Friday, August 30, 2013

Peace On Earth

This week, I thought a lot about peace and what it is.  I was really tired when I woke up on Tuesday morning and didn't want to go to the hospital.  I think I was discouraged by the news on TV.    I learned long ago that if I do what is right I will feel better.  I talked to God about my problem as I drove and asked Him to make my work at the hospital worthwhile.  The minute I walked into St. Anthony I was greeted by volunteers at the front desk with smiles and waves.  As I looked over my chart for the 3rd floor, I noticed that most of the patients were quite young!  The first fellow was 50 years old and had a stroke.  Talk about frustration and tears!  He grabbed my hand and asked me to pray for him.  I assured him that tears were natural and that God was going to help him get his mobility back.  When I left, he was smiling and thanked me.  At that moment, I knew I was in the right place and my energy was back!!  I had a similar experience with several more patients that morning.  I had peace that came from God, not from the world.

On Wednesday, I give 2 piano lessons at my church to a 10 year old girl, and a 10 year old boy.  After her lesson, the girl ran up to the pulpit and pretended that she was a preacher.  I was laughing!  When I asked her to pray for my piano students, she didn't hesitate.  She prayed the most beautiful prayer.  I couldn't have done a better job.  I pray that Satan never takes away her childlike faith through people who are legalistic and demanding.  May she always look to God, not other people.  I'm finding that people keep looking at the Old Testament, instead of looking at the new covenant that Jesus taught in the New Testament.  We still have those who are trying to "work" for their salvation.  No wonder those "Christians" are always sour and shouting at others.  Where is the joy?  

Bill has been busy lately.  He is grading for the teacher/student on-line testing service, and has recently been working for Pearson Company.  It is  British, and extremely demanding.  He is not sure that he really wants to mentor student writing again.  But I noticed that he likes the challenge.  Today, he is teaching at Shawnee High School.  On Monday, he was teaching at Tecumseh High.  Bill really wants to work until he is 65 yrs. old to increase his social security.  He also loves to travel, and the extra money pays for our trips.  Our next trip is in October. We will  drive our car to Kelli's house in Michigan and say good-bye to Keri's family before they fly to Africa.  From there, we will fly to Niagara Falls and stay for 2 nights on the Canadian side.  Then, we will rent a car and drive to New Hampshire where we will stay in our timeshare condo for 5 nights.  From there,  we will fly back to Michigan and drive home to Oklahoma. 

Today, I am planning to take Mom shopping.  She got lots of gift cards that she needs to spend.  I'm looking for fall plants.  I was shocked to find that my tomato plant has decided to put on some fruit!  I thought it was a goner.  That teaches me not to give up on plants nor people!  I must believe! 

  Our country continues to change for the worse since Obama has become president.  He doesn't appear to have any leadership ability.  Clinton was democrat, but he wasn't as far out!  The economy, the new health law, and the immigration policies are disasters.  Now, he is leading us to war in Syria.  That is not good for my Jewish friends.  We cannot get to the reign of the 666 until fear is deep within the hearts of people.  However, I am learning to have peace that only God can give.   I am accountable for myself.  I have taken on my mother's mantra, "Do your best, and let God do the rest."    I know without a doubt how the story ends! 


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last Week of August

It is the last week of August and the weather is in the 90s.  Thank you Lord for good air conditioning!  Because of lots of rain this summer, our lawns are thick and dark green.  However, my tomato plants got flooded and didn't do a thing.  My new daisy plant has hung in there, and my roses are blooming like crazy.    Our next door neighbor sold her house and moved to a retirement complex.  When she left, all of the birds found our feeder and we have enjoyed watching them while eating breakfast on the patio in the mornings.  I sound old, don't I?

This week I went to the fitness center for an evaluation with my nutritionist.  My blood pressure was 124 over 80.  And, I had lost 2 pounds in spite of all the celebrations.  I was surprised!

