Wednesday, March 28, 2012

French Polynesia Photos

Intercontinental Hotel, Tahiti

Island girl, Moorea

Island of Bora Bora

Breakfast view of hotel lagoon, and Moorea in the distance

Hotel rooms with glass floors, only $600 a night

Island girl in Tahiti

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pictures of Arkansas

Bogie's Restaurant

Fairfield Bay Golf Club

Skip-O /Mom and Me

Our condo on end

Monday, March 26, 2012


Bill had two days off from school, so we took Gramma to Fairfield Bay Resort which is 75 miles of Little Rock in the Ozark Mountains. What a beautiful time of year to go! The Red Bud and the Dogwood trees were blooming in the midst of the tall pines. The resort is on the best golf course in Arkansas, and next to Greer's Ferry Lake. Mom loved reading next to the big stone fireplace and playing Skip-O. We took her to the Country Club for dinner where she tried fried sweet potatoes. On the way home, we stopped at A&W and ate Wisconsin white cheddar cheese curds. They are soooo good!

Last Wednesday, I went with Noel to meet with Dr. Bodenhammer. He is one of 2 doctors who perform the open-heart maze surgery. Noel will check into the Okla. Heart Hospital next Friday morning for this procedure. It will take the entire morning.

After meeting with Noel's surgeon, we went to the Dean Magee Eye Institute in OKC for my eye appointment. My optomitrist told me that I had macular degeneration in my right eye and there was nothing to do about it. However, the opthomologist said he could not see any signs, but he might be missing something. He set me up with an appointment to come back in two weeks to have the back of my eye photographed. He also told me that new research had found treatment and I would have my vision restored. It remains strange that I still have 20/20 far vision.

Easter musical practice continues to go well. There are 14 members singing. I have consented to sing the alto solo and really love the song.

Tonight, Bill and I have been invited to have dinner with Ian and Phyllis. They built a new veranda around their log house and want to grill steaks. I just love the drive out into the country. Bill likes to go down to the pond with Ian and fish after dinner, while Phyllis and I look at her new flowers. It's so peaceful! It reminds me of the song, "I Come to the Garden Alone".

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is Here!

Spring is here, and I love it! We have had a deluge of rain for two days with plenty of thunder and lightening. I couldn't be happier! Yesterday, Mark and I braved the storm and went shopping. I bought new planters, and he bought Easter candy for his workshop friends. Before going to K-Mart, we took Gramma to her dental appointment and picked her up. Before coming back to Shawnee, I drove through KFC and got some chicken and shared it.

Last Sunday, I played the piano for the worship team, and then accompanied Bill for the special music. Having taught Bible Study at 9:30 am and staying for choir practice after worship made a long but enjoyable day. Bill is trying to talk me into singing the alto solo this Easter. I told him I would work on it for awhile and then decide this weekend.

Last Thursday, my friend, Lorna had lunch with me at Arrows Cafe. I don't try to cook for her because she had a kidney transplant and really watches what she eats. Lorna brought me some green mums for St. Patrick's Day. Cute! After lunch, we drove to Sue's house and visited since her husband is quite ill with cancer. It was a beautiful day, and Lorna enjoyed the drive into the country sooooo much! I told her we would do it again sometime soon.

The GCU on-line class is on Spring Break, as are my piano students. We're going to take Gramma with us to the Fairfield Bay Resort in Arkansas this weekend. She's so excited! She's also very funny! She asked me if we needed to take toilet tissue. It's a luxury 2 bedroom condo. She'll be surprised, but deserves to be pampered.

