Monday, September 24, 2012


Last Saturday, Bill and I went to the Jones Theater to see "Last Ounce of Courage".  That is one of the most powerful movies we have seen in years!  It is not for unbelievers.  It is a challenge to Christians!  There was not a dry eye in the theater, and no one moved when the movie finished!  It was several minutes before we could leave our seats.  I apologized to the kid who was waiting to clean up, and he said it had been that way on Friday evening.  He said the crowd just stood and wouldn't leave until the music and the credits were finished.

Janice arrived from Springfield on Saturday.  She and Noel are exploring the possibility of founding a group home for challenged adults in Shawnee.  They have found several people who are interested in helping them with this project.  Noel has a dream to make it first class and staff it with caring Christian people. 

Sunday, Noel, Janice, Mark and Mom joined us for a snack of tacos and apple pie and ice-cream.  After, we watched a Gaither DVD that Mom had ordered.  It had clips of their best concerts over the years in places like Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center. 

This morning, I took Mom to the dermatologist.  She does have cancer on her nose that can be treated with chemo cream.  Without insurance, the cream is $215.  I had never heard of it before.  The doctor also took a biopsy off of her cheek.  In a week we will know if it is positive for cancer.  The worst case scenario is that she will have to go to a plastic surgeon in OKC to have a small chunk taken out of her face.  Not good!  She takes everything in stride and trusts God to take care of her.   God is good all of the time!  I'm so glad that I can stand up straight and not have a bundle of worry on my back.  As Whitley Phipps said, "You can't climb to the top of the mountain if it is smooth. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blessings! Blessings!

Some days are just full of blessings!  Yesterday, I picked up Vincent at his school to give him a piano lesson.  I just picked up a new student, so I don't feel badly about not charging Vincent's Mom who is a struggling single mom.  Anyway, Vincent was thirsty so I drove through Carl's Jr. A young fellow handed me 2 Dr. Peppers and said I really want to give them to you this afternoon.  I felt his sincerity and thanked him. 

This afternoon, I went to Dr. Reding to have my skin checked.  I had a few barnacles that he erased for me, and said I don't have cancer.  Yeah!  Before leaving I talked to him about Mom's dark spot on her face.  He told me to bring her in on Monday morning and he will take care of her without charge.  He just wants to do it for her.  His Christianity is written all over him! 

After going to the dermatologist, I went to FireLake to buy groceries for the week.  On the way out, Jack Clark (the man who checks the tickets at the door) asked me how I am doing.  When I asked him how he is doing, he began to sing to me.  He sang, "There Will Be Peace in the Valley" perfectly.  I didn't know he could sing!  His wife is battling cancer, but Jack still has a song in his heart and on his lips!  Wow!

This week I fought a spiritual battle and won.  Everytime I looked at our lawn and saw the marks of our floor, I wanted to hit the guy who did it.  Instead, I forgave him in my heart and called him.  I asked him to come back and finish the 2 bathrooms.  He was very apologetic and told me he would be over next week to finish the job.  It made me feel good to be friends again.   Who knows?  Maybe I will need mercy in the future myself.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall weather/New Floor/MiddleEast/School

Fall weather has arrived.  That means cool mornings and evenings, and warm in the daytime.  We had a few days of gentle rain that we all enjoyed!  Bill and I were especially glad for the rain.  When we had the new floor put in our kitchen, the workmen put their materials on the front lawn in 105 temperature heat.  The chemicals killed the grass where the materials were laid out.  Cute!  Anyway, the rain and some sun mixed together are reviving the damaged area.  We have forgiven.

Bill and I are in the 5th week of our 8 week on-line class.  We take turns laughing and being frustrated with some of his students.  How did they ever finish high school!!  Our government is throwing money away.  These people should have never been given scholarships! 

Since The Lanugage Company has moved to Ada, Oklahoma, Bill has been teaching with one other teacher at SGU.  He is teaching 5 students who did not want to move until the end of this session.  Some like the homestays that they have, and one student only had this one session left before graduation. 

We have been watching the MiddleEast unrest on television.  We were patting ourselves on the back because Americans don't destroy their own cities.  However, the Occupy Wallstreet crowd are made of the same fabric it seems.  To date. 7,000 arrests have been made and they are gearing up to commit more crimes.  As one commentator reported, the Occupiers just want "free crap".  They don't respect themselves or anyone else. 

Last week, Mom came over for lunch and we talked about places we had been together.  She said she wished that every American could have seen Eastern Germany before the wall was torn down.  I agreed with her.  Those were the saddest people I had ever met!  As we drove through the city, we were stopped every few miles to have our papers checked.  We could only get food at the hotel because you had to have tickets to get food in the stores.  Every car was tiny and looked just the same.   There was nothing to buy, so we brought our left over marcs home with us.  While touring the tower where Martin Luther threw his inkwell at the "devil",  a young student asked me quietly what the United States was like.  I never dreamed that we would have a president that wanted America to be socialist and take away from the rich to give to the poor. 

