Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This has been another busy week!  I finished my orientation at St. Anthony Hospital - Shawnee.  Yesterday, after the morning session, new nurses, radiologists and 3 volunteers (including myself) were asked to follow our trainer outside the conference room.  The directors of all of the hospital departments were lined up in the hallway clapping for us.  We were then led into a room that had linen covered tables and we were served a beautiful roast beef dinner.  I felt honored when I was given my security badge with picture ID, and my blue jacket that said, "pastoral care".  (After all, I was the lady who had stolen a heart monitor by mistake!)

After receiving my booster shots in the afternoon, I had 30 minutes before my afternoon session on disease control.  I decided to get a glass of ice tea from the hospital cafe.  I had to wait for a fellow in a wheelchair in front of me and noticed he had a foot that was bandaged.  He told me that he was going to lose that foot the next morning.  I assured him that he wouldn't be alone, that God and His angels would be with him through it all.  The fellow continued putting sugar in his tea and didn't say a word.  But, before he left, he looked at me with tears and said, "Bless you, lady!  Bless you!    I realized that I couldn't save his foot, but I could give him a smile and encouragement in the assurance of God's presence.

For those of you who remember the pretty lady, Dr. Anderson, who was Mom's physician while at St. Anthony's.  She is a born again Christian and talked at my orientation about the beauty of losing one of her patients who knew God in a very personal way.  She said it was her spirit-filled patients who led herto really know God.   I've heard it before, and I heard it again.  There is a difference between the way a believer dies, and the way a non-believer dies.  Everyone in the room can feel the peace and hope!

We are packing for our yearly vacation to Lake Michigan.  We're going back to the same condo we rented last year.  It is on the harbour and faces the beach.  It's the same beach that Bill grew up on in the summers,  and enjoys watching the grandkids swing and go down the same tall slide he did as a child.  We love walking on the pier and watching the thunderstorms form on the lake. 

Keri called to say that she and Kevin had a great trip to Charlotte, N.Carolina for a missions exploration conference. ( Kelli drove to Chicago to watch their 3 kids.)  However, they have another option they are looking at and will know soon where God is leading them.

Sunday was very good.  There were 16 in my class.  We continued our study of the Holy Spirit and the warfare that goes on in our lives.  We discussed Chick-Fil-A and what it means to be a Christian in a world that does not tolerate Christians.    After the service, we went to lunch with Noel, Mark and his friend, David Karr.  Then, we visited Mom in the nursing home.  She is doing great and continues to smile!



Monday, July 23, 2012

Family is Important

This week has been busy with settling Mom into her new home.  Everyday, I've checked her mail, her tomatoes, and took her little things to make her life easier.  On Friday, I watched her "bowl".  The physical therapists have a Wii game plugged into the big screen TV and Mom did very well!  She had just had her hair done and her nails polished.  She looked radiant!  Mom was doing so well bowling that some of the therapists decided to play against her. 

Saturday, Bill and I played music for Mom and other patients for about 20 minutes.  When we played hymns they sang along.  Mom has always had a nice alto voice. 

Sunday, we took Mom a sugar-free pina colada shaved ice.  We took one for ourselves as well and talked about the news.  There has always been evil in this world, and it will continue.  God hates evil and promises that in the future he will win the war against Satan.  I pray for the people of Aurora.  This is their time to come closer to God, or turn away from Him and become bitter people.

Bill and I watched, "Spiderman" this weekend.  In the movie, I noticed a poster on the wall.  It was a quote from Albert Einstein.  It said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."  I know that Einstein became a believer in God before his death.  I thought long and hard about that quote.  Faith and imagination go together.  Once you imagine God exists, then you can develop faith.

I had another good Bible study on Sunday.  We continued our study of the Holy Spirit and how it gives us power each day.  I experienced that power today!  When I woke up I told God that I didn't know how I was going to go through the hospital orientation today, get groceries, and give a piano lesson.    When I arrived at the hospital, I was told that the orientation had been moved to next week.  Pastor Larry has been on vacation and had not passed on that information to me.  I wasn't angry at all.  I just said, "Thank you, Lord!"  I had too much on my plate today and you knew it!"

This morning, Noel called to say he is back in Shawnee.  Galen called to say hello.  Yesterday, Kirk called to say they have moved into their new home and love the big in-ground pool and jacuzzi.   He and Tamra are going to a church conference in Atlanta next week.  They are taking Ezekiel with them.  Family is so important!  I'm counting the days until we go to Michigan enjoy our kids!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On the Wings of An Eagle

I searched for "On the Wings of an Eagle" on my computer, and found a You Tube version.  It was written and sung by John Denver.  I also found "On Eagle's Wings" sung by Michael Joncas which I totally loved!  I will have to thank Dr. Shaw for introducing me to these songs!

Back to the Hospital

One morning, Sondra and I decided to go watch Mom do physical therapy in the nursing facility.  We stopped them from having her pull weights overhead due to her recent pacemaker procedure.  When her session was finished she began to complain of chest pain and we could see her body convulse.  Tests showed that her lead wires had come loose.  They were too short for her chest.  It was back to the hospital to put extension cords on her new spark plugs!  The nurses and doctors on 3rd floor knew us well from the week previous, and said, "Here are those problem children again!"

Just a few days before, Mom had been released from St. Anthony and I had packed her bag - including a heart monitor which I presumed went with her.   As Mom was being taken to the nursing facility,  Galen, Sondra, Noel, Mark, and Bill and I decided to eat dinner at Arrow Cafe.  Before dinner arrived, I received a call asking me to return the heart monitor.  The entire third floor was on lock-down until it was found!!!  My family encouraged me to eat my dinner (which I can't remember) before returning to the hospital.  I arrived on the third floor at 6:40 p.m.  I was greeted with hugs and all kinds of expressions of gratitude!  The shift change was at 7:00 p.m. and no one could leave until I showed up with that extremely expensive monitor.  I get teased a lot about it!

