Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Christmas Season

Christmas was very different this year because it seemed to extend for days!  One week ago Sunday, we sang our musical in church, "Tell Me the Story", which was beautiful.  On Monday morning, we picked Mom up and headed to Branson.  We stayed at the Marriot Resort, where we had 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.  Noel and Janice reserved a condo just around the corner from us.  It was a two story with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  Thus, Galen and Sondra stayed with them.  Tuesday evening, we ate dinner at McFarlaine's Restaurant.  It looks like a logging camp establishment, and serves green fried tomatoes.  On Wednesday evening, we had a party at our place.  We ate such things summer sausage, cheese balls, crackers, and sweets.  Then, we opened gifts and played games.  On Thursday, we went to Silver Dollar City and enjoyed 2 shows.  We saw, "Christmas Carol" and "It's A Wonderful Life".   Friday , we played more games with Mom and then rested before going to "Dixie Stampede".  It was my third time to go and I never tire of it.  The arena holds 1200 people and it was filled.  We ate wonderful food with our fingers as we watched world class horses and riders.  The music and the dancers are also very entertaining.  Our favorite is always the nativity which is portrayed with live animals and a beautiful angel coming down from the sky.  I want all of my kids to see it so they will never forget the story and its meaning.

We were not sure if we could get back to Oklahoma on Saturday morning due to the severe ice storm.  But, the roads were clear in spite of the ice covered foliage.  It was a dazzling sight.  On Sunday morning, my Bible Class had a party together and the children provided a musical during the worship service.  I played, "Angels We Have Heard on High" for the offertory.   On Sunday, Bill and I ate lunch at Red Lobster and ate lobster, scallops and shrimp.  It was our 32nd wedding anniversary.  Where does the time go!  And, they said it would never last.  Smile!

I volunteered on Tuesday morning at St. Anthony Hospital -Shawnee.  I usually take care of the third floor, however, it was closed and 9 nurses layed off work. The Obamacare mess has caused this because many of the patients coming in do not have any insurance, and there is no way to varify it.  The hospital doesn't have the funds to cover the problem.  Tuesday, I was assigned to the Newborn floor.  It was filled.  How appropriate!  Christmas is the season to celebrate babies, and especially the birth of Jesus.  Thank you, God, for sending us a savior!  Our nation is so messed up, and yet God's love for us is unconditional.  We are ones who turn away from God because of our guilt and our desire to be in control.  How foolish to think I could ever be in control!

Tuesday evening, Bill and I attended a candlelight service at Sharon Baptist Church.  It was our first time to attend that church which is just a few minutes from our house.  It must hold 350 people and was crowded.  After the service, we drove to Mom's apartment where Sondra (Galen's wife) had made enchiladas and the trimmings.  I took a cake for dessert.  When we arrived we had to eat by candlelight due to a power outage.  We were happy when it came back on at 11:00 p.m.  We couldn't persuade Mom to go home with us.

On Christmas day, Galen and Sondra and Mom came to our house for a ham dinner.  Noel and Janice had traveled back to Springfield to be with her Dad and their son's family.  They came back to Shawnee today and will stay through New Years.   Bill bought me a cross necklace with a diamond in the middle.  He also ordered a pewter ornament with the covered bridge that we visited in New Hampshire.   To make my day complete, we got calls from Kelli, Kirk, and all of my brothers.  Kelli left Grand Rapids in 23 degree weather, and arrived in California to feel 79 degree heat.  They will enjoy Kirk's gorgeous pool.  Roger was leaving with his family on his boat for a week in Catalina.  Keri's family had a wonderful Christmas in North Africa.  I loved the picture of the kids at the Sheraton Hotel.  My heart melted when I heard that Isaiah said they should skype and thank Gramma and Papa Bill for their day at that oasis.  Children have the hearts that God would have for all of us.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mom/Christmas Musical/Branson

The last few weeks have been keeping me busy.  Mom has been sick with bronchitis and not getting better.  The doctor is worried about her red cell count and will be testing her for kidney cancer.  She has no energy.  In spite of her illness she had Galen to take her to the beauty shop to get her hair done.  After, I picked her up, brought her home for a BLT sandwich and then to the nail salon.  She was determined to get her Christmas shopping done, so we then went to Cracker Barrel .  That sack was so heavy!!

This morning, Bill woke up very dizzy.  I'm sure it was a combination of his ear and working too many hours on the computer.  He was upset because our Christmas Musical, "Tell Me the Story" was today, and he was the director.  I filled him with medication and had him to rest for a few more hours after waking.  Both of us prayed big time!  He began feeling better, and I drove him and Mom to church.  We arrived at 10:25 a.m., just before the service began.  The choir was so relieved!  God blessed us and people said the choir did a good job.  We will be on YouTube soon.  I will type the address.

Noel and Janice rented a condo in Branson, and we have reserved a condo just around the corner from them.  We will take Mom so that we can keep an eye on her.  She is looking forward to being there and having a little Christmas party.  Galen and Sondra are also planning to drive up and join us.  I look forward to relaxing and playing some card games as well as seeing some shows.

I have all of my shopping done, and have sent gifts to all 3 kids.  Kelli, Dave and Hannah are flying to California to share Christmas with Kirk and Tamra.  Of course, Keri's family is in North Africa and we sent money for them to enjoy Christmas at a nice hotel with their kids.  God has blessed me so much.  Those I love are in my heart when I cannot be with them.  My spirit is with them.  I know they can feel me close.  I'm so glad that God made us in His image.  Not just physical. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving was a day to remember.  I put Tom Turkey in the oven, set the table with my finest china and stemware glasses and felt like I was ready for the family to come.  I called Mom to see how she was doing and she could hardly talk to me.  I became concerned and called Noel to join me at Mom's.  I didn't call Galen because I knew that he and Sondra had a late night at Jason's house on Wednesday.  But Noel called Galen anyway.  I put on my jacket and drove quickly.  When I made a left turn on a yellow signal, a police car started after me.  I pulled over and told him my story.  After running my license, he called the Indian police and ReAct.  We all arrived at the same time.  There were 7 guests in Mom's small apartment.  She sat in her recliner eating peanut butter and wondered what all the fuss was about.  She told everyone she was just fine.  My brothers and I knew it was big act because she does not want to go to the hospital.  She has her mind on going to Branson with us all for Christmas.  The EMT did check her out and advised us to get her to her doctor.  Of course, she refused.  So, we did what we could and went home.  We ate our huge meal and then took Mom a plate.  She is still not doing well, but I have asked Senior Support to check on her.  Now, I pray that God will do what I cannot do.

God took care of ME big time yesterday.  I heard that bad weather is on the way, so I went to the grocery store to stock up.  When I returned home, I noticed that my purse was missing.  I went back to the store and asked God to keep me calm and to watch over my bag.  I started recounting all the things I would have to do if it was gone for good.  When I arrived at the store, I asked two bag boys in the parking lot if they had seen my purse.  Neither one had seen it.  So, I went on to Customer Service.  There were two young girls standing there looking at me.  They asked if I had lost anything.  When I nodded, they produced my purse and said a customer had seen it in my cart and brought it in.  Thank you, Lord for choosing an honest person to find it.  I have been thanking Him over and over.

I taught my lesson on Sunday, and Bill directed the choir during worship, and in the practice after worship.  He has had a cold and he thanked God for seeing him through.  We are both learning that God will take over when we have come to the edge of the cliff.  He gives us wings!  Thanksgiving is knowing what could be if God did not watch over us.  People who never have problems don't know how to be grateful. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Iced in on a Sunday!

This morning I was dressed and ready for church when the phone began to ring.  Friends and the TV were advising to stay home and off the streets due to ice and pending snow.  I hated to miss teaching my Bible Study Class and Bill sure did not want to miss a Christmas choir rehearsal.  However, it was a smart thing to do.  The temperature did not get above freezing most of the day.  The sparkling ice and the fluffy snowflakes were beautiful to watch!  I'm still awed my the changing seasons after growing up in sunny California.  Galen and Sondra had their first experience of scraping ice of their car.  Smile! 

Bill and I took sugar free snickerdoodle cookies that I had made to Mom on Friday.  We also mailed her Thanksgiving cards for her.  Yesterday, we met Noel, Janice and Mark at LaDonna's Restaurant in Meeker for a late lunch.  The home cooking is wonderful!  They often cater our church dinners but I had never been to the restaurant.

Bill has been doing on-line education related work.  He sometimes works as much as 10 hours a day.  He says it will get better in December.  I haven't complained since he plans to take me to Hawaii and California in February. 

We were shocked today to find out that our pastor is resigning our church to do part-time mission work.  We will have to just see what happens and then decide if we want to stay at New Beginnings Church.  The pastor can make a huge difference in the life of a church.  Pastor Larry has always been very supportive of the choir program.

My cough came back, and my doctor believes that my medication has caused it.  My cardiologist thinks so as well.  It may take two weeks to find out.  I am talking to God about the problem.  I would really like to be able to sing in the Christmas musical  without coughing.  I need my friends to pray with me about this.

Keri, thank you for the pictures you put on Facebook.  