This morning, there were 18 in Bible Study.  We were studying the subject of heaven.  After all the scandals in Washington, and the persecution of Christian believers going on, it was good to remember the end of the story.  Jesus wins!  I have been following the story of the photographer and his wife who refused to take pictures of a gay wedding in New Mexico.  They were judged by the State Supreme Court to be discriminatory and have to pay a fine of $7,000.  No longer do Christians have to be tolerant of other beliefs, they have to Participate!  It will go to the Supreme Court.  Also, we learned this week that the ACLU is suing the State of Oklahoma because we have voted to have the Ten Commandments on our State Capitol.  That will be interesting!  Gov. Henry (D) signed it into law.  God will turn His back on our state if we turn our back on God.

Keri's family continues to need our prayers as they take all the shots required to go to Northern Africa.  They are enjoying their training and the kids are doing well in school.  Kelli reports that Hannah is doing well, and is going to work part time after school in the mall.  Kirk's baby, Ezekiel just turned 2 years old.  He had a very rough start in life, but God has been good and we are watching baby Zeke grow strong and he entertains us all.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Birthday Week!!!

Perhaps I have found the remedy to typing my blog!  I am trying a different search engine and the page error did not occur.  Yeah!  So much has happened since I last blogged that I will try to remember the highlights.  The celebration of Mom's 90th birthday began about 10 days ago when Galen and Sondra drove to Oklahoma with David.  David had flown into LAX from Mexico.  David stayed at our house for 3 days because my brother John and his wife, Cathy had also driven from California and was staying with Mom.

My brother, Noel and his family were here, so we had non-stop get togethers.  Some were at the Senior Center, some at Mom's, some at restaurants, and others at my house and Noel's.  It seems that we ate and laughed constantly.

My brother Roger and his wife, Julie flew in on Thursday afternoon, August 15th and stayed at the Grand Casino Hotel.  That night they feted Mom at the Casino buffet.

Kirk and Ezekiel flew in Thursday night.  Kirk has lost 40 pounds and looks really buff!  He's a great Dad and we enjoyed them both so much!  We also enjoyed the power point presentation that Kirk has created as part of his new job working for the Riverside-San Bernardino Baptist Association.  There are 240 churches that he works with.

Friday, August 16th, Jason (Galen's son) reserved the stretch limo from the Grand Casino to bring Mom to Gliori's Italian Restaurant in Tecumseh.  You should have seen the people watching!  She was handed a bouquet of roses when she arrived.  I had gone ahead to put birthday napkins and blowers at each place.  It looked beautiful.  We ate spaghetti, chicken, salad and bread sticks.  For dessert, we had sugar-free cupcakes. Mom was radiant!  She bought new clothes for the weekend, had her hair styled, and nails done to match her blouse.  I also took her to get purple shoes to match her pants!  No one believed she was 90 years old!

On Saturday, August 17th, 35 people came to our house for a reception and gifts.  I ordered a cake with yellow roses and made a punch with sherbet and sprite.  We also had mixed nuts and M&Ms.  The weather was perfect, so the family milled about on the patio and in the living room while the friends from church visited with Mom in the family room and brought gifts.  Cousins, George and Pat came from Illinois, Sharon drove from Little Rock, and Susan came from OKC.  Bill was proud of the lawn he had cared for over the summer months.  The rain had made it look like a green carpet.  The party was enjoyed by all.  Many people said they had never seen a family that loved each other so much and got along so well.  At the Senior Center, the people call us "the laughing table".  We joke a lot.

Kirk came to church with us on Sunday and contributed to my Bible Study class.  I accompanied Bill on his trumpet for the offertory.  I also played for the Grimm Family who sang the special music.  They are great since the mother is a high school music teacher.  Later in the afternoon, we took Kirk and Ezekiel to the airport to fly back to California.  It was wonderful to have them with us, and we look forward to visiting them next January.  Kirk can't wait for us to see his new home and huge pool.  The pictures look like a spa resort. It is a blessing from God and Tamra's parents.

I am starting to relax this week and begin my usual schedule.  I volunteered at the hospital today and gave a piano lesson.  Now, we are looking forward to Galen and Sondra moving here in a month.  God is good, and I feel blessed.  The government and the world cannot destroy my joy.  It is inside me!