Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Body is a Miracle!

Life is getting exciting again!  As I may have mentioned in my previous blog, I had a pity party one night when my foot was hurting and I felt frustrated because I hated being dependent.  I cried, and talked to God about my situation.  The next day, Pastor Larry called, and told me that the church staff had prayed for me in their weekly meeting.  A few days later, my swelling went down and I was able to stop the medication, and not have to use those dreaded crutches.  I could still feel the bone spur on the back of my heel, and was very cautious while at the doctor's office.  He gave me a soft cup to wear on my heel inside my shoe, and now I can walk with very little pain.  Yeah!!  I continue to be amazed at how intricate our body is and how everything fits together.  We are all miracles!  We did not just happen anymore than my watch is an accident.  An intelligent being designed and made me.  And, my designer can fix me if it is not my time to join him in my heavenly home.  Faith is the key!

One reason I am excited about life again is because my husband planned a trip to New Orleans.  He knows that I have always wanted to go there.  I was afraid my foot had ruined the trip.  Now, we can go.  We will fly, stay in a hotel near the French Quarter and take a lot of tours that don't require walking.  My kids have attended conferences there, and loved the culture. 

I taught my Bible Class last Sunday.  Leo was back after having pnuemonia.  I visited him while he was in the hospital last month, and I wasn't sure he would make it.  He is so chipper now, and invited the class to his birthday party.  He will be 80 years old.  Our bodies are miraculous!

I have resumed teaching my piano lessons.  My little girl who is going blind loves the song, "He Is My All In All"  I am teaching her how to improvise with chords so that she can play anything if or when she loses all sight.  She sings like a little bird!  We are more than our bodies.  We are soul and spirit.  I love that child! 

Bill is finishing up a college on-line class this week, and will begin  a class for teachers tomorrow.  He has been substitute teaching at Gordon Cooper Tech School, but today he has a new challenge.  I'm laughing and praying at the same time!!  Jesse Hernandez is in our choir, and the director of the Early Childhood Center in Shawnee.  He asked Bill to come in today to help him.  I wish I could just watch.  I know he'll do great, but he's not use to the accidents etc.  With God's help, he'll be fine and he knows that.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  I am reminded that love is a choice.  That is what makes family and friends stay close.  In spite of distance, mess-ups, and aging, we choose to think about, forgive, and be grateful for each other.  I am so glad that we are not just physical beings, but we have spirits that reach out and feel the love flowing back.  We were created in the image of God who shows love and mercy, as well as justice.
This week, I have continued to be in awe of how I have been cared for.  My fridge is full of wonderful homecooked food.  Mom, Janice, Sherry and Lorna have made sure I don't lose weight on Bill's cooking.  Smile!  Pastor Larry called to tell me that the church staff had prayed for me, and to get well so that I could get back to the hospital.  It felt good to be missed.  I had a little talk with Jesus, and I told him that if he was allowing my foot to be injured so that I could learn a lesson, or that Bill could learn a lesson, that we get it!  I'm ready to walk again and be of use to others.  The prayers are working!
This week I had a flood memories as I watched the Dormer manhunt on television.  Having grown up in San Diego, studied at CBU in Riverside, and  taking many trips to Big Bear Resort, I  felt like I was back there again.  I prayed for the men hunting for Dormer, and for the killer as well.  He was very misguided in his anger.  All of us have felt rejection at some time in our lives, but we moved on, and learned not to let other people determine our worth.  God will settle the score in the future.
Keri called yesterday.  God is continuing to show them what He has in mind for their family, and I will share that in a few more weeks.The Christian life is exciting!
I watched Pres. Obama give his State of the Union Address.  He has a big heart, but has his head in the sand when it comes to economics.  He is absolutely clueless!  As I listened to his Christmas wish list, I kept asking where all the money is coming from.  Our nation is already in so much debt!!!  I wish that Congress would come up with a reasonable budget and stay within it.  I think I could show them how to do that if they need my help.  When you are doing what is right, God will pour out the blessings.  I keep learning that as I grow older.  Life is so much fun when it is filled with love and respect.  Again, enjoy Valentine's Day, and make a choice to LOVE.   