This next week is Thanksgiving.  We are planning to have the family at our house to eat and play table games.   Having a close family is one of my blessings.  I have always loved and respected my parents for the way they brought us up to enjoy each other.  Sometimes I feel guilty at the Senior Center because our table is always laughing and teasing each other.  Some tables are so quiet and serious.  There really is a lot of joy in the life of a Christian.  We are aware of ObamaCare, Iran and the problems in Congress, but those things are all passing and in the hands of God.  We just do our best and let God do the rest!  Always being aware of the greatness and mercy of God keeps me thankful.  We really must teach our children to be grateful and not feel that life owes them.  God blesses those who bless Him.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Dr. David Jeremiah

Last night, Bill and I went with Galen and Sondra, Gramma and members of her church to hear Dr. David Jeremiah at Thunder arena in OKC.  There were about 8,000 people in attendance.  The music was outstanding!  The place rocked!  I always listen to Dr. J. every Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. before I go to my own church.  The service is aired from San Diego, California where he pastors the Shadow Mountain Church.The message for the evening was based on faith versus fear.  At the beginning of the service we all sang, "God Bless America".  I felt myself tearing up as I realized how we have taken God out of Washington and yet expect Him to bless us!   At the end of the service, everyone stood and sang, "Amazing Grace".  We certainly need God's grace and mercy as we flounder around.  Without the wisdom of the Bible, we have no one at the helm to guide us.  God's word says this will happen.  I'm thankful I know the ending to the story!

On Tuesday morning, Noel called me and asked if I was going to be at St. Anthony Hospital.  He said I had a patient waiting in ER.  Mark's heart had been pounding and he needed to be kept overnight.  Some of you saw my picture on Noel's face book page.  Galen and Sondra came by the ER before taking Sondra to the dentist.  I had a chance to introduce Galen to our new chaplain, Bill Simpson.  Bill Simpson is a graduate of OBU and Southwestern Seminary with degrees in music before training to be a chaplain.  Galen is hoping to use him at the new Cowboy Church.

This week, I got to skype with my brother David in Mexico.  He is doing well and plans to cook a turkey for 30 friends at his home on Thanksgiving Day.

I hope to skype with Keri again soon.  When Sofia was missing for several hours, I was so thankful that I have a God that has everyone in the palm of His hands.  It is the grace of God in my life that keeps me at peace.  Grace is something that is not deserved.  God's grace keeps me humble and thankful.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

On Facebook/Happy B-Day , Sofia

Happy Birthday, Sofia!  I cannot believe that you are 9 years old today.  I flew from Japan to Riverside, California one month early to welcome you into our family.  I was worried about you because you were so tiny.  I didn't realize until I was taken to the hospital that it was your mother, Keri that had been in deep trouble.  The doctor was deciding whether to give her a blood transfusion or not.  I learned that per the doctor's request, your daddy (Kevin) asked California Baptist University to start the prayer chain.  A short time later, Keri's numbers were what they should be and she didn't need the transfusion.  Your mommy had not seen you yet, and I asked a nurse to take us to the nursery.  You were so tiny that your head fit into the palm of my hand and your toes touched the crook of my arm.  I had to be very careful not to disturb the wires that were attached to you.  Now, just look at the young lady you have become!  I tuck all the miracles that God has done into my heart so that my faith can always be strong.

I am glad that I am on Facebook (now that you are so far away in North Africa.)  Pictures keep us close.  I'm also enjoying keeping up with all my kids and brother's families. 

I have had a cough for a few days.  I wrote about it on Facebook and was surprised that so many people responded with concern.  In fact, I was shocked to have so many friends.

Today, I went to lunch at the Senior Center with Galen, Sondra, and Janice.  Bill had to work for the testing company and Noel is in Springfield.  Gramma really doesn't go much.  Sondra won at Bingo and that was fun!  I must go to Shawnee this afternoon to give a couple of piano lessons.

Sunday was busy with my Bible Study Class, and Christmas Choir practice after worship.  I wish I could hear Galen preach at the Cowboy Church, and next Sunday Gramma is going to give her testimony at First Baptist Church.  Noel suggested it be put on Facebook for all of us to read.  Good idea!     

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Activities Continued

I had planned to continue my blog, but got sidetracked by Bill's training sessions on the computer.  He has been at the computer for as much as 12 hours a day for the past week.  In addition to his job for the testing company, he was offered a music teaching job with Oklahoma Virtual K-12 School.  It is part of the public school system.  He has to finish his training within in the next week because we were gone on vacation.  It will be a 10 hour per week class.  The on-line training has been so intense that Bill is now trying to decide why he ever agreed to teach it.  He admitted is might have been for his ego.  If it is too much, he can give it up. 

Last night, Galen and Sondra brought Gramma over for a pot roast dinner.  They showed off their new sport car.  It's a beautiful Hyundai hybrid.  When coming back from California this week, the car got 42 mpg.  Not bad!  Sondra loves the leather heated seats.  Galen loves the push button ignition.  I still miss the convertible.

I feel like I'm still catching up from our trip. My piano students did very well and practiced while I was gone.  That was a surprise.  When I went back to the hospital last Tuesday, the fellow who is interim chaplain told me that he is divorcing his wife.  I was surprised because he is nearly 50 years old.  He wanted my advice.  That's a tough issue when you don't know the people well.  While at the hospital, I entered a room where a tech was working on the TV.  I just ignored him and prayed with the patient.  After, the tech thanked me and told me that the TV began working at the moment I began to pray.  That made the patient happy as well.

I complained to Bill that I needed another pair of blue pants to match my hospital smock.  He suggested we go to Red Lobster for lunch with my coupon and then go to Dillard's.  I'm so glad he went with me!  While there, he saw a  teal blue pant suit that he thought would look great on me and bought it.  I wouldn't have thought of buying anything else but the blue pants I needed.  Later, when I thanked him, he said he is proud of me when I look nice.

Well, I guess I should write a bit about the train ride in North Conway, New Hampshire.  We rode in the dining car and had lunch with another retired couple who were from New York.  I laughed when the lady told us she thought people in New Hampshire were ignorant.  (We had to agree with her because while eating breakfast in a restaurant on Sunday morning, Bill asked the waitress who the State's governor is.  She had no idea and had to ask about 4 or 5 more people before she found the answer.  I thought of "Watter's World" on Fox News.)  After our train ride, we bought some Hampshire Pewter from a nearby shop.  Bill got hooked on pewter while traveling in Europe.

Before heading back to Michigan, we took a ride on a paddle boat on Lake Winnepasaukee in upper New Hampshire.  Many famous people live there.  We saw summer homes that belonged to Mitt Romney, the CEO of Black and Decker, the owner of NASCAR, and  several old movie stars.  In the winter, the lake freezes over and the ski resorts open.  It was just fun to enjoy the water, the fall colors and just relax with many new friends.  It was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I'm glad it was on my bucket list. God's world is a big place and I'm blessed to have seen so much!  I don't take it for granted.  I guess I will put pictures on later.  I haven't forgotten.      

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our Incredible Journey to the North

Bill and I left Kelli's home in Michigan at 6:00 a.m. on Monday, October 14.  After stopping for the night at Hampton Inn in Lebanon, Missouri, we arrived home at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 15.  Fall is a wonderful time of the year to travel because kids are in school, and the weather is about perfect. 

We began our journey on Saturday, September 28 and arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Sunday evening.  Monday morning, I peeled freshly picked apples and baked an apple cobbler while Kelli worked on a magazine at Cornerstone University.  That afternoon, we joined Keri's family, Kelli and Hannah at Caleb's tennis match.  He is a senior this year, and it was great to see how tall and athletic he has become.  Caleb is also a great writer like his mother.  After the match, we all went to Sparta (Kevin's hometown) where we had pizza at a beautiful Italian restaurant.  For dessert, we had the apple cobbler.  Then, Bill and I handed out birthday gifts.  Selah put her bracelet on and told me she would always take care of her "precious gift".  Selah just turned 6 years old.

On Monday, Bill and I took Sofia, Selah and Isaiah to the lakeshore.  We all love Lake Michigan!  However, there was a cool breeze blowing so we just ate hamburgers at Wendy's and enjoyed the scenery from the car.  The kids enjoyed telling us about their trip to Virginia for 10 weeks of training at Missionary Orientation. They had toured Washington D.C. and learned a lot of history.  That evening, I made spaghetti at Kelli's for the gang.  Kirk called and we got to watch Ezekiel.  The family was enjoying their pool.  That pool is huge!  It looks like a hotel!  We learned that Kirk and Tamra both have new motorcycles and Tamra was taking riding lessons.  Be careful, you guys!

The next day, we took the kids to a park playground that was super!  Then, it was time for everyone to cry and say goodbye.  Before leaving, Keri and Kevin gave us a big wooden butterfly that Kevin's father crafted.  It is beautiful!  We plan to put it on the wall of our screened patio. Keri, Kevin, and the kids have arrived safely in Africa now.  The girls have enrolled at the British school in the city.

The next morning, Oct. 3, Bill and I flew to Buffalo, New York to see Niagara Falls.  A taxi drove us across the border into Canada where we stayed at the Embassy Suites for 2 nights.  Our window was complete glass and a perfect view of both the American Falls and the Canadian Falls.  We were on the 35th floor and couldn't believe the colors on the water at night.  We floated on the "Maid of the Mist" in pouring rain right next to the falls.  We were given blue raincoats with hoods, and looked like aliens.  On our last evening, we ate prime rib in the Keg Steakhouse which overlooks the falls.  I watched people from all over the world enjoying one of the great wonders.

On Oct. 6th, we flew from Buffalo, New York to Manchester, New Hampshire.  After renting a blue Nissan, we drove in the dark past the city of Concord to our mountain resort an hour away.  We arrived safely at the Steele Hill Resort which dates back to the 1700s.  King George granted the mountain to Bryan Steele.  It became a resort for the rich and famous in nearby Boston.  We were given a 2 story condo with a fireplace and a large deck for taking pictures.  We spent an enchanted week in this colorful paradise.  It was peak season for the fall trees.  I have written so much that I will continue tomorrow.  I'll write about our train trip, our boat tour and the Shaker Village.    Then, I will put the pictures on the net.  Only God could create such organized beauty!   My "bucket list" is shrinking!  My life has been so blessed!    


