Friday, April 26, 2013

Family Matters/Music Party/My Foot

Bill mowed the lawn yesterday evening after he got home from subbing at Shawnee High School.  It looks like a green carpet.  Yes, we have had lots of welcome rain!  (Bill starts his new job for the National Testing Service next month.)

We are very proud of our daughter, Kelli.  As president of the PRoof Association for the State of Michigan, she is chairing their end of the year gala event tonight.  They are expecting 165 people who work in Public Relations.  That is a lot of work considering Cornerstone University has graduation next week and Kelli has to cover those events as well.  Kelli is a basically shy, quiet person and I know it is a gift from God that she is accomplishing so much.  It doesn't hurt that she is so attractive!

Galen called.  He is going to have gall bladder surgery on May 15th.  He has also told his church that he will be moving to Oklahoma in September when the new townhomes are completed.  He will be living across the street from Noel! We are all looking forward to having him and his wife, Sondra so close!

David quit his teaching job to manage a catering service for his friend who has taken on the Tuxtela (sp?) Convention Center events.  I understand it is a real salary increase!   I think David is enjoying life in Southern Mexico. 

Tonight, Bill and I are hosting my piano students and their parents for a music party.  We'll have finger foods and listen to each other perform musically.  Bill is going to play his trumpet and his German recorder.  We keep it casual and just have fun.  Gramma and Noel's family will join us.

Yes, my foot continues to improve.  I worked at the hospital last Tuesday morning and enjoyed the people.  I met a man who had hip replacement surgery and can't wait to recover and get back to his church.  He is the soundboard person for the music program at New Hope Baptist. 

My doctor is referring me to an orthoopedic surgeon to assess my condition and let me know if my foot needs surgery, or if it is truly on the way to recovery.  I'm feeling so well this week that I'm praying that it will not be necessary for surgery.  However, I will do what needs to be done for the future use of my foot.  It will take some planning!  I trust God to know what is best for me. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easter Pictures

                                         Bill and Ian racing rabbits.Marti, Shirley, Mom, Phyllis and Ian.

More Severe Weather/Competition Ribbons

Oklahoma braced for tornadic activity yesterday as severe thunderstorms raced through the state.  Our area was blessed with a downpour of rain through the night, while others endured hail and damaging wind.  Our French doors face the west so that we could stand and watch the beautiful lightening show.  I never cease to be amazed at the power of my God, and am so glad that I don't have to depend on myself when events are our of my hands!  Everytime I hear the warnings I just say, "God, I am your kid, this is your house, and it's all up to you."  Then, I go to bed and relax.

Noel and Janice met us for lunch on Saturday at Arby's before I went to the Nail Spa.  They had been to Norman to watch Mark race.  He won 2 Blue Ribbons!  That evening, they called and asked us to join them for pizza at their apartment.  They were leaving on Sunday afternoon to go back to Springfield and wanted us to help them eat it.  After dinner, I stayed and played Skip-Bo with Janice and Mom while Bill went home to study for his test to work for the National Testing Service.

Sofia called to tell us that she won second place in her Gymnastic Regional Competition.  She said she only fell once doing a handstand on the balance beam.  She has qualified to go to State Competition in May.  Gramma and Papa Bill will have to take her to practice in Branson!!  Her routines are beautiful because she is so petite and has long legs.   

This has been a great week.  Sunday, we celebrated a birthday in my Bible Study Class, and listened to a report on India in worship.  George and Glenda (our members) had just returned.  I played the piano since Sue was not feeling well.

On Monday, I had my scheduled lab tests, and got my pneumonia shot.  I was glad I got my pneumonia shot because I worked at the hospital on Tuesday, and found numerous patients with pneumonia!  I was glad I didn't have to worry about my own health while serving them.  I encountered two ladies who refused prayer.  Most people smile and are very happy to have me pray for and with them.  The ladies who refused were very bitter and almost hostile.  I don't push myself on those people and excused myself.  However, I prayed them in the hallway.  I try to imagine how life would be without knowing a God who cares about me and all of my concerns.  No, thank you!

Tuesday, I drove Mom to the Senior Center for lunch and BINGO while Bill waited for our computer tech man to install stuff on our new laptop.  Keith works for the Bethel School District, and is so reliable.  He is an Indian who previously had a long braid down his back.  I was shocked that he had cut it all off in respect for a family member who died recently.

We watched C-Span and waited to see what the Gun Control vote would be.  Guns don't kill people unless someon pulls the trigger.  The fellow who did the shooting at Sandy Hook did not buy his guns.  Most criminals steal them!  Perhaps we should outlaw bombs, knives and computers that have porn capability.  We already have laws to prevent questionable people from buying guns, and states should enforce the laws we already have on the books. The government has no right to keep a list of all people who have a gun.  Obama says he cares so much about life, but signed a bill allowing partial birth abortion.  How can he do that!  Thousands are murdered every year and he doesn't care???  If someone entered my home to do harm, I wouldn't mind shooting them, but I would never sever the spine of a baby to limit population.    

