Friday, June 21, 2013

Answer to Prayer - Big Time!

Hot summer days are here again.  But I do love the rain, colorful birds and flowers!  It seems that I have been going non-stop since I began therapy sessions on my right foot.  I have been amazed at how they have helped me to walk normally once again.  Yesterday, I had an MRI to see what exactly is going on in the back of my heel.  It feels good to be able to stand and walk normally again.  I believe that God heard my prayer and moved many puzzle pieces around.  First, I was sent to the wrong clinic to see an orthopedic doctor.  I was put into therapy before seeing the doctor.  When my primary doctor heard what happened, he called me and apologized big time.  Then, he said to go ahead and try the therapy.  It seems that now, I may not need any surgery at all.  And, medicare and BCBS are picking up the tab.  Thank you, God!!!

I was able to volunteer at the hospital last Tuesday.  Not one person refused to let me pray for them.  I walked the entire third floor that had 20 patients.  In many cases, it is the family members and friends who feel the greatest need for comfort.  In one room, I prayed for a lady who was losing her friend of 50 years.  In another room, I prayed for a wife who was losing her husband of 47 years.  There were also young people with breathing problems and alcoholism. 

Last week, Bill and I played for the St. Anthony volunteer banquet.  We played, "Moon River" and "Memories" from Cats.  There were at least 100 people in attendance.  The hospital CEO thanked us for helping our hospital be one of the best.  The Chaplains Department is one of the smallest, but scored 100 percent on the evaluation.  Pastor Larry will be retiring in August.  We will be sorry to see him go, but I really like Kevin who will be taking his place.  Kevin is from California, and did not go to church or become a Christian until he was in his late twenties.  He is so energetic and pastors the LifeSong Church. 

Our country seems to be going downhill very fast!  There are many scandels.  But the one that worries me the most is the one surrounding the IRS.  Obama is either incompetent or knew about it the whole time.  I heard on the news that a Tea Party group had been put on hold to get their exempt status.  So, they changed their name to Green Solutions, and were granted exempt status immediately.  They have the paper work to prove it!  Almost everyday, I hear of Christians being targeted or persecuted on American Family Radio.   Todd Starns (my daughter, Kelli's friend) reported that a high school boy was not going to be admitted to the Naval Academy because he gave God credit for his successful high school record during a graduation speech.  Another boy may go to jail for 2 years because he wore an NRA T-shirt to high school.  With all the kids who do sex and drugs, you would think people could find someone else to pick on!  You should see what the kids wear at Shawnee High School!! 

Speaking of Kelli -- she had a great time in Houston covering the So. Baptist Convention!  She met an executive from Michigan who wants her to write for him.  She will see if she has time.  Her daughter, Hannah is now in Guatamala on a mission trip with her youth group.  Fun!

Finally, I thank God for my father who taught me not to look to other people for guidance, but to keep my faith in God,  I also thank God for a husband who has been a great role model for my children.  He is a hard worker and is always so generous.  Finding people who are unselfish is difficult today.       

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Safely Thru Another Storm

It is getting to be a habit!  On Friday evening,  Bill and I took Mom to the Safe Room and met Noel's family there.  Of course, 50 of Mom's neighbors were there also with a few dogs.  As we waited for the tornado to arrive along with the hail storm, we chatted, watched the screens on I-phone and listened to the weather radio.  We had heard that the storm was headed for Tecumseh as well but we could only pray.  Since no one has control of the weather, I always wonder how people who do not trust God even cope!  Around 10 p.m. Bill and I drove home in pouring rain and a sky full of lightening.  The rain slowed down as we pulled up in our driveway.  We could not see any damage to our house, yard, or Corolla.   We both said, "Thank you, God!" out loud.

Saturday, was a perfectly beautiful day.  Bill and I drove to Thunderbird Lake for dinner at the Clear Bay Cafe.  We ate clam strips and smoked chicken on the deck.  A fellow came over and asked if he could eat with us.  We invited him to join us.  His name is Barry and he is the owner of the Cafe.  He said he got tired of being in the kitchen with the kids and wanted some adult conversation.  In the winter, he is an architect that specializes in cabinets.  I guess he has designed most of the homes around the lake.  Next Friday, we have invited Noel and Janice to join us.  The Cafe has live soft rock music in the evenings. 

Today, Bryce went to church with us again.  He also joined the choir for our first July 4th music practice.  Summer is difficult, but we have 13 who are planning to sing.  Bill created an arrangement of "Star Spangled Banner" and "Ameria the Beautiful".  I have been practicing the piano part.  It has some interesting chord combos.

Our friends, Chuck and Lori Edwards brought their new baby daughter, Emma, to church this morning.  They adopted her at birth and she is 6 days old now.  She is beautiful with pure white skin and black hair.  Lori is not able to have children, and believes that Emma is a miracle in an age when so many girls are aborting their babies.  I pray blessings upon that family.  Chuck grew up in Columbia where his father was a missionary doctor with the IMB, and his mother was an RN.  Chuck is also a storm chaser for Channel 9 in Oklahoma City and works for FEMA.  He can work at home now!  God certainly had it all planned for him!

Our church has been so busy helping storm victims.  God's people always step up when needed to be His hands and His feet. We gave a bag of groceries, and I baked cupcakes for a couple in our church who lost most of their trees and their boat and dock on Shawnee Twin Lakes.  They have so much clean-up work to do.  The wife had prayed that God would protect their house, and that was the only thing intact.