Friday, September 27, 2013

Traveling North/Galen and Sondra Move to Okla.

It has been a very warm week.  However, we saw that there were record highs back in 1999.  I guess we have been in global warming since the Great Lakes melted, and we are still in that phase.  I also recently heard that several inches have been added to the ice glaciers this year.  I wonder what is causing that??

Last Tuesday, Bill waited for me to give Kim her lesson in Shawnee, and then we had dinner before going to a Town hall meeting at Gordon Cooper Tech auditorium.  It was packed with people who wanted to hear James Langford speak.  Everyone was angry and wanted answers concerning Obama Care and the scandals in Washington D.C.  After the meeting, I talked to Ron Spencer.  He is an Oklahoma State Senator.  He told me that James Langford is part of a Christian coalition that meets in Washington, and that Obama never attends.  That did not surprise me at all!

Bill and I have mowed the lawn, pruned the flowers, cleaned the house and have packed.  We will take Mom out to dinner tonight before leaving tomorrow morning for Michigan, Niagara Falls and New Hampshire.  Kelli (who lives in Grand Rapids) is taking care of Keri's 3 kids tonight and taking them apple picking on Saturday with her daughter, Hannah.  That is a nice present for Keri because it is her 44th birthday.  (Whew!  I must be getting older!)  Keri and Kevin will be flying with their children to Africa next week.  I admit that I pray for them a lot.  The world is becoming more dangerous everyday.  We watched pictures on TV this week of Nairobi, Kenya.  It looked like a war zone!  Bill and I completed a 3 year teaching contract in that very city.  In fact, Bill took his jazz band to play at the Westgate Mall the last Christmas we were there.  I also know that we could die in the Shawnee Mall, so I have to trust God to take care of us all.

We will just miss Galen and Sondra.  Galen had to stay in California a few more days because he was begged to officiate a funeral.  He couldn't say "no" so they will be coming in very late tonight.  When I called them yesterday, they were in Arizona.  Galen is driving the truck, Sondra is driving the car, and George (assoc. pastor) is driving their van.  George will stay at Noel's house because Mark just loves that man!  They really have a special friendship.  Anyway, we will all talk on the phone before Bill and I get too far down the road.  I'll tell them to have everything moved in before we get back.  Smile!  I'm really excited to have Noel and Galen just 10 minutes away!!  The neighbors and my family are watching over our house.  We also have a security service.   

Friday, September 20, 2013

Rain, Glorieta and Sandwiches

We had a beautiful rain storm yesterday and last night.  It is no secret that I love rain.  I fell in love with warm rain while at Glorieta.  Speaking of Glorieta, my mother gave me several pictures which brought back lots of memories.  Also, Ron Bryant is getting married in October.  Galen first met Ron at Glorieta, and then went to California Baptist together.  Later, Ron was a member of Galen's church in Twenty-Nine Palms where he retired from teaching.  Yes, Galen will go back to California to officiate Ron's wedding.

I have been busy this week helping to organize lunch for 60 volunteers who are building a new chapel for the Women's Prison.  My Bible Study Class is making sandwiches.  I asked FireLake Grocery to donate chips and cookies.  I'm hoping the prison will provide coffee.  I will not be able to deliver the food next Tuesday, because that is my day to volunteer at the hospital.

I spoke of Noah in my last blog.  It seems that Colorado has been experiencing epic floods this past week.  Non-believers will either say that there is no God, or God must be a "bad" person.  The reaction of most Christians is that God is bringing judgement to that area for obvious reasons.  The Bible says that God will allow punishment to come to the wicked, and also to His children that have wandered.  Unfortunately, believers often suffer with them.  Only the other hand, the God I serve is one of mercy when we ask, and pours out so many blessings that I don't deserve!  God can't bless you if you don't believe He exists.

It seems that war has been averted for the time being with Syria.  I watched 4 clips of Obama saying that he would not negotiate with the Republicans, but he has no problem negotiating with Putin of Russia.  It seems that they are much closer in their thinking than Obama is with his own Congress.  Putin is Godless, and has no problem dictating.

We need healthcare reform badly, but the law that we have now is a disaster!  Many people don't really know what is in store for them now.  And, so many people will lose their jobs and their current insurance. I'm not fighting for myself, because we have private insurance and Bill won't lose his job.  I'm very worried about other people.  Let's start over again and get the law written correctly.  It's a big mess.  It is such a mess that the big unions and the Senate don't want it for themselves!

I found a song by Danny Lee that my 3 kids used to sing.  The chorus says:
So, let it rain, let it rain, let it pour, Let old trouble keep a knock-in' at my door!
If we learn the right from wrong, it will help to make us strong.
Lord, please help us learn the secret, Even little flowers know;
If it never, never rains, then we'll never, never grow!  Have a blessed day! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Rainbows and Rulers

It is already Friday, and it has been a very busy week.  Teaching piano in my home and in Shawnee keeps me going.  I really enjoy Kim who is 4 years old.  When asked to play a "warm-up piece" she told me she couldn't stop because it had a repeat!  I was excited that she remembered me teaching her that word!  Her attention span is short. So,  when learning new music, I give her a peanut M&M for each line she plays correctly.  After 2 lines, she stuck out her tongue and said, "Look, I have a RAINBOW."  She was right.  Her tongue was red and blue!  We added more colors.

Last Sunday, we listened to a sermon on "the last days".  Just when we thought President Obama couldn't mess things up any worse, he showed the nation we were wrong.  If it's possible to divide people, he has a special talent for doing so.  War would not help anybody right now!  As I have written before, I have listened to my mother and my father talk about Russia and China (the big bear) coming from the north to invade Israel and put down America.  At that time, China was nothing!  I can also hear my mother telling me that someday the black people would turn on whites because of slavery.  She pointed out that their population would overtake us.  With the advent of computers, English becoming a global language, and a one world financial system, it is now possible to have a one world government.   I have also been told that the United States of America would fall and is not even mentioned in the Bible.  That didn't seem possible until Obama's administration took over.  That is not to say that Republicans are not helping him bring America down.  God cannot protect and keep people from destruction inside and out who do not even acknowledge Him.  The Bible has predicted that people would once again become just like they were in the days of Noah.  They have turned against God and have begun to worship and please only themselves.  Christians cannot become discouraged because we know without a doubt that Jesus will come again and rescue His children!  Yes, we will be mocked and persecuted, but one day God's people win!

Bill has been grading students for the testing company.  Sometimes, he listens and grades students for 8 hours.  He begins at 7:30 A.M.  On those days, I try to be gone so that I will not make noise.

We enjoyed having Noel and Janice back in town.  Janice was sick with a cold for several days, however.  I made some potato soup and took it to her.  She had bought me a new serrated bread knife.  Now, I have to bake some bread and take it to her.  Smile.  Last night, we went together to IHOP for dinner.  Seniors eat for half price between 4p.m. and 6 p.m.

We still enjoy going to the Senior Center for lunch.  Noel took everyone's picture and made name tags.  That was a hit!  We play BINGO several times a week, and make $5 per game when lucky.  We don't pay to play, so no harm done!  The food is good (especially the salad bar) and our new friends are so funny and entertaining.  In comparison, being there makes me feel young!  On Wednesday, we all got our flu shots.  Next week, the Seniors are going to the Arbuckle Bluegrass Festival.

We are looking forward to Galen and Sondra moving here next week.  They had to wait for their new apartment to be completed.  Bill and I talked to the kids, and we are getting excited about seeing them in a few weeks in Michigan!   God just keeps blessing and blessing!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Birthday Pictures

Mom's Birthday Limo
 At Gliori's Restaurant
Roger playing background music at the party.
Mom and her children on her 90th birthday.  Roger, Noel, Galen, Marti, David in birth order.  (John and Truett are missing.)

Friday, September 6, 2013

A Hot September!

It has been hotter than usual this first week of September.  Tomorrow is expected to reach temperatures near 100 degrees.  I just thank God for air conditioning.  It seems that the world is heating up as well.  ObamaCare is suppose to start accepting enrollment in just three more weeks.  It is going to be a disaster.  Oklahoma is waiting for the U.S. government to set up the exchanges and the administration has its mind on starting another war in Syria.  I understand that people are dying there.  One hundred thousand people have already died.  Why do some become more upset when chemicals are used.  I think that killing your own people with machine guns and tanks is just as bad.  And, to be honest, most American citizens are not sure who the "bad guys" are.  Who are we helping by bombing Syria?  We are war weary and cannot absorb the cost of war at this time.  And, I am still concerned that Syria will retaliate against U.S. Embassy personnel, and most likely Israel.  I'm not convinced that Obama cares about Israel.

God is still in control.  The world will go as He has planned it.  I know that He is still taking care of me!  This afternoon I had a follow up visit with my ENT doctor.  My CAT Scan was great, and the prescription that I was given worked like a charm.  I told Dr. Willis that I had been prayed for by the technician, and that I had prayed for him.  He smiled and said, "The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing."  He wasn't surprised at all!  I'm so glad I have Christian doctors.  I have avoided surgery on at least 2 occasions this year.

Labor Day, Mom came over for lunch and Bill grilled pork steaks.  They were so so delicious!  Then we played Mexican Train dominoes.  We missed Noel and Janice being here, but they had to go back to Springfield for a week.

I enjoyed my work at the hospital as usual, and gave my piano lessons this week.  Kim is my 4 year old who constantly amazes me.  She is playing with both hands now, and has learned to count.  She is being raised by her grandparents who pastor Noel's Church.  They are sweet people.

