Sunday, November 24, 2013

Iced in on a Sunday!

This morning I was dressed and ready for church when the phone began to ring.  Friends and the TV were advising to stay home and off the streets due to ice and pending snow.  I hated to miss teaching my Bible Study Class and Bill sure did not want to miss a Christmas choir rehearsal.  However, it was a smart thing to do.  The temperature did not get above freezing most of the day.  The sparkling ice and the fluffy snowflakes were beautiful to watch!  I'm still awed my the changing seasons after growing up in sunny California.  Galen and Sondra had their first experience of scraping ice of their car.  Smile! 

Bill and I took sugar free snickerdoodle cookies that I had made to Mom on Friday.  We also mailed her Thanksgiving cards for her.  Yesterday, we met Noel, Janice and Mark at LaDonna's Restaurant in Meeker for a late lunch.  The home cooking is wonderful!  They often cater our church dinners but I had never been to the restaurant.

Bill has been doing on-line education related work.  He sometimes works as much as 10 hours a day.  He says it will get better in December.  I haven't complained since he plans to take me to Hawaii and California in February. 

We were shocked today to find out that our pastor is resigning our church to do part-time mission work.  We will have to just see what happens and then decide if we want to stay at New Beginnings Church.  The pastor can make a huge difference in the life of a church.  Pastor Larry has always been very supportive of the choir program.

My cough came back, and my doctor believes that my medication has caused it.  My cardiologist thinks so as well.  It may take two weeks to find out.  I am talking to God about the problem.  I would really like to be able to sing in the Christmas musical  without coughing.  I need my friends to pray with me about this.

Keri, thank you for the pictures you put on Facebook.  

This next week is Thanksgiving.  We are planning to have the family at our house to eat and play table games.   Having a close family is one of my blessings.  I have always loved and respected my parents for the way they brought us up to enjoy each other.  Sometimes I feel guilty at the Senior Center because our table is always laughing and teasing each other.  Some tables are so quiet and serious.  There really is a lot of joy in the life of a Christian.  We are aware of ObamaCare, Iran and the problems in Congress, but those things are all passing and in the hands of God.  We just do our best and let God do the rest!  Always being aware of the greatness and mercy of God keeps me thankful.  We really must teach our children to be grateful and not feel that life owes them.  God blesses those who bless Him.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Dr. David Jeremiah

Last night, Bill and I went with Galen and Sondra, Gramma and members of her church to hear Dr. David Jeremiah at Thunder arena in OKC.  There were about 8,000 people in attendance.  The music was outstanding!  The place rocked!  I always listen to Dr. J. every Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. before I go to my own church.  The service is aired from San Diego, California where he pastors the Shadow Mountain Church.The message for the evening was based on faith versus fear.  At the beginning of the service we all sang, "God Bless America".  I felt myself tearing up as I realized how we have taken God out of Washington and yet expect Him to bless us!   At the end of the service, everyone stood and sang, "Amazing Grace".  We certainly need God's grace and mercy as we flounder around.  Without the wisdom of the Bible, we have no one at the helm to guide us.  God's word says this will happen.  I'm thankful I know the ending to the story!

On Tuesday morning, Noel called me and asked if I was going to be at St. Anthony Hospital.  He said I had a patient waiting in ER.  Mark's heart had been pounding and he needed to be kept overnight.  Some of you saw my picture on Noel's face book page.  Galen and Sondra came by the ER before taking Sondra to the dentist.  I had a chance to introduce Galen to our new chaplain, Bill Simpson.  Bill Simpson is a graduate of OBU and Southwestern Seminary with degrees in music before training to be a chaplain.  Galen is hoping to use him at the new Cowboy Church.

This week, I got to skype with my brother David in Mexico.  He is doing well and plans to cook a turkey for 30 friends at his home on Thanksgiving Day.

I hope to skype with Keri again soon.  When Sofia was missing for several hours, I was so thankful that I have a God that has everyone in the palm of His hands.  It is the grace of God in my life that keeps me at peace.  Grace is something that is not deserved.  God's grace keeps me humble and thankful.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

On Facebook/Happy B-Day , Sofia

Happy Birthday, Sofia!  I cannot believe that you are 9 years old today.  I flew from Japan to Riverside, California one month early to welcome you into our family.  I was worried about you because you were so tiny.  I didn't realize until I was taken to the hospital that it was your mother, Keri that had been in deep trouble.  The doctor was deciding whether to give her a blood transfusion or not.  I learned that per the doctor's request, your daddy (Kevin) asked California Baptist University to start the prayer chain.  A short time later, Keri's numbers were what they should be and she didn't need the transfusion.  Your mommy had not seen you yet, and I asked a nurse to take us to the nursery.  You were so tiny that your head fit into the palm of my hand and your toes touched the crook of my arm.  I had to be very careful not to disturb the wires that were attached to you.  Now, just look at the young lady you have become!  I tuck all the miracles that God has done into my heart so that my faith can always be strong.

I am glad that I am on Facebook (now that you are so far away in North Africa.)  Pictures keep us close.  I'm also enjoying keeping up with all my kids and brother's families. 

I have had a cough for a few days.  I wrote about it on Facebook and was surprised that so many people responded with concern.  In fact, I was shocked to have so many friends.

Today, I went to lunch at the Senior Center with Galen, Sondra, and Janice.  Bill had to work for the testing company and Noel is in Springfield.  Gramma really doesn't go much.  Sondra won at Bingo and that was fun!  I must go to Shawnee this afternoon to give a couple of piano lessons.

Sunday was busy with my Bible Study Class, and Christmas Choir practice after worship.  I wish I could hear Galen preach at the Cowboy Church, and next Sunday Gramma is going to give her testimony at First Baptist Church.  Noel suggested it be put on Facebook for all of us to read.  Good idea!