Monday, February 11, 2013

Stars in the Night

Yesterday, I was not able to go to church for the second week, and watched television.  First, I listened to Dr. David Jeremiah (my favorite from ShadowMountain Church in San Diego).  Then, I listened to Dr. Adrian Rogers.  He preached on keeping strong faith while going through trials.  I needed that!  He explained that stars are always in the sky, but we can't see them until it is dark outside.  I began to dwell on that.  It is true!  If I had never had an injured foot, I wouldn't know just how much I am loved by my family and friends.  I'm the one who is always trying to take care of them.

Prayers are being answered!  This morning, I was able to put the front part of my foot down without pain while walking on crutches.  I got so excited!!!  Bill is driving me to Nail Spa this afternoon for a manicure and a modified pedicure. 

Last Friday, Noel had  minor surgery .  He was in so much pain yesterday that he broke out in a cold sweat and his heart was pounding.  Bill drove him to South Heart Hospital while Janice drove over to our house and watched me.  She was having ear problems and didn't feel like driving to OKC.  I felt so sorry for her!  I wasn't sure who was taking care of who anymore. 

Bill taught my Bible Study Class, and directed the first choir rehearsal for the Easter musical.  He reported that all went well.  I have faith that I will be back on my feet soon, and can be a part of life again.   I just thank my family and friends for all of the love I have felt in these past 10 days!  I have seen the face of God through you.  God always reveals Himself when we seek Him with our hearts. 


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bill's Birthday and My Injured Foot

Well, Noel took all of the pictures and put them on his FaceBook.  So, sign up to be Noel's friend if you want pictures of the last few days.  Last week, my foot began to be very painful and swell, especially in my heel.  I had my teeth cleaned at the clinic, and then went to the Public Health Nurse to have her look at my foot.  (My doctor had no openings.)  She called my doctor and said I must be treated.  So the next day, Dr. Shaw saw me.  After x-rays, he determined that I have a small bone spur that is causing my tendon to become inflamed.  My foot was wrapped, was given medication for swelling, and told I had to use crutches.  While in Japan, I walked for miles and developed swelling in the front part of my foot.  I must have compensated by walking on my heel causing the bone spur.  Further treatment will come as needed - so I'm told.

Yesterday, I went for a follow-up visit to my doctor and I am improving greatly.  Of course, I can't go anywhere or do anything, so it should be getting better!  I feel bad that Bill is having to do everything.  I don't think he knew how much I usually do around the house.  He's really trying to keep things clean and under control.  Great job!

We had planned a small dinner for Bill's birthday on Sunday, February 3rd.  I couldn't go anywhere, so we decided Bill would grill pork chops.  I sat at the table and Bill brought me all the ingredients to make a potatoe salad, and frosted brownies.  Noel made a beautiful toss salad.  Ian rinsed and put the dishes in the dishwasher.  What teamwork!  I couldn't shop, so Noel shopped for me in Springfield.  He brought dark chocolates from the gourmet Candy Store.   Sherry came over Sunday, and brought some home cooked stew.  Yum!  Lorna gave us a Subway Sandwich and a Wendy's card.  Very thoughtful!

I'm learning many lessons while being incapacitated.  I've talked to God a lot!  One night, I fell while trying to go to the bathroom by myself.  (I hate not being independent.)  I began to cry and tell God to fix it for me.  Then, I remembered the people who don't have a foot to fix.  I also felt a sense of gratitude for my family and friends who are supporting me with phone calls and prayers.  Unless you have a problem, you cannot understand the mercy of God and how good He is to provide people in our lives to help us.   I'm praying I get back on my feet soon, so that I can serve others.