Bill is going nuts this week!  He has been offered 2 more jobs.  He has to decide which jobs he will keep and which ones to drop.  The latest is teaching professional people in Japan via computer, and one is to tutor a high school exchange student locally who is from Japan.  He worked for the testing company 2 days this week.  Eight hours each day is really demanding!  I stay far away so that I won't make any noise.

I skyped with David (in Mexico last week.)  He teaches English to 4 classes of 20 students at a local highschool.  It is a private university prep school.   I also talked to Galen and Sondra.  They will come to Oklahoma after their daughter gets back from her cruise.  They are babysitting Bailey and Brynlee.

Bill is almost finished mowing the lawn, so I will make dinner.  I have been promised that we will put pictures in the blog tomorrow.  We will see.  Smile.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Peace On Earth

This week, I thought a lot about peace and what it is.  I was really tired when I woke up on Tuesday morning and didn't want to go to the hospital.  I think I was discouraged by the news on TV.    I learned long ago that if I do what is right I will feel better.  I talked to God about my problem as I drove and asked Him to make my work at the hospital worthwhile.  The minute I walked into St. Anthony I was greeted by volunteers at the front desk with smiles and waves.  As I looked over my chart for the 3rd floor, I noticed that most of the patients were quite young!  The first fellow was 50 years old and had a stroke.  Talk about frustration and tears!  He grabbed my hand and asked me to pray for him.  I assured him that tears were natural and that God was going to help him get his mobility back.  When I left, he was smiling and thanked me.  At that moment, I knew I was in the right place and my energy was back!!  I had a similar experience with several more patients that morning.  I had peace that came from God, not from the world.

On Wednesday, I give 2 piano lessons at my church to a 10 year old girl, and a 10 year old boy.  After her lesson, the girl ran up to the pulpit and pretended that she was a preacher.  I was laughing!  When I asked her to pray for my piano students, she didn't hesitate.  She prayed the most beautiful prayer.  I couldn't have done a better job.  I pray that Satan never takes away her childlike faith through people who are legalistic and demanding.  May she always look to God, not other people.  I'm finding that people keep looking at the Old Testament, instead of looking at the new covenant that Jesus taught in the New Testament.  We still have those who are trying to "work" for their salvation.  No wonder those "Christians" are always sour and shouting at others.  Where is the joy?  

Bill has been busy lately.  He is grading for the teacher/student on-line testing service, and has recently been working for Pearson Company.  It is  British, and extremely demanding.  He is not sure that he really wants to mentor student writing again.  But I noticed that he likes the challenge.  Today, he is teaching at Shawnee High School.  On Monday, he was teaching at Tecumseh High.  Bill really wants to work until he is 65 yrs. old to increase his social security.  He also loves to travel, and the extra money pays for our trips.  Our next trip is in October. We will  drive our car to Kelli's house in Michigan and say good-bye to Keri's family before they fly to Africa.  From there, we will fly to Niagara Falls and stay for 2 nights on the Canadian side.  Then, we will rent a car and drive to New Hampshire where we will stay in our timeshare condo for 5 nights.  From there,  we will fly back to Michigan and drive home to Oklahoma. 

Today, I am planning to take Mom shopping.  She got lots of gift cards that she needs to spend.  I'm looking for fall plants.  I was shocked to find that my tomato plant has decided to put on some fruit!  I thought it was a goner.  That teaches me not to give up on plants nor people!  I must believe! 

  Our country continues to change for the worse since Obama has become president.  He doesn't appear to have any leadership ability.  Clinton was democrat, but he wasn't as far out!  The economy, the new health law, and the immigration policies are disasters.  Now, he is leading us to war in Syria.  That is not good for my Jewish friends.  We cannot get to the reign of the 666 until fear is deep within the hearts of people.  However, I am learning to have peace that only God can give.   I am accountable for myself.  I have taken on my mother's mantra, "Do your best, and let God do the rest."    I know without a doubt how the story ends! 


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last Week of August

It is the last week of August and the weather is in the 90s.  Thank you Lord for good air conditioning!  Because of lots of rain this summer, our lawns are thick and dark green.  However, my tomato plants got flooded and didn't do a thing.  My new daisy plant has hung in there, and my roses are blooming like crazy.    Our next door neighbor sold her house and moved to a retirement complex.  When she left, all of the birds found our feeder and we have enjoyed watching them while eating breakfast on the patio in the mornings.  I sound old, don't I?

This week I went to the fitness center for an evaluation with my nutritionist.  My blood pressure was 124 over 80.  And, I had lost 2 pounds in spite of all the celebrations.  I was surprised!

This morning, there were 18 in Bible Study.  We were studying the subject of heaven.  After all the scandals in Washington, and the persecution of Christian believers going on, it was good to remember the end of the story.  Jesus wins!  I have been following the story of the photographer and his wife who refused to take pictures of a gay wedding in New Mexico.  They were judged by the State Supreme Court to be discriminatory and have to pay a fine of $7,000.  No longer do Christians have to be tolerant of other beliefs, they have to Participate!  It will go to the Supreme Court.  Also, we learned this week that the ACLU is suing the State of Oklahoma because we have voted to have the Ten Commandments on our State Capitol.  That will be interesting!  Gov. Henry (D) signed it into law.  God will turn His back on our state if we turn our back on God.

Keri's family continues to need our prayers as they take all the shots required to go to Northern Africa.  They are enjoying their training and the kids are doing well in school.  Kelli reports that Hannah is doing well, and is going to work part time after school in the mall.  Kirk's baby, Ezekiel just turned 2 years old.  He had a very rough start in life, but God has been good and we are watching baby Zeke grow strong and he entertains us all.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Birthday Week!!!

Perhaps I have found the remedy to typing my blog!  I am trying a different search engine and the page error did not occur.  Yeah!  So much has happened since I last blogged that I will try to remember the highlights.  The celebration of Mom's 90th birthday began about 10 days ago when Galen and Sondra drove to Oklahoma with David.  David had flown into LAX from Mexico.  David stayed at our house for 3 days because my brother John and his wife, Cathy had also driven from California and was staying with Mom.

My brother, Noel and his family were here, so we had non-stop get togethers.  Some were at the Senior Center, some at Mom's, some at restaurants, and others at my house and Noel's.  It seems that we ate and laughed constantly.

My brother Roger and his wife, Julie flew in on Thursday afternoon, August 15th and stayed at the Grand Casino Hotel.  That night they feted Mom at the Casino buffet.

Kirk and Ezekiel flew in Thursday night.  Kirk has lost 40 pounds and looks really buff!  He's a great Dad and we enjoyed them both so much!  We also enjoyed the power point presentation that Kirk has created as part of his new job working for the Riverside-San Bernardino Baptist Association.  There are 240 churches that he works with.

Friday, August 16th, Jason (Galen's son) reserved the stretch limo from the Grand Casino to bring Mom to Gliori's Italian Restaurant in Tecumseh.  You should have seen the people watching!  She was handed a bouquet of roses when she arrived.  I had gone ahead to put birthday napkins and blowers at each place.  It looked beautiful.  We ate spaghetti, chicken, salad and bread sticks.  For dessert, we had sugar-free cupcakes. Mom was radiant!  She bought new clothes for the weekend, had her hair styled, and nails done to match her blouse.  I also took her to get purple shoes to match her pants!  No one believed she was 90 years old!

On Saturday, August 17th, 35 people came to our house for a reception and gifts.  I ordered a cake with yellow roses and made a punch with sherbet and sprite.  We also had mixed nuts and M&Ms.  The weather was perfect, so the family milled about on the patio and in the living room while the friends from church visited with Mom in the family room and brought gifts.  Cousins, George and Pat came from Illinois, Sharon drove from Little Rock, and Susan came from OKC.  Bill was proud of the lawn he had cared for over the summer months.  The rain had made it look like a green carpet.  The party was enjoyed by all.  Many people said they had never seen a family that loved each other so much and got along so well.  At the Senior Center, the people call us "the laughing table".  We joke a lot.

Kirk came to church with us on Sunday and contributed to my Bible Study class.  I accompanied Bill on his trumpet for the offertory.  I also played for the Grimm Family who sang the special music.  They are great since the mother is a high school music teacher.  Later in the afternoon, we took Kirk and Ezekiel to the airport to fly back to California.  It was wonderful to have them with us, and we look forward to visiting them next January.  Kirk can't wait for us to see his new home and huge pool.  The pictures look like a spa resort. It is a blessing from God and Tamra's parents.

I am starting to relax this week and begin my usual schedule.  I volunteered at the hospital today and gave a piano lesson.  Now, we are looking forward to Galen and Sondra moving here in a month.  God is good, and I feel blessed.  The government and the world cannot destroy my joy.  It is inside me!           

Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26th 2013

Goodness!  My life is getting more busy as I get older.  I thought I was starting to fall apart physically when I turned 65 years old, but it seems that I am regaining my life back and am feeling my old self again.  Thank you, God.  I had an unusal cough that made me sneeze and then my right eye would water.  I went to an ENT specialist and he put a scope down my nose.  My sinuses were clear and he decided I do not have an allergy.  He told me it was acid reflux that caused me to cough and prescribed medication.  Yeah,  no surgery or allergies.

From there I went to a nutritionist who wants me to lose 10 pounds.  I mainly have to watch my sodium level.  I can do that!  Bill took me swimming twice this week before going to the Senior lunch program, and I'm getting back to the exercise program I had before I hurt my foot.  My foot is doing great after going to 9 therapy sessions.  I had no idea physical therapy could do such wonders.  I walk very normally now.