One can give everyone the same amount of money every year, and there would still be poor people.  We all deal with what we have been given differently.  Some are wise, and some don't know the value.  I was thinking about a friend who was given a car when he was in college.  Because it was given to him, he was not independent.  His parent could take away the keys at anytime.  In contrast, my brothers earned the money and bought their own cars.  No one could take away the keys.  They were free!  There is a true feeling of independence and freedom when you do things for yourself.  I want the government to serve me, not me serve the government because I owe them! 

Fear and lack of confidence causes people to rely on the government.  When people fear enough, the one world system will take over and the 666 can rule - just as the Bible predicts.  How close are we to that day? 

Monday, September 10, 2012

More Hospitals/Kitchen Floor

The week just flew by!  Monday was Labor Day, Tuesday I volunteered at the hospital,
Wednesday we had new tile put in the kitchen.  (Fake stone) Thursday, I prepped for my colonoscopy and Friday was my procedure. 

I had my last colonoscopy 10 years ago in Tokyo, Japan.  I had no idea what I was doing, and took a cab by myself to the hospital.  I was admitted and given a bed.  Totally ignorant, Bill went to school to teach as usual.  Only the doctor who did the procedure could speak English, so I followed directions for 6 hours in Japanese.  When I was released, I was as weak as a kitten and a little groggy.  I asked a lady behind the desk in the lobby to call a cab for me.  She pointed to a public phone and told me to call for myself.  I really wasn't in the mood to take on the Tokyo telephone directory!  I could feel the tears coming, and began to pray.  At that moment, a taxi cab pulled up to let off a rider.  The driver understood my Japanese and said he would take me home.  God has always been there for me!

Well, this time was different!  Bill drove me to the hospital, and stayed!  Everyone spoke English!  The surgery center is beautiful with a lighted sky ceiling.  The only problem was my veins.  It took 4 nurses to get an IV going.  (I'm not exaggerating.)  The doctor said I have a wonderful colon.  Yeah!

Our church had a State of the Church meeting on Sunday morning.  It was very encouraging.  An anonymous donor gave us $10,000 to re-roof the old educational building.  At the end of the service, a 10 year old girl played "Be Thou My Vision" by memory on her violin.  She was great!!   After, we had a potluck dinner that was unbelievable.  The church bought the chicken and brisket.  Our pastors are all bi-vocational and get little pay in spite of a congregation of 150 people.  We have grown a lot this past year!

At 6 AM this morning, I drove Noel to the North OK Heart Hospital.   He will stay for 3 days while they try some new medication on him.  Noel's father-in-law, Bailey Hill drove with me.  He was one of Dad's deacons in California, and now lives in Springfield, Missouri.  I loved hearing him talk about his fun times with Dad before he died.  He said, "One time we were having coffee together and your Dad asked, "Do you know why we are here?"  When I said, "No", your Dad said, "Because we are not all there!"  I could just picture my Dad saying that and then begin laughing.  He was always joking around!!  The old and the young loved him. 

Today is my granddaughter, Selah Brooke's birthday.  I flew to Chicago for her birth 5 years ago.  She has beautiful blond hair and ice blue eyes like her daddy.  Selah is a little shy, but very loving.  I pray that she will come to know God in a very personal way, and be strong in her belief.  The name Selah is at the end of many psalms, and means to meditate on the words.  Say-La

This week, I found an atheist magazine at a medical clinic.  I brought it home and read it.  It made me sad and I wanted to cry for the people who have no help nor hope.  Every article was bitter and angry.  I asked the doctor in that clinic if he was a Christian.  He smiled and told me about his walk with God.  In fact, he began to talk about San Diego, California where he had been a naval officer.  Of course, we had lots to talk about at that point!  We both love San Diego.  He was sorry for the magazine I had found.     

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Heat

I'm looking forward to fall weather.  It is September, and 106 degrees!  The drought continues throughout the midwest and the crops are failing.  Has God already begun His justice on our country?  I wouldn't blame Him after hearing about the Decmocrat platform.  Gay marriage is just fine, and abortion is okay, as well. 

This morning, I made my rounds at St. Anthony Hospital, Shawnee.  There was a one year old in a room with her foster dad.  She was absolutely charming!  When I asked her if I could pray for her, she grinned and held up her arms to me.  I picked her up while being very careful not to disturb the tubes that had been poked into her.  She cuddled against my neck.  I prayed for her aloud and just enjoyed holding her.  I remembered how much Jesus loves the children, and people who have the faith of a child.  This morning, she was my little angel and ministered to me!

We waited 8 months for a CD to mature, and replaced our kitchen sink.  I burned my other white ceramic sink and now we have a beautiful new stainless steel.  If my husband was in charge of the national debt, there wouldn't be any!  The kids can verify that statement.

We had a wonderful Labor Day.  We barbequed T-bone steaks and then played Mexican Dominoes with Gramma.  She was elated!  When I went to pick her up, she had been pulling weeds in her front flower garden.  It was already 100 degrees!  (She couldn't understand why she felt a little bit shaky.)  She was excited to show me the new shorts she had just bought.  Greenwalt women are sexy!

Bill and I enjoyed seeing, "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" this weekend.  It's a great movie.  Noel told me to take tissue, and he was right!  Noel is back in Springfield this week.  Mark had new bedroom furniture delivered.  Noel will be back to Shawnee next weekend for another round at the Heart Hospital.  We continue to pray for his heart problems.