Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It has been a long hot summer. In spite of the high temperatures, God just keep blessing! Keri called me on my lunch hour at school. She had gone to Kelli's custody hearing, and reported that the judge ruled in Kelli's favor. The judge also ruled that Caleb cannot decide who he will live with until he is 18 years old! God does answer prayer!

Noel had a second brain scan. The doctors ruled out a second stroke and said they had seen scar tissue. That enabled them to put a camera into his esophagus and take pictures of his heart today. Once the pictures are interpreted, they may put a laser into his heart and create a wall of tissue to stop the stray electrical impulses. Yesterday, I was in Noel's room when the doctor from Cleveland Heart Hospital called. He and the doctor in OKC agreed. That was a confirmation that the right course of action had been decided.

Also, yesterday, Janice called me from Mom's while I was at the hospital. She needed to go back to the hospital, and needed me to take Mom to the clinic. Her right eye was bright red! The doctor worked her in, and said that a vein had burst from strain. It should be alright in a few days.

Bill called Michigan to see if we could postpone our stay at the lake condo that we have rented. They are being very kind, and said to let them know about Noel's condition. We gave them the hospital room number for varification.

Galen and Sondra drove back to Oklahoma as soon as they heard about Noel's condition. They are staying at Jason's. Jason had just been to California for a week with his family. You can tell that he spent a lot of time on the beach because he is very brown!

At the moment, we don't care about Washington and politics or the weather. We are just watching Noel. I don't believe in a God who gives me everything I want, but I do believe in a God who loves me and always does what is best. He's so much smarter than I am!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Isaiah 40:31 Noel/Uncle Johnie

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strenth ......." I have hung onto this verse for the last week. I know without a doubt that I could not have endured without the prayers of my family and friends.

When I went to a meeting at Cooper's Funeral Home last week, I thought I would simply take Mom and be an observer. It became apparent that Uncle Johnie had not left funeral instructions. Family members knew what they wanted for the graveside, but had no idea what to do for the service. Uncle Johnie's church had just lost their minister of music so there was a void. At that point, I stepped up and took control of the music and the service. I also ordered the family flowers.

On Friday morning at 8: 00 AM the horsedrawn wagon was to carry Uncle Johnie to the cemetary. It was one hour late and everyone was standing around in 90 degree heat. Noel began to feel bad and Bill and I took him to the church. I gave him some ice water and put him on the front row with us so that no one would greet him. Noel made it through the funeral and the beautiful lunch which the church provided for the family.

On Saturday, Noel began to weep with intense pain in his chest while sitting on our couch. I told him I was going to drive him to the Okla. Heart Hospital ER. They admitted him, and Bill and I arrived home at 1:00 AM . I got a sub for my Bible Study class. That afternoon, I drove Mom and Mark to the hospital. Dr. Kahn encouraged Noel and said there were several new procedures that could help him. In the evening, the test results came back from the head scan and he learned that he had suffered two small strokes at the funeral. One from a clot and one that was still bleeding. Noel has five more tests today and then we will know more. Noel is a 6 foot tall retired Navy officer who is always detailed and in control of any situation. It's hard for me to watch him be so helpless.

I have to teach this morning, and then take Mom to meet my uncle's attorney. Then, it is back to the hospital. I have a peace that passes all understanding. I'm amazed at the strength God is giving me physically and emotionally. I am so thankful for loving friends and family who are praying for me in spite of not being close. It makes all the difference in the world at times like this! I love you! Keep praying!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Uncle Johnie

My last day at school was last Friday. Saturday morning, Mom called me at 7:00 a.m. Uncle Johnie had died of heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation. Neighbors saw smoke. Isn't that just like God to send smoke signals for his beloved Indian man?At 92 years old, he was still bailing hay and living alone. Mom and I are helping to make arrangements since he lost his wife and his son several years ago. I learned that he was still teaching an adult SS class, was a deacon in the church, and was the former treasurer. He was loved by everyone who knew him! The Oklahoma Baptist Children's Home will receive his estate. The statement I have heard most often about Uncle Johnie is this, "No one was more ready to meet God face to face!" Is there a greater compliment?