On Thursday, I had my teeth checked and cleaned.  No problems there either.  Dr. Corbin told me all about his recent mission trip to Guatamala.  He is a young dentist who loves life and God more than money.    The same morning, I saw Dr. Shaw to see how my lab report came out.  He was checking my vitamin D level and told me everything looked good and that I had lost weight!  Then the doctor asked me if we had seen him dance at the PowWow.  He has a beautiful costume and dances very well!  He also has me to check his article that comes out in the How-Ni-Kan.  He has written one on mammograms and one on prostate cancer testing.

Today, we drove to Norman to have the Corolla checked over.  It is 10 years old and has 54,000 miles.  It runs like new!  (That is because I drive the Camry everywhere.)  While waiting, Bill and I shopped at Sooner Mall and ate a salad at Chik-Fil-A.  

I continue to teach piano, and Bill continues to teach for GCU, and grade foreign students for the testing agency. 

Our big project at the moment is Mom's 90th birthday bash.  Three of my brothers (Galen, John and Roger) will be arriving from California along with my son, Kirk and little Ezekiel.  David is flying from Mexico.  And, of course, Noel will be here from Springfield.  We expect 15 for the family dinner at Gliori's Restaurant, and 35 friends for the open house the following day at my house.  Mom is excited and buying new clothes.  One year ago she was in the hospital dying.  God can do miracles!  Today, she is radiant and has a sharp mind. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rodeo, Bingo, Party and Trial

I have had a very hard time getting my blog to post for some reason.  I will try again.  It has been a busy July, but lots of fun!  Last week, I went to the Senior Center for lunch.  I won 2 bingo games and was so shocked!  It doesn't cost anything to play and I won $10.  Noel sent pics on his FaceBook page.  On Friday morning, Bill and I acted like we were retired, and went to the International Youth Rodeo at the Expo Center in Shawnee.  I really love watching the high school kids compete.  I could never do it myself!  On Friday evening, our Bible Study class came over to our house for a potluck and games.  There were 16 people who showed up.  Sunday, I taught my Bible Study Class, and then we visited Immanuel Baptist Church for worship.  It is a mega church in Shawnee, and Bill was curious.   We decided we really love New Beginnings Church.  It is small, about 150 people, and is more like a family.   After church, we met Noel, Mark, their friend Ed, and Gramma for lunch at the Bamboo Restaurant.  Janice was not feeling well.

Today, I spent the morning at the hospital volunteering.  I never cease to be overwhelmed by the suffering.  In many cases, people have made very choices that have brought on their problems.   Not only are they sick, but their relationships are disasterous.

The Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman trial has taken over the media.  I am so sick of people talking about that case who never watched the trial and have no idea what they are talking about.  A trial verdict is based on evidence, not compassion or anything else.  And, I'm sick of national leaders doing everything they can to divide the nation.  Some just thrive on chaos.  They don't have a life, so they protest and do other things to give themselves some excitement.  How immature! 

Today, I was listening to an interview titled, "Listening to the Young Atheist".  It was very interesting.  A man has done research to find out why youth who have grown up in the church have left it.  The central thread was that they were hurt by people in the church over actions concerning their youth director or a pastor.  Their focus was on "people" and not the Bible itself.  Also, those interviewed used the pronoun "I" over and over.  "I" think, "I" want, "I" was etc.  There was no attempt to think of others points of view.   It is sad that the church has focused on entertaining the youth, rather than teaching them values that would serve them throughout their lives.  God forgive us all!  

Blogging Problems, Please Forgive Me

This is a test to see if my blogging page will post.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Pow Wow Week/Birthday Party/Choir

Last week was filled with fun as well as lots of work.  I taught my piano lessons and volunteered at the hospital on Tuesday.  Noel and Janice brought Bailey to Shawnee for the week and he is always a joy to have around.  He went to the Senior Center with us for lunch each day.  It was more fun than usual because Bill won some Bingo.  I have yet to win, but sure do enjoy it!

On Friday, Noel's family and Mom came over for dinner.  We celebrated birthdays for Noel (June 20th) Bailey (July 1rst)  and Mark (July 4th).  Half way through dinner my cousin, George and his wife, Pat came over and ate with us.  They had arrived from Springfield, Illinois for the Pow Wow.  George dances in the traditional contest each year.  He is excellent!    In addition to being a great dancer, he is an American Indian historian.  He has written 2 books that are selling very well.  Rocky Barrett, our tribal chairman bought 360 copies to be put in the museum and the new Grand Hotel. 

Saturday evening, Bill and I watched the grand march and ceremony.  My doctor, Ron Shaw, was one of the featured dancers.  The evening was more fun for me this year because I saw many people that I have come to know since moving to Tecumseh.  My cousin, Joe, introduced us to his new baby daughter, Savannah who is 18 months old.  They adopted her just a few weeks ago.  She is a beautiful Potawatomie with dark wavy hair.  She walked straight to Bill and put her head on his leg.  I'm so glad she wasn't aborted!  I still can't believe that Obama approves of 20 week abortions!!!

Sunday, Mom, George and Pat went to church with us.  Our choir sang a medley of patriotic songs that Bill arranged.  I accompanied the choir on the organ.  We were told by many people that the special music was powerful and moving.  I was also asked to play the offertory.  I chose, "His Eye Is On the Sparrow."  I learned later at lunch that it was one of Dad's favorite songs.  Bailey hosted all of us at Denny's (Noel's family, Mom, Bill and Me, and George and Pat.  He is so generous, and a great man of God!  Mom went to Springfield with Noel for the week after we finished lunch.

Pastor Larry preached a message that was straight to the point.  As Christians, we are to stand up for the Word of God and not be intimidated by what the world believes or what is politically correct.  Yes, we are going to face persecution, but we know where we are going, and have a peace that the world will never understand.  The world is so blind and will follow anyone right off a cliff.  So sad! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Answer to Prayer - Big Time!

Hot summer days are here again.  But I do love the rain, colorful birds and flowers!  It seems that I have been going non-stop since I began therapy sessions on my right foot.  I have been amazed at how they have helped me to walk normally once again.  Yesterday, I had an MRI to see what exactly is going on in the back of my heel.  It feels good to be able to stand and walk normally again.  I believe that God heard my prayer and moved many puzzle pieces around.  First, I was sent to the wrong clinic to see an orthopedic doctor.  I was put into therapy before seeing the doctor.  When my primary doctor heard what happened, he called me and apologized big time.  Then, he said to go ahead and try the therapy.  It seems that now, I may not need any surgery at all.  And, medicare and BCBS are picking up the tab.  Thank you, God!!!

I was able to volunteer at the hospital last Tuesday.  Not one person refused to let me pray for them.  I walked the entire third floor that had 20 patients.  In many cases, it is the family members and friends who feel the greatest need for comfort.  In one room, I prayed for a lady who was losing her friend of 50 years.  In another room, I prayed for a wife who was losing her husband of 47 years.  There were also young people with breathing problems and alcoholism. 

Last week, Bill and I played for the St. Anthony volunteer banquet.  We played, "Moon River" and "Memories" from Cats.  There were at least 100 people in attendance.  The hospital CEO thanked us for helping our hospital be one of the best.  The Chaplains Department is one of the smallest, but scored 100 percent on the evaluation.  Pastor Larry will be retiring in August.  We will be sorry to see him go, but I really like Kevin who will be taking his place.  Kevin is from California, and did not go to church or become a Christian until he was in his late twenties.  He is so energetic and pastors the LifeSong Church. 

Our country seems to be going downhill very fast!  There are many scandels.  But the one that worries me the most is the one surrounding the IRS.  Obama is either incompetent or knew about it the whole time.  I heard on the news that a Tea Party group had been put on hold to get their exempt status.  So, they changed their name to Green Solutions, and were granted exempt status immediately.  They have the paper work to prove it!  Almost everyday, I hear of Christians being targeted or persecuted on American Family Radio.   Todd Starns (my daughter, Kelli's friend) reported that a high school boy was not going to be admitted to the Naval Academy because he gave God credit for his successful high school record during a graduation speech.  Another boy may go to jail for 2 years because he wore an NRA T-shirt to high school.  With all the kids who do sex and drugs, you would think people could find someone else to pick on!  You should see what the kids wear at Shawnee High School!! 

Speaking of Kelli -- she had a great time in Houston covering the So. Baptist Convention!  She met an executive from Michigan who wants her to write for him.  She will see if she has time.  Her daughter, Hannah is now in Guatamala on a mission trip with her youth group.  Fun!

Finally, I thank God for my father who taught me not to look to other people for guidance, but to keep my faith in God,  I also thank God for a husband who has been a great role model for my children.  He is a hard worker and is always so generous.  Finding people who are unselfish is difficult today.       

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Safely Thru Another Storm

It is getting to be a habit!  On Friday evening,  Bill and I took Mom to the Safe Room and met Noel's family there.  Of course, 50 of Mom's neighbors were there also with a few dogs.  As we waited for the tornado to arrive along with the hail storm, we chatted, watched the screens on I-phone and listened to the weather radio.  We had heard that the storm was headed for Tecumseh as well but we could only pray.  Since no one has control of the weather, I always wonder how people who do not trust God even cope!  Around 10 p.m. Bill and I drove home in pouring rain and a sky full of lightening.  The rain slowed down as we pulled up in our driveway.  We could not see any damage to our house, yard, or Corolla.   We both said, "Thank you, God!" out loud.

Saturday, was a perfectly beautiful day.  Bill and I drove to Thunderbird Lake for dinner at the Clear Bay Cafe.  We ate clam strips and smoked chicken on the deck.  A fellow came over and asked if he could eat with us.  We invited him to join us.  His name is Barry and he is the owner of the Cafe.  He said he got tired of being in the kitchen with the kids and wanted some adult conversation.  In the winter, he is an architect that specializes in cabinets.  I guess he has designed most of the homes around the lake.  Next Friday, we have invited Noel and Janice to join us.  The Cafe has live soft rock music in the evenings. 

