Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nice weekend in Springfield

Bill and I drive Noel and Mark to Springfield on Thursday morning. (We couldn't talk Mom into traveling with us, so I baked her a sugar-free pumpkin pie and bought a small turkey breast for her dinner. ) Noel was wiped out from the trip, so we brought home tacos on Thanksgiving evening and had pie and brownies for dessert. On Friday, we drove to Battlefield Mall for about an hour. I bought Mom a new cell phone at the Sprint kiosk. It rained all day Saturday and we just sat around and watched TV. That evening, Janice's father, Bailey Hill, took us all to Appleby's in Nixa where he lives. I love the spiniach dip and chips! We all laughed because we went to Appleby's in Springfield last Thanksgiving weekend. Sunday morning, we attended Ridgecrest Baptist Church on Republic Rd. The music is outstanding!!!
Wintley Phipps will be in concert there next week. Wish I could go!

We arrived home Sunday evening. Mark stayed with Janice in Springfield so that he could bowl with his team.

Monday, I spent the entire day it seemed at the Dean McGee Eye Institute (OU Medical Center). I was there from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Noel went along for the ride and we had lunch at Denny's in OKC. I returned home about 2:45 p.m. The eye doctor agrees with my last eye doctor that I may have been born with asymetrical pressure in my eyes. That means that I do not have glaucoma, but they will continue to watch me. I was given 4 tests, including a field test and pictures of my cornea and optical nerves. I still have 20/20 vision in both eyes relating to distance. I can drive without glasses. Reading is a different story.

While in Springfield, we had a nice Skype visit with David and Galen. I talked on the phone with Kelli, Keri, and Kirk. I just can't have a Thanksgiving holiday without remembering the tiny little turkey that came into my life in 1970. Kelli was born 14 months after Keri. It was difficult, but I wouldn't trade my kids for anything! They are gifts from God and I love them! Thank you, God, for all of the wonderful people you have put into my life!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

The weather is cool and rainy. I love it! Last night I sat by the fire and watched the news. I had a busy day shopping and meeting Bill at the surgeon's office in the afternoon. The doctor said that Bill's gall bladder was not an emergency and that he could wait until a more convenient time to have it removed. We were relieved in light of our busy schedule at the moment! I left the medical center to hurry home for a piano lesson. Nancy brought a beginner duet book that is lots of fun! She's learning, "I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy".

Last week, I drove Noel to the OK Heart Hospital (North) for his 7:15 a.m. appointment. When he finished, we ate breakfast in the cafe. I love their yogurt with mixed fresh berries! After breakfast, I drove Noel's van to Sam's Club. He bought two real leather rocker recliners for his new apartment. Fellows at the store put them into the van, but Mark helped Noel and me get them out. Noel really paid the price for that physical exertion! I told him he was crazy. I realized again that my family would rather die working at something than to sit in a tent on Wall Street!!!

Saturday, Noel and Mark went with me and Bill to see the movie, "Help". It was great! Having been raised on the West Coast, it is difficult for me to realize that people of color were treated so differently in the South. Also, having lived in Africa for three years, I can see the cultural influence on Blacks in America. We "rocked out" at church in Kenya. I loved it!

We had 15 people again in Bible Study last Sunday. We seem to be stuck on that number. There were 4 absent, but a new college student has joined us. Allisa is a beautiful OBU student from Texas who has become very involved. She shared in class how she was a difficult teen, but her parents teaching was paying off. She's involved with Hope House for children.

Noel and Mark joined us for worship on Sunday. Noel wasn't feeling very well, but he forced himself to come because Bill and I were playing the special music, "As the Deer".

Choir practice was a drill session. The Celtic music we are learning for Christmas is very difficult. We don't mind because we love the familiar tunes. After practice, Bill and I went to Cracker Barrel and ate trout, and shopped for Christmas.

We are driving to Springfield on Thursday for the weekend. Noel misses Janice so much! Bill and I are trying to get the GCU classes caught up. He grades all the papers and I grade the homework -- 41 students. This week the students are contrasting Christianity and Pantheism. I'm learning a lot myself. I become more and more thankful that I have hope through Jesus Christ. One atheist student said that he was becoming afraid. I told the student that there is no fear when you understand how much God loves you! You also have a power greater than yourself to help with any problem that comes. That gives me peace and makes me thankful!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beautiful Fall Season

I thought fall was going to pass us by, but it has been one of the most beautiful that we have had since living in Oklahoma! The trees are brilliant! Today, however, is the first cold day we have had. Yesterday, it was 70 degrees. I'm not complaining because the energy bill is low!

I met my new doctor this week. Dr. Shaw has come to the clinic after serving as Chief of Staff at Community Hospital in Oklahoma City. This morning I had my lab work and got a shingles innoculation. I was impressed because I received a call telling me that my lab results were very good.

Last weekend, Janice drove to Shawnee with Bailey. Noel's family and Mom came over for dinner. I served tacos and spanish rice. Everyone loved it because I topped the rice with cheese. I also made an apple pie and served it with whipping cream.

I'm still staying busy with piano lessons and on-line classes. I really enjoy reading the homework for the Christian Worldview class. This week the book is discussing how the atheist view differs. The students have really impressed me with their deep thinking. One wrote that atheists in general think that pigs and dogs have more importance than an unborn child. Another wrote that if you have no belief in God or a higher power, then you must create your own self worth and value. That can be very risky since we all come down on ourselves at times.

Politics is heating up! I am so glad that I watch Fox News to get both sides of the story. I saw a story on MSNBC that made me angry. I had watched an interview with the person in question, and knew that there was another side to the story that I was reading! No wonder Fox continues to be #1 in the ratings. I'm also glad that the mayors have begun to see the light and are asking rude people to leave the city streets. "Occupiers" have certainly been a lesson in what happens when you take God out of the equation. There is a right way to get things done! The general public and business owners have rights also! Well, the Bible predicts that all of this will happen. Matthew 24

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Celebration of Life and Death

This is Sofia's 7th birthday. She is such a joy in every way! We love to hear her chatter on the phone about first grade and all of her activities at church.

Yesterday, Kirk called to tell us that Tamra's mother is dancing with Jesus! Nancy Hyde fought a hard battle with diabetes which caused her to lose both feet. I grieve with Kirk and Tamra's family because of our loss. She was one of the most generous people on the face of the earth, and loved deeply. Last summer, while visiting in California, I was touched by the extreme loyalty that Andy (Tamra's father) showed by traveling back and forth to the hospital daily to be with his wife and lover. He was battling cancer and didn't let it stop him. Again, Nancy let her family know that heaven is for real before she passed from this life, and mentioned people in her past as they are now in the present!

Last Wednesday, I took Mom as my guest to a dinner at Paul's Steak House. It was an appreciation dinner given by our bank. I was impressed because there were no speeches --just New York steak and a good time with other clients. When we left, we were given stone coasters. I wished Bill could have come with us.

Thursday morning, I drove to OKC to pick up Noel at Community Hospital. His neurologist had him to spend the night at the Sleep Center. Later, Janice arrived in Shawnee. She brought a car full of linens etc. for Noel's new apartment. She and Mark stayed until Saturday morning, and then she drove Noel back to Springfield. He will return the end of November for his next doctor's appointment.

Yes! Oklahoma experienced two big earthquakes this past week! The one on Saturday morning registered 5.6 without any explanation. We thought we were back in Japan where they are frequent. I felt no fear, just waited for God to stop rocking the boat. My times are in the hands of a loving God.

Bill's Mr. Pumpkin 2011

Bill is showing off his carving skills once again this year!