I will write more after the funeral.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crazy Days of Summer

Yesterday, I taught my verbal skills class and then left to go to the dentist. I had my teeth cleaned and a good check-up. No problems. Then, I picked up Mom and took her to lunch at Boom-A-Rang. We both ordered breakfast. I hadn't eaten there for about 3 years, and was surprised to see that it has expanded and was packed with people. Before leaving Mom's apartment, she gave me her Easter decorations that she collected while living in Germany. She said that she always spends Easter at my house, and doesn't feel well enough to use them. I value them! When I arrived at my house, the far end of my street was blocked with OGE trucks. Three houses down from us, someone had been digging and hit a gas main. Their entire front lawn had to be dug up! About an hour after the OGE trucks left, it began to rain. Thunder rolled and lightening flashed. It rained hard for over an hour. Thank you, God! It was an answer to our prayers!

Keri called Monday evening. Chicago had a major storm that knocked out their electricity. Living next to a lake is great when it is hot, but doesn't help during a storm.

Galen needs gall bladder surgery. I told him my surgery at Miami Baptist in Florida was no big deal. He will be just fine! My brother, David, learned he is diabetic. No more pie!

Kirk has taken responsibility for the Set Free discipleship program, and is interim pastor of the Joshua Tree church. Tamra is 8 months pregnant now. Yeah!

Last Sunday, there were 13 in Bible Study. We celebrated two birthdays, and discussed how legalism has no place in the Christian life. If we could save ourselves by good works, Jesus would not have needed to die for us. I could never earn my way to heaven. It is a gift!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 4th Heat

We continue to have record breaking heat in Oklahoma. It is 108 degrees in Tecumseh at 4:30 p.m. However, life goes on! I taught my usual morning classes, and then took Anne's classes in the afternoon because she wasn't feeling well. After school, I dropped by the Pott Tribal Court to get my tags renewed. $50 - not bad for a '10 Camry! While there, I stopped by to see my nephew, Jason. I caught him on his way out to check on the FireLake Grand. We chatted for about 10 minutes. His family is going to California next week to enjoy the beach, and Papa Galen and Gramma G.

We tried to escape the heat last holiday weekend to no avail. We took Mom to Springfield on Saturday and had a Mexican lunch with Noel and Janice and Mark. After lunch, Bill and I drove on to Branson for two nights at the Center Point Inn. We had dinner at Montana Mike's Steak House. We had to wait for a table at 8:00 p.m. I felt like I was back in California! The next morning, we went to Skyline Baptist Church. Wow! This gorgeous building is located next to Fall Creek on Fall Creek Road. When we entered the lobby, there were Branson scenes and a lady playing a baby grand piano. There was also a visitor's center with cookies, coffee and soft drinks. The sanctuary looked like a first class dinner theater that was graduated on levels. We learned that it truly had been a dinner theater, and was sold to Hobby Lobby for 2 million dollars. In turn, Hobby Lobby sold the property to the Baptists for one dollar!!!! We sat in cushioned chairs and had our Bibles and programs lying on the counters in front of us. The pastor is a former missionary, and had just taken a group to San Salvadore.

Sunday evening, we went to the Shoji Tabuchi show. I saw several signs in Branson that said, "Tabuchi rules Branson". Now I understand! Just like the Japanese we came to know and love, he is a perfectionist violinist. What a gift! He and his band play every style of music flawlessly. The dancers and the lighting were also fantastic! At one point, a laser US flag waved over the audience. Beautiful! I was reminded that God allowed only man to create art and music in his image. Animals cannot do that. We are really special and loved!

On Monday morning, we drove back to Springfield. We went to Incredible Pizza to celebrate Mark's 29th birthday. There were 16 of us including Mike and Christine White from Dad's church in California. They were visiting Janice's Dad, Bailey Hill. They talked about old times together when Dad was their pastor. Of course, they were excited to see Mom in Springfield! We left after a couple of hours, and made it back home by 6:00 p.m. We went by Braum's to get some ice cream before dropping Mom off at her apartment. God is sooooo good! I'm blessed to have people in my life that I love so much!