Today, Bryce went to church with us again.  He also joined the choir for our first July 4th music practice.  Summer is difficult, but we have 13 who are planning to sing.  Bill created an arrangement of "Star Spangled Banner" and "Ameria the Beautiful".  I have been practicing the piano part.  It has some interesting chord combos.

Our friends, Chuck and Lori Edwards brought their new baby daughter, Emma, to church this morning.  They adopted her at birth and she is 6 days old now.  She is beautiful with pure white skin and black hair.  Lori is not able to have children, and believes that Emma is a miracle in an age when so many girls are aborting their babies.  I pray blessings upon that family.  Chuck grew up in Columbia where his father was a missionary doctor with the IMB, and his mother was an RN.  Chuck is also a storm chaser for Channel 9 in Oklahoma City and works for FEMA.  He can work at home now!  God certainly had it all planned for him!

Our church has been so busy helping storm victims.  God's people always step up when needed to be His hands and His feet. We gave a bag of groceries, and I baked cupcakes for a couple in our church who lost most of their trees and their boat and dock on Shawnee Twin Lakes.  They have so much clean-up work to do.  The wife had prayed that God would protect their house, and that was the only thing intact.  

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Week

Time is flying by as usual for me.  Last Sunday, Bryce our next door neighbor went to church with us.  He had not been for years and said he really loved New Beginnings Church.  After church, we took Bryce to dinner at the Delta Cafe.  When we came home, he said he wanted to go with us to church again next Sunday.  He works at Benton's Cafe in downtown Shawnee and it is closed on Sundays.  Benton's happens to be Noel's favorite restaurant because they have home cooking and fresh pies.

Monday, Mom came over to our house for Bill's grilled hamburgers and watermelon  We played dominoes for several hours and took Mom home about 5 p.m.  Holidays are a good thing!  Monday was also our son-in-law's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Kevin!  You are wonderful!  Last Friday was Isaiah's birthday.  He turned 3 years old.  We had a nice phone chat with him.

Tuesday, I spent the morning at the hospital.  I really enjoyed talking to a patient who has been layed off recently from Edwards Air Force Base as quality control for missile launch and recovery.  I know the Mohave Desert very well since my oldest brother, Truett use to work out there.  Like the rest of us, Fred headed to Oklahoma rather than staying in California where the cost of living has gone off the chart!  Bill joined me and Larry for lunch at the hospital.  After lunch, I indulged in the gift shop sale that was being held in the backroom for employees and volunteer staff.  I was able to buy many items for Christmas at 75% off.

Wednesday, Bill and I joined Mom, Noel and Janice at the Senior Center for lunch.  They had just returned from Springfield.  We love having them back in Oklahoma!  Janette and Jack (Mom's neighbors)  were also there.  It will be even more fun when Galen and Sondra get back here.

Life is never boring with a threat of severe weather, and Obama's administration pulling their shinanigans.  They can lie with such straight faces!  I pray that America wakes up soon.  Fox News interviews people on the street who have no idea what is going on in the news and cannot name the Secretary of State, nor the vice president.  One of these young people is a student at Cal Berkley.  Duh!  Benghazi is bad enough, but now we have the IRS scandal and the AP being preyed upon by the Justice Department.  I guess that is Chicago Mob style government.  Bush would have been put out of office by now if he had tried any of the things Obama is doing.  Just wait until ObamaCare goes into effect.  From what I'm hearing about insurance rates going up and taxes being put on the workers, there is certainly going to be some complaining in the streets.

Last night, we watched the live concert on TV that was benefiting the tornado victims.  Vince Gill from Norman, OK) sang, "Threat of Heaven".  It was great!  The most that people can do when I am dying is to threaten me with going to heaven where I will wait for you!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Silver Dollar City/Tornados/And More

While in Branson, we took the  grandkids miniature golfing for the first time.  Selah surprised us by making a whole in one!  Not bad for a 5 year old!  On Tuesday of last week, we took them to Silver Dollar City.  It was a perfect day weatherwise.  Bill and I had always gone to the shows, so it was a new experience to go to every kiddie ride available. 

Sunday, we went to Bible Study and Worship and then home to wait for the bad weather to hit.  We had been warned, so we watched the TV.  The siren sounded in Tecumseh about 4:00 p.m.  I called Noel to let him know we were going to get Mom and go to the safe house.  He, Janice and Mark met us.  We stayed until the radio let us know that it was clear.  We called Jason (Galen's son) and learned that they had a lot of hail damage, but their house was okay.  On Monday, we had a repeat of Sunday's drill.  When I watched the huge tornado forming in NewCastle on the TV, I told Bill to get in the car and go!  Once again, we went to Mom's apartment to get her.  Two official looking men were at her door telling her to go.  Again, Noel's family joined us.  We talked to the neighbors until it was once again clear.  By now, Bethel Acres and Moore looked like a war zone. 

We all went back to Mom's, and Bill and I offered to get food from Sonic which was nearby.  It was closed, so we drove to FireLake Supermarket.  It was partially open and most of the lights were out.  I found some deli chicken wings and some frozen tater tots to go with Mom's Dr. Pepper. We took those to the family for dinner in the pouring rain.  No one minded because we were all together and safe.  Several of our friends have lost their homes or had major damage.  Our church email has kept us in touch, and everyone has pitched in to help with food or man power.  I know that the Baptists have fed a hot lunch to over 30,000 people.  The latest count is that 1,200 homes were lost in Moore.

Tuesday, I volunteered at the hospital.  The CEO called a prayer meeting of the staff at 10:00 a.m. in the cafeteria.  Seventy people made a circle and joined hands to pray.  Many of them volunteered to help at the Norman Medical Center when they got off duty to help the victims of Moore.  That morning, I was welcomed in every room as I asked if they would mind if I prayed for them.  I sang to one lady who had been injured by a semi-truck hitting her car during the storm.  I noticed that as I sang, she fell asleep.  I tip-toed out quietly. 

This afternoon, Bill went with me to the Cross Timbers Elementary School.  I played the piano for Kaylee as she sang, "My All in All".  (She is my little student with one glass eye.)  She sang perfectly and with confidence.  I can't wait to know what God has planned for her life.

During the talent show, we watched a brother and sister do a gymnastic routine.  After watching them I understood why our granddaughter, Sofia won 4th in the Illinois State Competition last Saturday.  She is fantastic for her age (8)!!   Being with us in Branson, I worried about her being too tired.  She stretched, did her flips and splits while with us.  But I knew it wasn't the practice she would have in the gym at home.  I'm glad she tried and did so well.  We all prayed she would do her best.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

God's Mercy and Love in Branson and Roger's Arkansas

Bill and I drove through pouring rain from Rogers, Arkansas yesterday morning to return home.  The night before we had attended the commissioning service for Keri and Kevin and 56 other people.  I was in awe of Cross Church!  It looks like an arena that holds over one thousand people.  There looked to be about 75 people in the choir (all dressed in black) on one side of the stage.  The other side of the stage had the plexiglass drum cage, and rock band.  Isaiah had no problem going into the nursery because it had a built-in aquarium and disney theme.  Keri and Kevin spoke at the children's church on Sunday morning to 300 kids!  This church is one of 4 campuses in the area.  God is alive and well in Arkansas!  As I sat in the worship service I was reflecting on the two times I had been commissioned.  First, in Richmond, Virginia and later in Anderson, Indiana.  God takes us as we are.  He forgives us when we fail and gives us new beginnings.  He is so merciful and can read our hearts.  I can feel His warm love and really want to have that love flow out of me to others.  Knowing that hell waits for those who know Him and reject Him is such a tragedy. 

We saw old friends at the reception following the service.  Janette Lyall went to Cal Baptist with me and caught me up on her life.  Scott Harris was just a missionary kid in Barbados when I served in St. Vincent with the IMB.  He and Keri and Kelli played together at meetings.  He is now a church stratisgist in Nashville and on the IMB Board of Trustees.  He said Kirk helped him start a Set Free Church in Nashville and will be asking him to start one in South Africa soon. 

Wednesday evening, we gave Sofia, Selah and Isaiah back to their parents at the Embassy Suites.   We had cared for them since Saturday.   Keri and Kevin dropped them off at the Welk Resort in Branson on their way down to Rogers for meetings.  

I will write more later.  We are going to the Senior Center for lunch with Mom, Noel and Janice today.  I have so much more to write about.  It may take me another session.     

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Prayer Service/Kirk/San Diego/Branson

Diego/BransonLast Thursday, Bill played his trumpet, and I accompanied him at the National Day of Prayer Service which was held at St. Anthony Hospital.  It was held in the cafeteria and very well attended.  I thought it was ironical that in all the years I taught on St. Gregory's campus, I never met the president.  At the service, I was standing next to the president of the university when we were asked to join hands and pray at the end.

I met a fellow named Roy this week at the hospital who attended Marvin Elementary, and Lewis Junior High in Allied Garden (San Diego).  Those were my schools so I nearly flipped.  We talked a long time over lunch about San Diego.  He is now constructing the new dorm for OBU.

Kirk has accepted a new job with the Inland Empire Baptist Association as community strategist.  Kirk knows how to have a church reach outside its walls.  Set Free has been excellent training!  There are 273 churches that he will be working with.  I know that God is going to bless his work, and he is going to have the time of his life creating new ways to introduce the Gospel.

I got a surprise on Sunday when I asked my student, Becky, when she was going to take her high school choir to Branson.  She told me that they would be performing at the Twelve Irish Tenors this Friday and they would be staying at the Welk Resort.  We are staying in the same resort and will attend their show.  God is full of surprises!

