Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall is in the Air

Our fall evenings and mornings are cool while the daytime temps reach the mid 80's. We won't get the fall colors due to the dry summer. Tecumseh got just enough rain to keep the lawns a pale green. I really missed the usual thunderstorms.

I'm giving piano lessons in the afternoons and enjoying being a homemaker in the mornings. Yesterday, I knew that Mom would be missing Noel since he returned to Springfield for a few weeks. So, I took her to the mall and then we had lunch together.

Bill and I watched the Republican debate. Many of us were impressed by Herman Cain. We just laugh when people say that all Right-Wingers are racially prejudiced. Look up Herman Cain on the computer. He's smart and knows God.

Sunday, we had a good Bible Study Class. We discussed how to share our faith in a hostile society. During the worship service I played an arrangement of "Holy, Holy, Holy" for the offertory. After the service, we had our first Christmas choir practice. Everyone is excited because it is a Celtic collection entitled, "Tapestry of Light". One of our teenage girls is going to do a solo Irish dance as part of the performance.

Ezekiel remains in the hospital while the doctors wean him from the morphine he was on for the past five weeks. He is breathing on his own, and Kirk and Tamra can hold him. Loma Linda's head pediatric doctor told them to thank God! Ezekiel had one of the worst cases of meconium aspiration they had ever encountered.

Kelli called this morning. Caleb is adjusting to the divorce and playing on the varsity tennis team at his high school. Hannah is on the high school student council and singing with the worship team at her church. (Mega church!) Their worship team director requires all singers to attend one of the other services as well just to worship. Wise!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Lifestyle

I am enjoying being semi-retired for awhile. I have three piano students and two wanting to begin soon. My friend, Nancy, makes me feel that I am doing the right thing. She continually thanks me and tells me that she has always wanted to take lessons! I haven't taught piano since we lived in the Cayman Islands 18 years ago.

Baby Ezekiel continues to improve and may get to leave the hospital next weekend. He is learning to feed and becomes more aware of his world each day. We all celebrated his one month birthday on Sunday! (To think that some people want to abort such precious blessings of life! Perhaps they have never loved anyone but themselves.)

Yesterday, I joined Noel and Jason (Galen's son) at Mom's apartment for lunch. Noel made gourmet sloppy joes for us. I do mean gourmet! There were bowls of shredded lettuce, cheese, Fritos, baked french fries, and a platter of sliced tomatoes and baby carrots. For dessert, Noel had made banana pudding from scratch and topped each serving with whipped cream. No cherries. I hate those things anyway! We all sat and watched a slide show of the family on Mom's new digital frame. We laughed at how young and thin we all use to be! Noel was exhausted from his efforts and went to bed soon after lunch. Janice is driving to Shawnee this weekend to take him back to Springfield for awhile.

We learned that our computer company, TechRescue, is going under. In this economy that in itself is not a surprise. But, I was really upset when I realized that they had broken contract and continued taking our money. Our tech man, Keith, was honest and told me to block our auto payment as quickly as possible. So, I called our bank and did so. We will continue to keep Keith on a free lance basis. We really appreciated his honesty!!

We all have to stop putting our trust in people, and turn to God. The message on Sunday taught me that God is not fair------He is merciful! Fairness is not a spiritual concept. But mercy is! It's never too late to serve God and He will always give us more than we really deserve. We will miss a lot of blessings if we try to negotiate. I'm also learning not to give God a timetable. He knows what's going on, and He's never late! Matthew 20

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Summer Pictures 2011

Uncle Johnie's Casket

Bill and grandkids at Lake Michigan in Manistee
Kirk with poster of Grampa's "How Much Do You Love Me?"

Gramma Marti with Ezekiel at Loma Linda Children's Hospital in California

Summer 2011

It has been a hot, eventful summer! I just posted some pictures of Manistee, Michigan with the girls and our grandkids. It was our first journey back after selling the family cottage and we were all curious about how we would feel. However, we spent a week at Harbour Village and fell in love with being right next to the yachts and the beach. Kevin was taking a class and couldn't join us, but Keri drove up with Sofia, Selah and Isaiah. Kelli came up with Hannah and we celebrated her 14th birthday.

Noel had his ablation surgery at Oklahoma Heart Hospital. It may take a second procedure, the verdict is not in yet. He is still having some heart issues. We have enjoyed having him stay in Shawnee with Mom in her apartment, although Janice misses him in Springfield.

Ezekiel is improving daily and we are praying that he can leave the hospital and go home soon. His breathing tube was removed last Sunday when he was 3 weeks old., and he is learning to breathe on his own and feed.

Galen and Sondra just returned from England where they ministered and toured. We are awaiting their report.

I am no longer teaching at TLC. I have started teaching piano/keyboard lessons again. I'm finding it to be much more flexible and seem to be making some people very happy. Bill continues to teach full-time for TLC, and is teaching for GCU in the evening. He enjoys what he is doing and continues to have good health.

It has been a long, hot, challenging summer, but God has been good through it all! Check out a few of my pictures in my previous blog. I'll try to add more this week.

Summer Pictures 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prayer for Baby Ezekiel changes everything!

The day before I flew back to Oklahoma, Ezekiel opened his eyes for the first time in a week and looked at me breifly. Kirk said, "Mom, that was a gift from God!" Just a few days before, we all (including the head doctors) thought we were going to lose the little guy due to infection from the meconium and pulmonary hypertension. I called Bill and he sent an urgent request for prayer via email. We immediately received return emails from friends at home, Japan, Kenya, Korea Grand Cayman, and India! Everyone assured us of their prayers.

Christian doctors at Loma Linda Children's Hospital were confused and began to pray for wisdom. After deciding to try a different antibiotic, Ezekiel showed signs of improvement. Tamra, being a nurse, taught me how to interpret the numbers on the various machines. In spite of wanting to have the heart of Abraham when he was asked to give up his son, I couldn't contain my tears of joy when I saw my tiny grandson open his eyes.

I was touched when Kirk told me how much he had learned about God the past few weeks. He said, "I can't hold my son because of all the wires and tubes. God wants to hold me, but it is impossible when I'm so attached to this world. Everyday, I tell Ezekiel what a beautiful room he has at home that it is just waiting for him. Someday, I'm going to leave this sin-sick world behind and go to a beautiful home that has been prepared for me!"

While attending Kirk's church (Set Free) last Sunday morning, I was reminded that our words come back to us. A man named Mark came up to me. He said, "Ten years ago I came to Kirk's church when he was in Pomona. You talked to me for a long time and encouraged me to go to the Ranch and get rid of my drug habit. I didn't realize that God's strength is greater than mine. Here I am 10 years later, and still drug free! I wanted to say, "Thank you!" To be honest, I didn't remember the man and was stunned! Mark also went on to tell me about his daughter who was born with heart problems and is now 30 years old. Now, he was encouraging me!

Kirk called last night. He was allowed to hold his first child for the first time! I told Kirk to call me when they get those respirators out of the baby's mouth and he can cry. What a beautiful sound!

When you love someone so much, and the doctors admit that they aren't sure what to do, it is such a comfort to be able to cry out to God. It is also a comfort to have family and friends that say, "I can't help, but I have a God that can!" My faith has been strengthened through this time. I have also learned that if God wanted to take my grandson back to heaven, He would give me the grace and strength to deal with that also.