Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sometimes I feel like life is speeding up for me.  Everyday is so busy and wonderful!  Since it is Tuesday, I have just finished another morning at St. Anthony Hospital.  I met a patient who was in a very bad mood and mad at God.  He wouldn't look at me as I talked to him.  Finally, he agreed to let me sing to him, but still would not look at me.  I began singing, "Jesus Loves Me" very softly.  Suddenly, he turned his head toward me and his eyes filled with tears.  Before I left, he promised to ask God to give him faith.  

We have been watching the storm on the eastern seaboard of the United States.  Bill and I went through something similar while living in Grand Cayman for 4 years.  We had a NorWester that was very powerful.  The ocean knocked down metal railings along the shore, covered roads, and flooded most of the hotels on the beach.  During times like that you just pray, and observe the power of nature.  After such events, people either turn away from God or -- their spiritual eyes are opened and they get closer to Him.  Those who get closer find that God blesses them more than ever!   

This week I was grading homework for the Christian Worldview class.  One student wrote that she had never read the Genesis account of creation before.  She wrote that she felt special for the first time.  She had always thought that she was an accident of nature until she realized that God made man in His image to have a relationship.   I thought about that for a long time.  It's true!  If you don't believe that God created you for a purpose, then you have no reason to live.  Everyday is an accident rather than finding the plan that God made.  (We have the choice to follow the plan or not.) 

Yesterday, I learned that one of my piano student's mother is in prison.  Another of my student's father is in prison.  I thank God for bringing these kids into my life.  I listen a lot and encourage them.  Both students are very smart and musically talented. 

I don't envy the next president of the United States.  I still would not be surprised if Obama is re-elected.  Our nation is Godless and selfish. And most citizens do not understand financial economic issues.  Many young people remind me of my children when I told them I could not afford something that they asked for.  My children would reply, "Just write a check!"  Well, that is exactly what Obama has done for 4 years.  He keeps writing checks without any money to back them up.  We owe China and our debt is 16 billion dollars.  Our nation will pay dearly in the future if we don't get real!  Mitt Romney is not a perfect candidate, but I would trust him far more with my money.  He is also against gay marriage and abortion except in rare cases.  As a Christian, I have to vote for Romney!  It has nothing to do with party.  When I die, I can look God in the eye and know He agrees with me.  No doubts in my mind.  I have complete peace.     

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Class/Cleaning the Clutter/St. Anthony Hospital

Today was my morning to volunteer at the hospital.  I look forward to it because the people I meet enhance my life so much.  Ed is an 80 year old volunteer who is a cancer survivor.  He drives the shuttle cart in the parking lot and had lunch with our group today.  George is in his 80's and orders the candy for the gift shop.  Patti is a volunteer chaplain with me.  She is a retired police officer and rides a motorcycle.  Her husband is also a retired police officer.  Patti is tall, slim and a pretty blond.  But--don't mess with her!  Oh, she plays the electric guitar in our church worship band.

As I made my rounds today, I met a couple who had just been told that they must make a decision whether to take their mother off of feeding tubes or not.   We talked and prayed together as the tears flowed.  When I left, I knew that God was giving them peace.  A lady in another room was so glad to see me!  She cried and held my hand as she poured out her heart.   She related that her 19 year old grandson had broken into her house while she was in the hospital.  The patient's housekeeper had found him in his grandmother's bedroom with his girlfriend having sex.  Broken bottles of alcohol were strewn about the house along with burnt down candles.  I felt at a loss when listening to her story.  I began to pray that God would bring peace into this lady's life.  I encouraged her to just calm down, relax and concentrate on recovery.  I also prayed for the grandson!

This week, Bill was given two new college on-line classes. The on-line system has been changed, so Bill and I both are having to learn where things are.  The classes are "Christian World View" and "Writing for the Media".  Having taught these classes before, we are astounded by the bias of the media.  Thank God for Fox News!  After the 2nd debate, Candy Crowley had to apologize for being wrong about statements made by Obama.  Unfortunately, millions of people heard her take up for the president.  After the 3rd debate, fact checkers noted that Obama had mistakenly called Romney a liar.    The media is not quick to report these facts if they don't help their man.  This is not good journalism.  When I read my daughter Kelli's articles,  I notice that she is totally unbiased.

Bill is substitute teaching 2 days a week by choice.  We actually spent a morning together just shredding old files, and cleaning closets.  I can't stand clutter so I was in 7th heaven!

Mom is coming over tonight for barbequed pork chops.  The weather has been very warm, but is expected to change to winter this weekend.  It's time to put away the patio furniture and carve a pumpkin.  I love fall and the changing colors on the trees in the park.  Thank you, God!      

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This has been a week of doctor visits.  I went to Dean McGee Eye Institute in Oklahoma City.  The doctor thinks my right retina is swelling and wants me to come back in 2 weeks for more pictures.  I feel blessed that my daily life has not been threatened, and I can drive well. 

Bill had his last visit with the ENT in OKC.  We have begun a gluten free life which has taken some thinking and specialty shopping.  I have done better on this regimen than Bill.  He really misses pizza and so we cheat now and then.

I'm still teaching piano and especially enjoy my 10 year old girl who is blind in her right eye.  She's very bright and always has her lesson learned.  She decided that she needs an hour lesson and I agreed.

Christmas choir practice was outstanding!  There are 19 members that blow us away because most read music and practice with their CD during the week.  We've always had great performances, but we have always had to work very hard.  This group just breezes through the music! 