Today, I'm going to the beauty salon, and then I will rush over to the elementary school.  Kaylee is auditioning for her school talent show and asked me to play the piano for her while she sings, "All in All".  She has such a sweet voice.  Later, I will drive to Shawnee to give Vincent his last piano lesson until after summer.

I've been fighting allergies this week, so I pray everyday for strength to do what is needed.  Bill has been at Shawnee High subbing almost everyday.  His summer break is coming soon, but he still has his on-line work.  He's determined to take care of me, and I do appreciate that.  He would really like to wait to retire when he turns 65 years old.  God has the last word.  That gives me peace of mind.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Extreme weather/Romance/Nation

When I was just a little girl, I can remember listening to my Daddy preach about end times.  He read from the Bible about how children would not respect their parents, there would be extreme weather, and eventually there would be famine.  God would not be welcome, and the evil one would be turned loose.  I thought I would die before those things came to be, especially in the United States of America.  Today, the temperature will reach 80 degrees in Oklahoma.  By tomorrow, we will experience freezing temperatures and perhaps there will be snow in the panhandle.  We are set to have record cold for the month of May.

President Obama has no respect for the Bible.  This week he called a pro athlete to congratulate him for exposing his gay lifestyle.  When asked at a press conference about the recent developments regarding the attack on Benghazi, Obama admitted he knew nothing about it.  It seems that Fox News is the only station that really cares about the 4 men who were killed in our embassy.  We also noticed that the mainstream media is not following the trial of the doctor in Pennsylvania who murdered several babies and a mother in a planned parenthood clinic.  In spite of the babies being born alive, he severed their spinal cords.  This doctor also used a 15 year old girl to assist him.  The doctor and those murdered were black.  While this trial goes on, Obama is the first president to speak at a planned parenthood convention.  God must surely be weeping for His children while the evil ones smirk.  (Keri just told me that the trial is all over facebook because the media won't touch it

There is good in our world!  Kelli called early Monday morning to share her recent engagement to Dave Smith.  After several years of dating, he proposed with a diamond this weekend.  We are sooo happy for her!  They are going to wait until summer of 2014 to get married.  He wants to sell his present home, and give both of their teenage boys the time to graduate from high school.  That is very mature.  Of course, we will be in Michigan for the wedding!

I have enjoyed the spring-like weather that we have had for the past 3 days.  Knowing that a freeze was around the corner, I only planted a few flowers and will watch them carefully.  The birds have gone crazy this year over my feeder.  They sing all the time.  Last week, we invited the family over to barbeque porkchops.  Last night, Bill brought home Mexican food, and we ate it on the screened patio.  It was so relaxing!  Thunderstorms will arrive soon, and I love them as well.

Yesterday, I worked at the hospital.  Every week is different.  I visited a patient who told me I could pray for him if I liked, but he was going to watch TV. I smiled, touched his shoulder and prayed quietly.  He had a strange look on his face when I left.  The room next to his was such a contrast!  A young lady greeted me with the sweetest smile.  She told me that cancer was going to take her to heaven in just a few more months.  She welcomed my prayer and blessed me with her cheerful spirit!  (I have learned to discern who the children of God are when I first walk into a hospital room.)  I told the woman that Dr. Anderson had become a Christian because of a patient just like her.  She brightened and said, "I hope to be able to tell people about the peace I have until the day I die."   When I returned to the chaplains office, Kevin (a young chaplain) told me about his experience in ICU.  A young fellow had overdosed and had 2 young women visitors in the room.  He was told instantly that prayer was not welcome and to get out!  Our society is losing all civility and  respect.  Tolerence has a new meaning.  I must tolerate you, but you don't have to tolerate me.  We cannot agree to disagree.  If I don't see things your way, I am "hateful".  I wonder - how long will a hospital like St. Anthony be allowed to offer spiritual as well as physical care.  Satan is empowering the atheists.

Keri just called.  They are preparing to be commissioned as missionaries with the IMB next week in Rogers, Arkansas.  Kirk wrote that God is leading him to a new place of ministry near his home.  He'll know soon where that will be.   Life with Christ is never dull and boring!     

Friday, April 26, 2013

Family Matters/Music Party/My Foot

Bill mowed the lawn yesterday evening after he got home from subbing at Shawnee High School.  It looks like a green carpet.  Yes, we have had lots of welcome rain!  (Bill starts his new job for the National Testing Service next month.)

We are very proud of our daughter, Kelli.  As president of the PRoof Association for the State of Michigan, she is chairing their end of the year gala event tonight.  They are expecting 165 people who work in Public Relations.  That is a lot of work considering Cornerstone University has graduation next week and Kelli has to cover those events as well.  Kelli is a basically shy, quiet person and I know it is a gift from God that she is accomplishing so much.  It doesn't hurt that she is so attractive!

Galen called.  He is going to have gall bladder surgery on May 15th.  He has also told his church that he will be moving to Oklahoma in September when the new townhomes are completed.  He will be living across the street from Noel! We are all looking forward to having him and his wife, Sondra so close!

David quit his teaching job to manage a catering service for his friend who has taken on the Tuxtela (sp?) Convention Center events.  I understand it is a real salary increase!   I think David is enjoying life in Southern Mexico. 

Tonight, Bill and I are hosting my piano students and their parents for a music party.  We'll have finger foods and listen to each other perform musically.  Bill is going to play his trumpet and his German recorder.  We keep it casual and just have fun.  Gramma and Noel's family will join us.

Yes, my foot continues to improve.  I worked at the hospital last Tuesday morning and enjoyed the people.  I met a man who had hip replacement surgery and can't wait to recover and get back to his church.  He is the soundboard person for the music program at New Hope Baptist. 

My doctor is referring me to an orthoopedic surgeon to assess my condition and let me know if my foot needs surgery, or if it is truly on the way to recovery.  I'm feeling so well this week that I'm praying that it will not be necessary for surgery.  However, I will do what needs to be done for the future use of my foot.  It will take some planning!  I trust God to know what is best for me. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easter Pictures

                                         Bill and Ian racing rabbits.Marti, Shirley, Mom, Phyllis and Ian.

More Severe Weather/Competition Ribbons

Oklahoma braced for tornadic activity yesterday as severe thunderstorms raced through the state.  Our area was blessed with a downpour of rain through the night, while others endured hail and damaging wind.  Our French doors face the west so that we could stand and watch the beautiful lightening show.  I never cease to be amazed at the power of my God, and am so glad that I don't have to depend on myself when events are our of my hands!  Everytime I hear the warnings I just say, "God, I am your kid, this is your house, and it's all up to you."  Then, I go to bed and relax.

Noel and Janice met us for lunch on Saturday at Arby's before I went to the Nail Spa.  They had been to Norman to watch Mark race.  He won 2 Blue Ribbons!  That evening, they called and asked us to join them for pizza at their apartment.  They were leaving on Sunday afternoon to go back to Springfield and wanted us to help them eat it.  After dinner, I stayed and played Skip-Bo with Janice and Mom while Bill went home to study for his test to work for the National Testing Service.

Sofia called to tell us that she won second place in her Gymnastic Regional Competition.  She said she only fell once doing a handstand on the balance beam.  She has qualified to go to State Competition in May.  Gramma and Papa Bill will have to take her to practice in Branson!!  Her routines are beautiful because she is so petite and has long legs.   

This has been a great week.  Sunday, we celebrated a birthday in my Bible Study Class, and listened to a report on India in worship.  George and Glenda (our members) had just returned.  I played the piano since Sue was not feeling well.

On Monday, I had my scheduled lab tests, and got my pneumonia shot.  I was glad I got my pneumonia shot because I worked at the hospital on Tuesday, and found numerous patients with pneumonia!  I was glad I didn't have to worry about my own health while serving them.  I encountered two ladies who refused prayer.  Most people smile and are very happy to have me pray for and with them.  The ladies who refused were very bitter and almost hostile.  I don't push myself on those people and excused myself.  However, I prayed them in the hallway.  I try to imagine how life would be without knowing a God who cares about me and all of my concerns.  No, thank you!

Tuesday, I drove Mom to the Senior Center for lunch and BINGO while Bill waited for our computer tech man to install stuff on our new laptop.  Keith works for the Bethel School District, and is so reliable.  He is an Indian who previously had a long braid down his back.  I was shocked that he had cut it all off in respect for a family member who died recently.

We watched C-Span and waited to see what the Gun Control vote would be.  Guns don't kill people unless someon pulls the trigger.  The fellow who did the shooting at Sandy Hook did not buy his guns.  Most criminals steal them!  Perhaps we should outlaw bombs, knives and computers that have porn capability.  We already have laws to prevent questionable people from buying guns, and states should enforce the laws we already have on the books. The government has no right to keep a list of all people who have a gun.  Obama says he cares so much about life, but signed a bill allowing partial birth abortion.  How can he do that!  Thousands are murdered every year and he doesn't care???  If someone entered my home to do harm, I wouldn't mind shooting them, but I would never sever the spine of a baby to limit population.    

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Family Changes Coming

We had a refreshing rain storm for the past two days.  God spared us the hail and tornados.  I still love hearing the thunder roll across the sky at night. 

Keri called and told us the good news.  After 3 years of seminary, a year of application, and several tests, Keri and Kevin have been accepted as career missionaries for the So. Baptist IMB.  They will be commissioned in Rogers, Arkansas the middle of May.  Since they have to attend meetings the week before, Bill and I will meet them in Branson (on their way from Chicago) and take care of the kids (Sofia (7), Selah (5) and Isaiah (3).  We were able to get reservations at the Welk Resort with our timeshare for $35 per night.  God is good!!  We will all go to Rogers for the commissioning at Cross Church .   Kirk, Tamra and Ezekiel are flying in also.  We are excited to see them again!

