Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm a "real" Okie!

I think the worst of the tornadoes are over. During the last round of storms, I was on the phone most of the time. Noel called from Springfield while watching the weather channel. Then Sondra called from California to check on us. Just when we thought all was clear, we got a call from Tecumseh City Hall telling us to take shelter. Bill took a mattress into the hall bathroom and I answered the phone again in the kitchen. It was a Rasmussen Poll. I had heard of them on Fox News, so I proceded to answer all of their questions while looking out the French doors. I decided I would hang up and run if I saw a tornado coming. All the while Bill was yelling at me. I just don't get excited about these things easily. As Uncle Johnie said, "God knows when we will be born and when we will die." I do my best and let God do the rest. It is the unbeliever who needs to worry. I know my eternal future without a doubt! I do care that many lost their homes and loved ones. I pray that God will comfort them physically and spiritually. I understand their pain because I have lived through earthquakes, a volcanic eruption, a house fire and a hurricane. Many friends lost their homes last year in the tornado here in Tecumseh.

This has been a good week for me. Last Monday, I took a group of students to Unity Hospital for a tour. Unity is a very high tech hospital and the students were interested in the differences between the health care in their countries and the U.S. We are so superior at present. I can't predict our future, however, with a bunch of people in government who are ignorant of financial matters. I still can't believe how many people whine about their healthcare while watching a big screen TV and drinking beer. The line between "needy" and "spoiled rotten" is becoming blurred!

We have a new teacher at TLC. I don't know her, but I'm having a hard time liking her because she reminds me of another lady I met a few years ago that has a nasty personality. She has a husky voice, and when I hear her speaking, I can visualize the other lady. I'm praying that God will help me with my attitude.

Happy Birthday, Kevin and Isaiah! Isaiah was born 3 days before his Daddy's birthday. Congratulations to Hannah! She is graduating from the 8th Grade. I can't believe that I will have two grandchildren in high school next year! I'm blessed by God!

Since I am only teaching mornings this sessions, I have been working on the house. I bought another rose bush for the yard, and a hanging basket for the screened patio.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Report

Last Friday, we finished another session. After the students finish their comprehensive exams, they go the lounge for an activity. I was asked to plan and supervise this particular time, and enjoyed it! While waiting for students to finish testing, I played ping pong for the first time in months. I surprised myself by learning that I can still play. (While in high school, I worked for the newspaper office and earned a ping pong table by signing up new subscribers.) When we had enough students, I conducted a discussion group concerning likes and dislikes. Interesting!

Bill finished teaching his 7 week Media and Mass Communications course this past week. I had been a patient "widow" so he took me to OKC to celebrate on Friday evening. We were shocked to learn about the new trend that is sweeping the elementary schools. While making a waffle at Hampton Inn, I talked to little girls who were there for birthday parties. In both cases, families had rented 3 rooms for the night so that the girls could use the pool and have a slumber party. My mind was calculating big dollar signs!! No economic problems in OKC.

Friday evening, we ate at Spaghetti Warehouse which brought back memories of Japan. We use to eat at that restaurant in Tokyo after spending 3 hours studying Japanese every Wednesday afternoon. After dining, we walked around Bricktown by following the canal. It was a perfect evening weather-wise. While there, we chatted with some of our students and had tea at a sidewalk cafe where a group was playing jazz. The next morning, we went to the new theater and saw, "Pirates of the Carribean". To be honest, Johnny Depp can be funny, but the movie was a "yawner" in general. I enjoyed being in an ultra-modern cinema more than watching the movie. It has a super big screen and rocking chairs.

Sunday, was a surprise! Last week, I had a new couple join our Bible Study class. They came back again, and another new couple joined us. Suzanne and David moved into their new home this weekend and I thought we would be down in number. Not so! We're up to 18 members again. When we sing, I have to supply papers because these people did not grow up in church. They are soooo refreshing! They don't mind telling you how Christ is changing their lives. They also love being with people who have their own stories to tell of forgiveness.

My family keeps me praying! Noel may be going to the Cleveland Heart Hospital in June after they look at his history. Roger goes to the doctor tomorrow to have his finger x-rayed. He broke it while sailing and we are hoping it is healing properly. He is considering flying to OK for the Pow Wow. David may be driving here with Galen and Sondra. Mom cooked for me and Bill again last night, and she is beside herself with excitement thinking about her kids coming. Tomorrow is Isaiah's first birthday. I will write about that later. What a cutie!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Events

I can hardly believe that it is the middle of May! I guess I am having fun! This is the last week of Session #5 and I love my students! They are smart and willing to learn and they are a nice change from some I have had lately. However, Bill has had some unbelievably lazy American students in his on-line class. I am not so optimistic about the future of our nation when I observe the number of people who don't want to earn their grades or their living. So many people have both hands out and brag when they don't have to work. I'm also surprised at how many people don't understand the economics of running a household, or the government.

