Monday, March 25, 2013

Still Looking for Spring/Family

A cold front moved in and we are using the gas logs again in our family room.  Sunday morning, we saw a few snow flurries and the wind roared like a lion.  Many people were sick, so our church choir smiled, and sang a number from our Easter musical with 5 less members.  I was the only alto!!  That will make me pray for my friends to get well soon.

My week was very low key.  I went to the dentist to have an old cavity refilled.  He didnd't have to numb my mouth.  He just put a pretty white topping on what my tooth had, and polished it.  The experience was very painless, and I left impressed.

Friday, Noel and Janice picked us up, and we drove to Oklahoma City to Lake Hefner.  Mama Rojas is a beautiful Mexican Restaurnat that looks over the water and a sail boat marina.  It was a nice way to spend the day.  Looking at the boats makes me think of my brother, Roger and his boating adventures.  I still want to sail to Catalina Island in the future.  I'm ready for warm weather!

Saturday, We had lunch with Mom.  It was a very wet day.  I made egg salad sandwiches, and Mom made a sugar free chocolate cake and served it with peaches and cream.  After lunch, Bill had his leg checked for a blood clot.  There was none.  Just a strained muscle.  It may have been from swimming.

Hannah is much better.  In fact, her youth director has invited her to go to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip.  That would take anyone's mind off of their own problems.

Galen and Sondra are strongly considering moving to Shawnee this summer.  That would be great!

Bill has been accepted as an examiner for ETS.  He will grade exams for teachers and TOEIC.  I'm hoping he will enjoy it.  Today,  he is substitute teaching for the accounting teacher at Gordon Cooper Tech College.  He is also teaching a media class for GCU.  In addition, he finished our taxes.  I think he loves to work!  I just teach piano, and keep the home fires burning.  I love to cook!  I'm still thanking God for healing my foot.  With lots of tender loving care from Bill, my doctor and God, I'm back to normal walking.  Yeah!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sharing My Pain Lightens the Load

This week Bill and I received a call that our granddaughter, Hannah was back in the hospital.  Her depression had gotten worse.  After running many tests, the doctor told Kelli (her mother) that Hannah did not have the proper amounts of chemicals going to the brain that was needed to make her feel in control.  Pressures at school and from her father were causing the chemical drain.  She is receiving counseling and medication.  Her school and church friends have visited her and cheered her up. 

At first, I felt so much pain for Kelli and Hannah, that it was difficult to talk about it.  However, I noticed that when I opened up, so many people shared their own pain with me.   I have begun to feel closer to people because I understand them more.  As my doctor said, "We are physically and spiritually created."   We must be careful to take care of both aspects of our being.  We must be blended and balanced.  My pastor and a man in my Bible Study Class told me how they had been helped.  Because of these experiences, we can help each other.  I feel so much better knowing that God and my doctor are working together.  And, I know that God smiles when I thank Him and give Him some credit. 

We are still enjoying having Janice and Noel here with us.  Saturday, we saw "Jack Reacher" with Tom Cruise.  It was an action movie.  Then we had dinner at the Arrow Cafe.  Mom wasn't interested in going with us.  Her foot is still swollen and I think she needs to change medication.  We shall see.  She's not in pain, and stays very cheerful!

Bill is grading papers for the GCU class.  He also painted the shed in the backyard a pastel yellow.  It looks really nice.  I must close for now.  Will write more later.    Happy Easter month! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Global Warming/Easter/New Pope

We are having Spring weather!  It is very warm for a few days, and then we get a cold front.  That's okay.  We need the rain.  And, I Love the rain!  I can hardly wait to begin planting new flowers, and watch my roses bloom.  The seasons continue to be a miracle to me.  They come and go in perfect harmony.  I was listening to the weather report, and realized that we had extremely hot weather in 1962.  We are not reaching some of those past records which completely throws the theory of global warming.  I was also thinking about the movie I watched about how the Great Lakes were formed.  I don't think the animals were driving SUVs and manufacturing anything when the earth warmed and melted the ice age.    It makes no sense to me!  Anyway, Easter is almost here and I love that holiday.  Japan had no such holiday, and Bill and I just celebrated it the best we could with our church.