Bill has been subbing at Shawnee High School in science and social studies.  He enjoys the students and doesn't seem to have any real problems.  This afternoon he was going to teach one class of Latin. 

Bill and I joined Noel, Mark and Bailey for lunch on Saturday at Carl's Jr., then watched the movie, "Taken 2".  It is action packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Bailey said he loved it!  He is something else for an 86 year old man!  After the show, Bill, Noel and Mark got their flu shots at CVS.  Bailey and I already had ours.

Monday, I drove Noel to the South OKC Heart Hospital for a CAT scan on his head.  After, we had a KFC dinner at Gramma's apartment.  Bailey and Bill were there as well.  Gramma made peanut butter candy cookies with corn flakes.  We devoured them!

Bill and I have been enjoying the fall weather.  We have been using the new walking path in the park behind our house.  It is 1 mile around and has all of the trees labeled.   Last week, the city put in 2 new playgrounds on each side of the park which are very popular.  They also resurfaced the lighted tennis courts.  We are so blessed to have such a pretty park directly behind our home.

This morning, I volunteered at St. Anthony Hospital - Shawnee.  I met a young woman who told me that she use to be lesbian.  She wanted to know if my church would welcome her.  I told her we welcome anyone that God loves, and He loves everyone.  Just as she asked me to pray for her, Dr. Anderson walked in.  She is a born again Catholic and said she wanted to join us.  (Dr. Anderson is one of the prettiest young doctors I know.)  In another room, I met a lady who has just moved into one of the new apartments next to Noel.  We became very good friends and I intend to visit her when she recovers and goes home.  Before I left the hospital, I was told to sign up for my holiday ham that the hospital gives to all of their workers.  How nice!

I have a habit of introducing myself while waiting in line for my lunch at the hospital.  (My kids tease me about that habit.)  Today, there was a tall young man in a suit next to me and I flipped over his badge so I could read it.  I was stunned when the badge said, "President".   He was very nice and almost seemed glad that someone talked to him.  I'm so happy that I know that in God's eyes I'm  special and equal to anyone on the face of this earth.  It really doesn't matter if you are the president or a volunteer, we all must face God one day and He only cares about our hearts.  

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Last Friday evening, Bill and I hosted 17 people in our home for a Bible Study party.  We asked Ian Gliori to bake Italian chicken for us.  I made rice pilaf and iced tea and coffee to go with it.  The members brought veggie platters and desserts.  After dinner, we played games and sang.  It was a great time of bonding.

Saturday, Gramma didn't want to go anywhere until I mentioned the Catfish Round-Up Restaurant.  She stuffed herself with current fritters!  I admit that they are really yummy!

Sunday, we began Christmas choir practice after worship.  We have 4 new members that are fantastic singers!  One fellow sang with a group at Disneyland for several years.  The musical this year is "Repeat the Sounding Joy" and has a Branson gospel feel.  My favorite song is "Come On, Ring Those Bells" because I sang it as part of a trio in Tokyo with other American English teachers.

Thank you, Lord, that one of the on-line college classes is finished.  We had some students that could not even do well in high school.  It is sad!  These students were given government grants, and don't have a clue as to what is going on.  They admit they don't watch the news and don't care.

I was watching Anderson Cooper when he learned from a Washington source that the problems in Libya were not connected with the You-Tube video.  He looked distraught.  I had been watching Fox News and had known for 2 weeks what really happened.   This has happened more than once.  No wonder Fox has been #1 for the past 10 years running.  Our family pays extra if needed just to make sure we know what is going on.  The dialogue gets very heated at times when listening to both sides.  We also listen to American Family Radio (Christian talk radio)  Their logo is "The truth prevails."  When I observe people who have chosen to throw God out of their lives, I don't envy them.  He is soooo good to me!

Bill taught his last class at The Language Company last Friday.  They have officially moved the school to Ada, Okla.  He didn't want to sit around, so Bill attended the substitute workshops for Shawnee and Tecumseh.  He has been called to teach 3rd grade and high school science.  That should expand his world.  I just laugh, and tell him our life is anything but boring!   

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Experiencing Death with Compassion

This morning, I reached the hospital at 8:00, parked the car and put on my chaplain's jacket.  Just as I entered the chaplain's office, Pastor Larry asked me to follow him to the emergency room.  I knew I was in training.  When we entered the trauma room, I observed a doctor and 3 nurses administering paddles on a man's chest.  After a few minutes I heard someone say, "We have a pulse."  But it was soon lost, and the medical team resumed 20 more minutes of  CPR.  I went in search of the man's wife who had just arrived behind the ambulance.  Fortunately, the wife and two children were believers.  They made it very easy for me!  I began to pray, and I kept asking God what He wanted me to do because these people were strangers to me.  Little did I know that I had a different assignment!  After taking the family in to be with their husband/father who had just died, I noticed that the young doctor was just standing near the coffee machine with tears in his eyes.  I went to him and told him that he had done everything possible.  I also reminded him that God decides when we will be born, and when we will die.  He hugged me and said he was learning that.  Then he went on to tell me that in the last few years he had learned that the medical manuals were written by men, and God seemed to have the last word. 

The doctor (fresh from finishing his residency in Tulsa) walked to the cafeteria with me to have breakfast at 10:00 a.m.   He had just finished his shift and would be driving back home to Tulsa.  He told me about his tour of duty in Iraq as a medic on rescue missions.  While there, he saw the hand of God in many men's lives and became a believer.  In the process, he had developed such compassion for his patients (even the enemy).  I told him that was a gift from God, and to never lose it!  His last words were "God often works outside the box of science!"