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Family Changes Coming

We had a refreshing rain storm for the past two days.  God spared us the hail and tornados.  I still love hearing the thunder roll across the sky at night. 

Keri called and told us the good news.  After 3 years of seminary, a year of application, and several tests, Keri and Kevin have been accepted as career missionaries for the So. Baptist IMB.  They will be commissioned in Rogers, Arkansas the middle of May.  Since they have to attend meetings the week before, Bill and I will meet them in Branson (on their way from Chicago) and take care of the kids (Sofia (7), Selah (5) and Isaiah (3).  We were able to get reservations at the Welk Resort with our timeshare for $35 per night.  God is good!!  We will all go to Rogers for the commissioning at Cross Church .   Kirk, Tamra and Ezekiel are flying in also.  We are excited to see them again!

I took Mom to the doctor this morning for a check-up.  She's doing great!  In fact, she named all of her medications and what the dosage is.    Dr. Shaw ask her if she is really 89 years old.  She proudly told him she will be 90 in August.

Bill is teaching today at Shawnee High School.  I will be going to St. Anthony's in a few minutes for a computer seminar.  The computers are changing, and we have to document our chaplain visits on a new program. 

We continue going to the Senior Center for lunch when we can.  Mom, Noel and Janice go as well.  The meals are delicious, and it's fun to play BINGO.  However, Noel always wins, so we have threatened to not let him play.  It will be even more fun when Galen and Sondra move here this summer.  Competition will really heat up then! 

I gotta get to the seminar, but will try to put more pictures on later.  Spring is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to gardening and all the activities coming up.  I want to stay well so that I can bless God!  In our world, Christians must stay strong and firm.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sunshine After Rain

After two days of gentle rain, the sun is shining.  It has been a busy and unusual week!  Last Saturday, my brother's son (John Ross Jr.) and his wife, Caryn, with their son and daughter drove through Oklahoma from California.  Gramma called after our musical practice, and said they had arrived for lunch.  We had a very nice visit.  They were actually on their way to Kansas to visit Caryn's mother and were planning to go back home through Colorado to see her father.  Caryn just graduated from the University of Riverside with a major in history.  She gives tours of the famous Riverside Mission Inn, and plans to be a museum curator in the future.  During our visit, Caryn remarked that the Greenwalt family was so large, and yet everyone loved each other so much!  She had never seen a family that was so close before - physically and spiritually.  It was a good reminder of how blessed I am! 

God answered our prayers last Sunday.  All choir members were present and sang!  We used a new omni-directional sound system, and Chuck was back from FEMA to operate the sound board for us.  The auditorium was filled to capacity, and you could feel the Spirit moving in the hearts of the people.  Gramma and Ian both said they teared up sevral times as the choir sang.  Then, Pastor Larry called and said he heard sniffling throughout the church.  He felt that it was our most powerful musical yet.  I have been singing the songs in my head all week.  "I will rise when He calls my name.  No more sorrow, no more pain. "  It is music and the love of God that brings people together and creates harmony.

After church, I took the ham out of the oven and added the trimmings for dinner.  My rolls raised so much that they burst!  I wasn't going to bake them, but Ian and Phyllis insisted I try.  I was amazed that they still tasted good and they were all eaten!  Gramma brought a banana pudding and added whipped cream.  Gramma's friend, Shirley, also joined us.  After dinner, we all had races on the table with  bicycle rabbits.   Everyone laughed and laughed for hours. 

I paid for the time on my feet Sunday.  My right foot started to talk to me Sunday evening.  That was not a good thing because Bill had surgery this week on his ingrown toe nail.  Noel sent a picture on his facebook of us which was not flattering.  Keri called, and was laughing so hard.  In spite of Noel's root canal surgery (had to have a specialist), Janice went shopping for me, and brought over homemade enchiladas and salad.  What would we do without a loving family???

Bill taught two days this week at Shawnee High.  He also has 25 students in his on-line media class.  Some of the students are not Christian, and some of the most disrespectful I have seen.  They want to tell the teacher what grade they should get, and don't hesitate to "hate" the textbook that has been mandated by the university regarding media literacy.  They don't want to read, and they don't want to research news stories to find the truth.  It was a shock to some that "sequestration" was the idea of Obama and his administration.  However, there are many videos of the President speaking to prove this.  We also learned last night that one-third of all Medicare cancer patients have been turned away due to no funding for medication treatment.  I'm glad I have a supplement BCBS and medication plan in addition to Medicare.  I don't trust our government at all.  When people take God out of their lives, He takes His hand off of them!  However, if people say, "sorry" and turn from their wicked ways, God is a father of mercy and gives many chances.  When we turn around, God is there with outstretched arms of love!   We choose our own demise.