This week, I bought cards and gifts for my Bible Study Class.  They are just big kids who love the holidays as much as I do.  I took out the Easter tree and the Easter Basket to decorate my house.  Mom bought lots of stuff while she and Dad served an international church in Germany for 6 years.  She decided last year to pass them on to me.  I get so many compliments.  The church choir is almost ready for the Easter musical, "I Will Rise" by Mike Speck, Cliff Duren and some others.  It includes "Above All"  and "I've Just Seen Jesus".  When we sing that number, you can feel the Spirit of God around us.  I thought is was just me, but last practice I heard someone else mention it.  Satan is lying to so many people in our generation.  He is telling them that they are equal to God and can determine their own fate.  It is a lie!  People who knowingly reject God will die physically and spiritually.  Everyone will live forever, but some will suffer because they will be separated from the presence of God.  I pray daily for those people.  You can only know God if you want to do so, and ask Him to show Himself.  I promise that if you seek Him sincerely, you will find Him.  Don't be afraid.  He loves us all so much!

The world has a new Pope.  He seems very nice and has good intentions.  However, it made me sad to hear him pray to Mother Mary.  She was a very good woman, and was blessed to give birth to Jesus, but she is not equal to God.  I'm glad I can bypass the middleman, and go straight to God with my concerns.  Yeah!  Being religious and having a personal relationship with God are entirely differently things.  Bill kids me all the time about being God's favorite daughter.  I don't mind at all.  I know where the goodies are!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Pictures of New Orleans

                                             Eating Gumbo and Shrimp at Oak Alley Restaurant.

                                           Enjoying beignettes for breakfast at Cafe du Monde.

                                                    New Orleans graves are all above ground.

                                          A jazz lunch on the steamboat.  Calliope on top.

New Pictures of Birthday/New Orleans

                                                 Marti's 65th birthday.

                                              New Orleans, French Quarter

                                               Bill at Oak Alley Southern Mansion

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Orleans/Family/Sequestration

On Monday, February 26th, Bill and I flew to New Orleans in the middle of a rainstorm.  When we arrived, we had to wait 45 minutes for our luggage to be unloaded due to lightening.  From the airport, we were taken by shuttle to La Belle Maison (Wyndom Resort) where our vacation condo awaited us.  It was on the 7th floor and overlooked the French Quarter.  The weather hovered around 65 degrees and was dry the whole time we were there.  Nice!  Bill treated me like a queen, always protecting my foot.  All tours avoided walking, and a few times, we had meals delivered to us from local restaurants. 
The food was fantastic!!  We ate shrimp, po boys (roast beef sandwiches on a French Roll), beignettes (fried donuts with white powdered sugar), shrimp creole and gumbo.  One evening, we ate at a Japanese restuarant next to where we were staying.  Bill had yakisoba and I had yakiudon.  That is basically meat, vegetables and noodles.  It had been a very long time!

Our tours consisted of a Greyline City Tour, a horse and carriage ride through the French Quarter and down Bourbon Street, a Greyline Tour to the countryside to visit preserved Southern homes with slave quarters.  Oak Alley has 12 oak trees lining the drive to the white stately mansion.  Beautiful!  The following day we cruised the mighty Mississippi on the Natchez steam boat.  A jazz group entertained us while we dined on shrimp creole, rice, and bread pudding with rum sauce.  Bill was excited because he got to see the site of the Battle of New Orleans.

The morning after arriving in New Orleans, we received 2 disturbing phone calls.  Noel and Janice had taken Mom to the hospital due to heart flutters and shortness of breath.  Kirk called to say that Hannah (15 year old granddaughter) had been hospitalized.  I began to pray.  I thought I was going to be flying out, but I didn't know if it would be to Oklahoma or Michigan.  God knew my problem and I asked Him to tell me what to do.  I was reassured that both situations were not immediately serious, and I enjoyed my trip while staying in contact.  I thanked God that Noel and Janice were both in Shawnee! 

Our nation is in such confusion.  I listened to Pres. Obama say on TV that our country needed Sequestration and that he would sign it by executive order if needed.  Then, when it actually happened, he turned around and blamed the Republicans.  I couldn't believe that he could lie so blatently.   Not only that, but he painted a dire picture of the consequences.  It seems that people who understand the budget, and know that the president was offered the power to choose what should be cut, are upset that Obama does not do just that.  When he was offered the power, he chose not to take it.  Instead, he chose to let it stand so that the country will be hurt and become a political issue.  He resembles a 2 year old who is throwing a fit, and is trying to get revenge for something he himself caused.  I continue to flip channels, and am amazed at how the mainstream media edits pictures and words to suit their own agenda.  Thank God for Fox News.  They offer both sides, and show several clips of people talking to let the audience decide what is right.  Bill is teaching a media class for Grand Canyon College to help students see what is going on in our society.  It is true that democracy is dead when the people are blinded and uneducated by the media.  They will follow the wolves like sheep to the slaughter.  It is especially true if you offer them free stuff.  God forgive us!