Last Saturday, Bill and I drove to Tulsa to pick up Noel and Mark. Janice drove them there from Springfield. We met at CiCi's Pizza on Peoria. Soon after we sat down with our food, bus loads of young people came in. They had all been to Acquire the Fire at ORU. We noticed that they were very quiet and well behaved!! I talked to several of the girls in the ladies room, and they were excited about the message they had heard that morning from a converted atheist scientist. He was a gene researcher and had come to believe that God had to be involved in creation. Our world is so orderly! He shows His power and might where ever you look!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Busy Again/Picture Problem

We went through our Tahiti/Hawaii cruise pictures. They won't come up on our computer. I took the chip to WalGreens and had no problem making hard copies. Bill thinks the chip may be too large for our computer. It is a 4mg. The smaller chip we have works just fine. I'll keep trying because I want you all to see the magnificent handiwork of God! This world is just too beautiful to be an accident. I God's love all around me!

Last week, I went with Noel to see Dr. Kahn. He has set up an appointment on March 21 with the heart surgeon for consultation. They have made the difficult decision to go ahead with the Maize Method (sp?) This method takes the patient off of blood thinners and catches the clots that may occur during open heart surgery. Noel knows the risks and is ready.

Bill's new on-line class has me busy! There are 28 students who are required to respond 8 times a week, and write a two page paper every week. I check the responses, and Bill checks the papers. I'm still teaching a few piano lessons, and hope to have a recital the end of April.

We were excited to see rain this week. It was a cool steady rain --much like a winter rain in California. The city built a paved walking trail around the park behind our house. Now, they have installed benches, pretty lights and a new fence with brick posts. It was dedicated to Governor Mary Fallen, so it should be classy! We notice that when it is not raining, adults really enjoy the park. It discourages gangs in the park which is nice.

We took our Saturday afternoon break at the Hornbeck Theater and saw, "Mission Impossible". It's just pure Hollywood fun with Tom Cruise! We also had dinner at Gliori's Italian Restaurant. They have lots more Italian art on the walls that looks elegant!

Yesterday, was a fun day at church! Everyone wore jeans and we had a chili cook-off and the women baked desserts. The Shawnee Fire Department came and judged. I baked a banana- nut cake from scratch in a bundt pan, and glazed it. There were 20 pots of chili and 30 desserts! To be honest, I don't know who won because we had Easter choir practice before it was announced. People who don't know the love and joy of being a Christian miss so much in life! I have noticed that non-believers tend to be sad. I would be sad too if I thought I had to solve all the problems of the world, and be God. It's so freeing to be forgiven when I fail, and know I don't have to judge myself or others each day! Yeah!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Week On Land

We have been home for a week and are getting our landlegs back. Bill is planning to go through the pictures with me tonight so I can begin posting them. He has been a little overwhelmed with teaching English at TLC, starting a new Media and Communications class for GCU, and finishing our taxes. I think I have got the house back in order.

I voted today. Our economy and our national debt is out of control. Our religious freedoms are also being lost.

Last Wednesday, my right foot began to swell and turn pink. I had to cancel 3 of my piano lessons. Twelve years ago I had gout when we lived in Nairobi, and I knew what was happening. I called the doctor and confessed my sin of eating all of the wrong things on the cruise. He gave me a shot and some medicine. On Friday, Noel grilled T-Bone steaks. I ate 4 ounces and filled up on vegies and strawberry shortcake. After 3 days of careful eating, I'm fine.

Saturday, Noel and Mark went with me and Bill to see the movie, "Red Tails". It's about the first Black American pilots. Great movie! Mom didn't want to go. I also skyped with Galen and David. Fun!

Sunday, I had 14 in Bible Study Class. Leo was sick, and Sue's husband is having severe health problems. She asked me to help with the piano because she had to go home early. After worship, the choir stayed to begin Easter practice. "Champion of Love" is a blend of old and new music. This week I put up the Easter Tree that Mom gave me. The tree and the decorations were handmade in Germany. I also have Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rabbit. So cute! Without Christianity there would be no Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving. What a yukky world it would be! Just think of all the beautiful music we wouldn't have either. God and Heaven is for Real!!

Galen posted a picture of Gramma on his site. She resigned teaching Bible Study after 75 years. She began when she was 13 years old. She received a certificate of service from her pastor last Sunday. First Baptist, Tecumseh, stood and applauded her service to Christ.