I took Mom to the doctor this morning for a check-up.  She's doing great!  In fact, she named all of her medications and what the dosage is.    Dr. Shaw ask her if she is really 89 years old.  She proudly told him she will be 90 in August.

Bill is teaching today at Shawnee High School.  I will be going to St. Anthony's in a few minutes for a computer seminar.  The computers are changing, and we have to document our chaplain visits on a new program. 

We continue going to the Senior Center for lunch when we can.  Mom, Noel and Janice go as well.  The meals are delicious, and it's fun to play BINGO.  However, Noel always wins, so we have threatened to not let him play.  It will be even more fun when Galen and Sondra move here this summer.  Competition will really heat up then! 

I gotta get to the seminar, but will try to put more pictures on later.  Spring is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to gardening and all the activities coming up.  I want to stay well so that I can bless God!  In our world, Christians must stay strong and firm.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sunshine After Rain

After two days of gentle rain, the sun is shining.  It has been a busy and unusual week!  Last Saturday, my brother's son (John Ross Jr.) and his wife, Caryn, with their son and daughter drove through Oklahoma from California.  Gramma called after our musical practice, and said they had arrived for lunch.  We had a very nice visit.  They were actually on their way to Kansas to visit Caryn's mother and were planning to go back home through Colorado to see her father.  Caryn just graduated from the University of Riverside with a major in history.  She gives tours of the famous Riverside Mission Inn, and plans to be a museum curator in the future.  During our visit, Caryn remarked that the Greenwalt family was so large, and yet everyone loved each other so much!  She had never seen a family that was so close before - physically and spiritually.  It was a good reminder of how blessed I am! 

God answered our prayers last Sunday.  All choir members were present and sang!  We used a new omni-directional sound system, and Chuck was back from FEMA to operate the sound board for us.  The auditorium was filled to capacity, and you could feel the Spirit moving in the hearts of the people.  Gramma and Ian both said they teared up sevral times as the choir sang.  Then, Pastor Larry called and said he heard sniffling throughout the church.  He felt that it was our most powerful musical yet.  I have been singing the songs in my head all week.  "I will rise when He calls my name.  No more sorrow, no more pain. "  It is music and the love of God that brings people together and creates harmony.

After church, I took the ham out of the oven and added the trimmings for dinner.  My rolls raised so much that they burst!  I wasn't going to bake them, but Ian and Phyllis insisted I try.  I was amazed that they still tasted good and they were all eaten!  Gramma brought a banana pudding and added whipped cream.  Gramma's friend, Shirley, also joined us.  After dinner, we all had races on the table with  bicycle rabbits.   Everyone laughed and laughed for hours. 

I paid for the time on my feet Sunday.  My right foot started to talk to me Sunday evening.  That was not a good thing because Bill had surgery this week on his ingrown toe nail.  Noel sent a picture on his facebook of us which was not flattering.  Keri called, and was laughing so hard.  In spite of Noel's root canal surgery (had to have a specialist), Janice went shopping for me, and brought over homemade enchiladas and salad.  What would we do without a loving family???

Bill taught two days this week at Shawnee High.  He also has 25 students in his on-line media class.  Some of the students are not Christian, and some of the most disrespectful I have seen.  They want to tell the teacher what grade they should get, and don't hesitate to "hate" the textbook that has been mandated by the university regarding media literacy.  They don't want to read, and they don't want to research news stories to find the truth.  It was a shock to some that "sequestration" was the idea of Obama and his administration.  However, there are many videos of the President speaking to prove this.  We also learned last night that one-third of all Medicare cancer patients have been turned away due to no funding for medication treatment.  I'm glad I have a supplement BCBS and medication plan in addition to Medicare.  I don't trust our government at all.  When people take God out of their lives, He takes His hand off of them!  However, if people say, "sorry" and turn from their wicked ways, God is a father of mercy and gives many chances.  When we turn around, God is there with outstretched arms of love!   We choose our own demise.             

Monday, March 25, 2013

Still Looking for Spring/Family

A cold front moved in and we are using the gas logs again in our family room.  Sunday morning, we saw a few snow flurries and the wind roared like a lion.  Many people were sick, so our church choir smiled, and sang a number from our Easter musical with 5 less members.  I was the only alto!!  That will make me pray for my friends to get well soon.

My week was very low key.  I went to the dentist to have an old cavity refilled.  He didnd't have to numb my mouth.  He just put a pretty white topping on what my tooth had, and polished it.  The experience was very painless, and I left impressed.

Friday, Noel and Janice picked us up, and we drove to Oklahoma City to Lake Hefner.  Mama Rojas is a beautiful Mexican Restaurnat that looks over the water and a sail boat marina.  It was a nice way to spend the day.  Looking at the boats makes me think of my brother, Roger and his boating adventures.  I still want to sail to Catalina Island in the future.  I'm ready for warm weather!

Saturday, We had lunch with Mom.  It was a very wet day.  I made egg salad sandwiches, and Mom made a sugar free chocolate cake and served it with peaches and cream.  After lunch, Bill had his leg checked for a blood clot.  There was none.  Just a strained muscle.  It may have been from swimming.

Hannah is much better.  In fact, her youth director has invited her to go to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip.  That would take anyone's mind off of their own problems.

Galen and Sondra are strongly considering moving to Shawnee this summer.  That would be great!

Bill has been accepted as an examiner for ETS.  He will grade exams for teachers and TOEIC.  I'm hoping he will enjoy it.  Today,  he is substitute teaching for the accounting teacher at Gordon Cooper Tech College.  He is also teaching a media class for GCU.  In addition, he finished our taxes.  I think he loves to work!  I just teach piano, and keep the home fires burning.  I love to cook!  I'm still thanking God for healing my foot.  With lots of tender loving care from Bill, my doctor and God, I'm back to normal walking.  Yeah!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sharing My Pain Lightens the Load

This week Bill and I received a call that our granddaughter, Hannah was back in the hospital.  Her depression had gotten worse.  After running many tests, the doctor told Kelli (her mother) that Hannah did not have the proper amounts of chemicals going to the brain that was needed to make her feel in control.  Pressures at school and from her father were causing the chemical drain.  She is receiving counseling and medication.  Her school and church friends have visited her and cheered her up. 

At first, I felt so much pain for Kelli and Hannah, that it was difficult to talk about it.  However, I noticed that when I opened up, so many people shared their own pain with me.   I have begun to feel closer to people because I understand them more.  As my doctor said, "We are physically and spiritually created."   We must be careful to take care of both aspects of our being.  We must be blended and balanced.  My pastor and a man in my Bible Study Class told me how they had been helped.  Because of these experiences, we can help each other.  I feel so much better knowing that God and my doctor are working together.  And, I know that God smiles when I thank Him and give Him some credit. 

We are still enjoying having Janice and Noel here with us.  Saturday, we saw "Jack Reacher" with Tom Cruise.  It was an action movie.  Then we had dinner at the Arrow Cafe.  Mom wasn't interested in going with us.  Her foot is still swollen and I think she needs to change medication.  We shall see.  She's not in pain, and stays very cheerful!

Bill is grading papers for the GCU class.  He also painted the shed in the backyard a pastel yellow.  It looks really nice.  I must close for now.  Will write more later.    Happy Easter month! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Global Warming/Easter/New Pope

We are having Spring weather!  It is very warm for a few days, and then we get a cold front.  That's okay.  We need the rain.  And, I Love the rain!  I can hardly wait to begin planting new flowers, and watch my roses bloom.  The seasons continue to be a miracle to me.  They come and go in perfect harmony.  I was listening to the weather report, and realized that we had extremely hot weather in 1962.  We are not reaching some of those past records which completely throws the theory of global warming.  I was also thinking about the movie I watched about how the Great Lakes were formed.  I don't think the animals were driving SUVs and manufacturing anything when the earth warmed and melted the ice age.    It makes no sense to me!  Anyway, Easter is almost here and I love that holiday.  Japan had no such holiday, and Bill and I just celebrated it the best we could with our church.

This week, I bought cards and gifts for my Bible Study Class.  They are just big kids who love the holidays as much as I do.  I took out the Easter tree and the Easter Basket to decorate my house.  Mom bought lots of stuff while she and Dad served an international church in Germany for 6 years.  She decided last year to pass them on to me.  I get so many compliments.  The church choir is almost ready for the Easter musical, "I Will Rise" by Mike Speck, Cliff Duren and some others.  It includes "Above All"  and "I've Just Seen Jesus".  When we sing that number, you can feel the Spirit of God around us.  I thought is was just me, but last practice I heard someone else mention it.  Satan is lying to so many people in our generation.  He is telling them that they are equal to God and can determine their own fate.  It is a lie!  People who knowingly reject God will die physically and spiritually.  Everyone will live forever, but some will suffer because they will be separated from the presence of God.  I pray daily for those people.  You can only know God if you want to do so, and ask Him to show Himself.  I promise that if you seek Him sincerely, you will find Him.  Don't be afraid.  He loves us all so much!

The world has a new Pope.  He seems very nice and has good intentions.  However, it made me sad to hear him pray to Mother Mary.  She was a very good woman, and was blessed to give birth to Jesus, but she is not equal to God.  I'm glad I can bypass the middleman, and go straight to God with my concerns.  Yeah!  Being religious and having a personal relationship with God are entirely differently things.  Bill kids me all the time about being God's favorite daughter.  I don't mind at all.  I know where the goodies are!!