactive and may be the cause of the pounding heart beats. Noel praised Mayo Clinic. He said it looks and feels like a 5 star hotel. People play baby grand pianos in the lobby areas. I can't help but wonder if such a place will exist in 5 years???

Galen and Sondra left Shawnee yesterday morning to travel to Tennesse to visit with friends, and then drive up to Boston. Sondra is enjoying her retirement! They will come back through Shawnee on their way back to California.

I was assigned Reading and Writing 106 this session at SEI. That means I am teaching the John Grisham book, "The Client" again. It seemed fitting that I received a letter on Monday to be on JURY DUTY beginning July 13th. I'm hoping to be dismissed since we plan to go to Michigan the next week.

I had no idea that Steve (Noel's son) was following my blog. We received a post card that he mailed from California this week. Steve drives for Schneider Trucking Co. Steve, be careful out there!! Stop by to see us on your way back to Springfield sometime.