I had my own doctor's appointment this week.  I was surprised that my blood pressure was so good!  I told Dr. Shaw that I had seen a beautiful picture of eagles and angels while having my blood drawn in the lab.  I was feeling really tired at the time and it reminded me of my favorite verse:  "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings of the eagles.  They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint."  The doctor smiled and said, "My favorite song is "On the Wings of Eagles".  Do you know it?  I said, "No, sing it for me!"  And, he did!  Then he told me that he wouldn't be the doctor he is without the help of our good Lord.  I thanked Dr. Shaw for saving my mother's life for a little while longer.  He had read her EKG and called the ambulance.   I learned that doctors and nurses need encouragement from us!

I continue to be grateful for such a  loving family and friends!   My phone has rung off the hook, and I felt so much support from my brothers' families and my kids.  My brothers' facebook connections were really humming.  The cards have flowed in as well.  Thank you!

I taught my Bible Study Class on Sunday.  There were 18 of us in spite of 6 members absent.  We are growing.  The lesson concerned the power we have when we have the Holy Spirit working in us and through us. 

I played the piano for the wind ensemble that played last Sunday.  The Holy Spirit helped me big time!  I didn't have lots of time to practice.  The arrangement of "I Will Sing of the Almighty" was 6 pages and was filled with sixteenth notes.  The ensemble consisted of trumpet, flute, clainet,  trombone and piano.  Many people said they were blessed by the music.  Heaven will be filled with music!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hospital Week with Mom

One week ago, Mom was transported by ambulance from her doctor's office to ER at St. Anthony Hospital/Shawnee.  Upon arrival it was determined that she needed a pacemaker.  No problem!  She went through the surgery successfully.  It was the aftermath that kept us at the hospital.  Due to extremely low oxygen and sugar levels we didn't know if she was going to live through the day.  When she finally stabilized, a new problem developed.  She has neuropathy in her feet and ankles.  She can't stand up!  As a result, she has been transferred to a nursing home for rehabilitation.  That was a blow because I had always planned to take care of her if needed. 

Galen and Sondra drove to Oklahoma from California for the PowWow and planned to drive on to the state of Maine.  However, they have been at the hospital everyday with me and Noel.  Noel's wife, Janice drove from Springfield and stayed the weekend.  She was a tremendous help to me when Mom when into insulin shock.  We put orange juice and graham crackers down her while the nurse did his thing.  I kept rubbing her shoulder and shouting at her to wake up.  Her sugar level had dropped all the way to 30.  All of this was due to her sleeping off drugs given the day before and not eating.

Mom has a beautiful private room, but she is not use to letting people do for her.  We all get mad at her for trying to do things she is not physically able to do - such as moving from the bed to her wheelchair.  The chance of falling is high since she has so much pain in her feet. 

Bill taught my Bible Study Class on Sunday while I stayed at the hospital.  There were 16 in the class.  He told me the theme of the lesson was learning to rely on the Spirit of God to give us power in areas where we are weak.  Identifying those weaknesses and turning to God when faced with them is a discipline that we don't always want.  Also, on Sunday Galen baptized his granddaughter, Kylee in their swimming pool.  She had been waiting for Pappa G to come since Christmas.

God was having a discussion with an atheist.  The atheist said, "I can make a man the same as you can."  God replied, "Go ahead!  Show me how you do it?   The atheist knelt down and picked up some dirt.  God said, "Sorry, the dirt is mine!  Make your own dirt!"  We learned in the hospital to rely on God.  Man can be so smart and yet so stupid at times.  The doctors and nurses were wonderful, but didn't always have the answers.  I'm so impressed with the Christian medical workers who have enough humility to say when they have to depend on God for the outcome of any procedure. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pow Wow /Musical

The last weekend of June is Pow Wow for our family.  My cousin, George and his wife traveled from Springfield, Illinois again this year.  George dances in the competition in his traditional Indian costume.  He is not only a dancer, but has a doctorate in entomology and has traced our family history back for generations.  We love to listen to George tell stories.

George and Pat came to church with Galen and Sondra to listen to our church choir sing our patriotic musical.  Becky Grimm joined our choir this summer.  She directs Harrah High School choir and has a masters in voice.  She is a welcome soprano as well as being in my Bible Study Class.  The entire service was very moving.  Two of our men wore their dress blues and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  One of them sang with us, and the other was our reader.  Doug read about the sacrifice of soldiers being away from home, but knowing their families were praying for them.  There were tears in his voice.  I could hear sniffles in the choir and started praying that God would help us get through the next song.  He did!   During the sermon, seven people came to the microphone and read quotes from seven past presidents regarding the importance of the Bible in governing our nation.  It was very powerful, and I realized how far from God our nation is now!  It is a sad time because we know the consequences.  God doesn't play games and He means what He says in the Bible.  You say I can't prove there is a God.  I say you can't prove there is not a God.  We will all live forever --either in Heaven or in Hell.  We are accountable for what we know and understand.  It's serious!

Mom is not feeling well this week and loses her balance easily.  She is at the doctor this morning and will have tests run.  Saturday, she showed us a letter she received from the Secretary of Labor for the State of Oklahoma.  He saw the newspaper article about her having taught Sunday School for 75 years, and was very impressed.  He laminated the article and sent it to her.  We have no idea how he got hold of the Shawnee NewStar.  It was a reminder of how we influence people everyday without knowing it.  Their eternity may depend on what we do or do not do.  Love is essential!

I will try to add some pictures this week!