Monday, December 19, 2011

Enjoying the Season!

We can't believe the Christmas musical is finished! I'm waiting for Chuck Edwards to give us the web address so that our friends and family can listen. We are not professional, but many people told me that it was our best performance. God's spirit was really with us because we lost one of our best singers on Sunday morning. Pastor Larry called at 7:30 a.m. and told us that Mike Taylor's father had fallen and was awaiting surgery at Mercy Hospital. Mike would not be at church. We were all devastated by the news and began to pray for Mike and his family.

Saturday, we practiced all morning, and then went to Red Lobster for lunch. Since our anniversary is next week, we ordered our usual lobster, scallops and shrimp. After lunch, we walked it off at the mall. I had finished my shopping, but Bill had just begun. While sitting on a bench, Tom Parks sat down next to me while his wife shopped. He travels the world for "Feed the Children." He shared with me his plan to bring a medical team to Shawnee Mission. Having participated in many free medical clinics, I told him to give me a call to help with administrative needs.

Thank you, David, for the Appleby's gift card! You were more than generous! I guess Noel's family, and Mom will go out with us in Branson next week! Spinach dip. Yum!

Kirk and Tamra sent pictures this week of baby Zeke. He is a miracle! I cannot forget the day the doctors had no answers and we thought we were losing that little angel. I spent the afternoon on the phone, and Bill emailed everyone we knew around the world to pray for God's will to be done. Telling God that I was willing to give baby Zeke back to heaven was the hardest thing I have ever done. It was a test of my faith. When I left California, little Ezekiel was still in a coma but was showing signs of recovery - both in his lungs and heartbeat. He left Loma Linda Children's Hospital when he was 6 weeks old. I can hardly believe that he is a healthy little boy now who cries and kicks! God has given us a beautiful baby! Thank you! While there are those who want to kill babies, I'm so glad that there are people who have dedicated their lives to saving babies. They are the world's greatest resource!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Time to Celebrate

It's Christmas! It's time to celebrate! As I grow older I realize that I have to enjoy everyday to the fullest. I don't know what next year holds for me and my loved ones. I'm planning a Christmas dinner next Thursday evening before traveling to Springfield. I'm going to use my china, crystal and napkin holders. Actually, Bill made me think of it when he asked me to light the candles while we ate pizza. I told him that I would have to buy more candles if we used them frequently. He smiled and said, "Buy more candles!"

I also realized that I never want to be a "religious" person. I've been thinking a lot about what it meant for God to come to earth as a poor baby, and allow himself to be killed on a cross for me. That was true love. So many people love in order to get something for themselves, whether it be for sex, financial security, or someone to take care of them when they are sick. Unselfish love is hard to come by in this world. It's a God thing! I really want to love unconditionally. There is no better gift. It doesn't matter how many Christians feed the poor if they are doing it to shine a light on themselves. The only way to be blessed is to do it out of gratitutde for what God has done for us. Then, it has true meaning! That humbles me.

Monday, December 12, 2011

December Events

Last Saturday, we celebrated Janice's 60th birthday at Garfield's. She still looks pretty, doesn't she? From left to right in the picture below is Bill, me, Mom, Noel, Janice and Bailey. Mark is peeping from behind.

Yesterday, we continued our study of Christmas in Bible Study. We also celebrated Leo's 75th birthday. He's so sweet, and really misses his wife during the holiday season. During worship, the choir sang one number from our musical. After the service, we enjoyed a beautiful potluck dinner in the fellowship hall. The chuch provided ham and turkey. The choir ate first so that we could practice. Having practiced at our house on Friday was really beneficial. Our friend, Randal made risers for the men to stand behind the women. He did a great job. We also got to watch Jessica practice her Irish dance to "What Child Is This". Our church is so blessed!!

We had a great time at our choir potluck on Friday. Twenty-three people came. I baked a strawberry cake and made raspberry punch with sherbet and ginger-ale. This year, after we ate and practiced, we exchanged gifts. I got an angel ornament, and Bill got a nativity snow globe that plays "Silent Night". While we were cleaning up, I noticed two little birds on an end table that said, "Joy" and "Peace". Later, I learned that Lorna had left them for us and wanted to be anonymous. That sounds just like her! She is a role model of Christianity. She is so humble and always looking out for other people.

The 3 Ks are all doing well. They are all busy with Christmas! Kevin will graduate from Trinity Seminary in Chicago next week. It has been a long haul due to pastoring full-time and having 3 babies in the process. Kevin is a former Marine and knows how to work. He is also a very humble person who puts others before himself. God really honors humility. I'm still working on mine.

Christmas Choir/Fence/B-Day Party

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter is Here!

I need to check some homework for the 0n-line college class, but decided to blog first. I feel like I have been going non-stop this past week! I finally cut back my roses and dealt with a lawn mole that kept coming back. He loved the poison peanuts that I put down his hole. So, I chewed some gum and left it for him. I never saw him again.

I got our Christmas tree decorated. Bill wanted to help, but finally told me he wasn't going to have time. He learned his lesson. Never take two night classes when you have a full-time day job! I'm not complaining because he told me that he has booked tickets to Tahiti in February. Our 30th wedding anniversary is December 22nd. Bill says that will finish his bucket list. We'll see.

Piano lessons are going well. It's fun teaching Christmas music. I don't remember getting so many hugs when I taught piano 20 years ago. Maybe I didn't???

Bible Study Class was great! We are still stuck on the number 15 in attendance. We studied the true meaning of Christmas. We discussed why many people will not accept the message. It was determined that pride and the inability to see sin is a major reason. Also, many people want to take credit for acquiring eternal life, without understanding that it is a gift, not earned.

Christmas choir practice was excellent. We are hosting a party and practice at our house this Friday evening. We expect 20 people. Chuck Edwards is planning to put our performance on the internet. I'll let my readers know the address soon.

I may have mentioned that a mother could not pay me for her child's piano lesson because they had to make a payment on their trip to Disney World during Christmas vacation. What????? I recently heard how you can tell which child will be a Republican and which child will be a Democrat when they grow up. When a playmate wants to take his friend's toy, the Republican will say, "No, that's mine!" When a playmate is a Democrat, he will say, "No, that's mine! Here, take Billy's."