Saturday, Bill and I took Mom to the Catfish Round-Up Restaurnat just off of I-40. Uncle Johnie met us there to celebrate his birthday, although it was late. He is 92 years old and still independ ent. He didn't want fish. He ordered a hamburger with lettuce, tomaotoe and NO goop! He entertained us by talking about getting married again. He's looking for a beautiful woman who would be willing to water his horses. I will be posting a picture soon.

There were 18 people in my Bible Study Class yesterday. We continue to enjoy our discussions and are growing. A new couple joined us. The husband said that he had been hurt by a church in the past and had not spoken to God for many years. His life was a mess and he wasn't happy. He fell on his knees last week and then called Isaiah. Isaiah told him that he had found a church that was real and had true faith. A church that told the truth. In worship, Larry preached on sin and the consequences. We all listened because we were all guilty and needed to repent.

This last week I have been dwelling on the word, "humble". God calls us to be humble, not arrogant and cocky. Americans have a hard time with that word. Having a good self image and being humble before God is a balancing act. We fall off the beam a lot. We can't love God or other people in the right way until we see ourselves truthfully.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Celebration Weekend

It's Wednesday and I'm catching my breath before the storms hit our area this afternoon ( We are under tornado watch.) We have had one event after the other. Last week the accreditation team arrived at our school. Just after Christmas, our school changed directors. Apparently, deadlines had not been met up to that time. The school had 4 months to submit records and prepare for the on-site visit. We all began to work and pray! Actually, I was amazed at the peace I felt when a fellow came into my classroom and began jotting notes as I taught my class. The next day, our director announced that we had passed with no weakenesses. The CEO of The Language Company said she could not believe it. The Shawnee school was a miracle! Our new director, Sandra, had done the job!

Friday, the school faculty was taken to lunch at The Santa Fe Cattle Company. That evening, we had an all-school picnic at a park. Grilled chicken was provided.

Saturday, Bill took me shopping for Mother's Day. It was fun for him to choose a new blouse and pay for it with his monthly allowance. In the afternoon, we saw, "Soul Surfer". Everyone should take their kids to see it! It is overtly Christian. Of course, I loved watching the world class surfing! I longed to drive to La Jolla Cove in San Diego and jump into the surf. I could smell the salt air and listen to the seagulls overhead. And, of course, I love Hawaii! I've visited several times and am ready to go back!

On Sunday, I taught my great Bible Study class, went to worship and then picked Mom up for dinner. Bill grilled T-Bone steaks, and we ate on the patio. Keri, Kelli and Kirk called on Sunday afternoon. Kirk is leaving today to go to Costa Rica with a team from Calif. Baptist University. He has been a team leader for about 5 years. They plan to dig wells and share the good news of Jesus Christ. Tamra passed her Mobile Intensive Care class. After her class, examiners had to listen to her respond to radio transmissions from helicopters bringing in gunshot victims. Tamra is special because she prays and relies on God to give her wisdom and guidance in her work. Everyone around her can see it! It was an honor that she was the only one in the ER to be asked to take the class! Yeah, Tamra!! (She is 6 months pregnant after 10 years of marriage to Kirk!)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blog Again!

The blog I typed on Monday vanished. We are having trouble with both computers, so we may have to replace them sooner then planned. We have a contract with a company that will set them up for us along with a new printer.

I'm blogging on the desk top that can't remember paragraphs.

This is a crazy week because an accreditation team will be visiting The Language Company tomorrow and Thursday. It is a 5 year accreditation. I have been planning my "dog and pony show" for my grammar, reading and writing classes.

My brother, David, sent part of his new book to be reviewed. I hope I can get to it tonight! He's an excellent writer!

Kelli called Sunday evening. She loves her job at Cornerstone University. Hannah is running for student council. She will be a freshman in high school next fall. Caleb is learning to drive. Yikes!

The big news this week was the Royal Wedding, and the death of Usama Bin Ladin. We celebrate, but neither will change our world. Evil still exists and we all must be accountable to God. I'm amazed at how many people blame their problems on other people, don't take responsibility and feel entitled. Bill has on-line classes that are filled with single parents who have their hand out to the government. They also tell him off when he follows the university guidlines for grading. They want free grades without doing the work and following the directions. It seems that the people who don't want to be subject to rules in this life, are often the same people who find it difficult to be under the authority of Almighty God. One can sense from their attitudes and choice of words, that they are not Christians.