Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Holiday Season

This past month has been a blur of activity and fun.  Our church, Blackburn Chapel Baptist kept us busy!  The rebirth of this old church has been a miracle!  Pastor Larry wrote that we had 46 salvations and baptisms this past year.  We are so glad that we were asked to be a part of this ministry last August.  The church had its first Christmas choir and drama in 6 years.  There were 15 in the choir and 6 in the adult drama.  So, so funny!  Everyone laughed and laughed!

The week before Christmas, Bill and I enjoyed our timeshare condo at Willow Ridge Resort in Branson.  Since it is 2 bedroom, 2 bath, Noel and Janice joined us.  We enjoyed the Hughes Brothers and the Irish Tenors.  We all agreed that the highlight of our week was eating a Christmas dinner at the College of the Ozarks.  It is beautiful at Christmas and the dinners so delicious!  It is so popular that we had to make a reservation.  It is very classy with white linen table cloths and waiters in white jackets.

Bill played a trumpet solo, "Angels We Have Heard on High" at Galen's Christmas Eve service.  After, we ate Mom's homemade Swedish ring (and my lasagna soup) and opened gifts at her apartment.  Everyone was so generous!  It was fun watching.  We bought Mark a Santa Bear that sings and dances.  I loved it!

On Christmas, Noel and Galen were with their children and grandkids.  Kirk called from California, Kelli called from Michigan on her way to Nebraska.  She reported that she had a promotion to project manager for Cornerstone University.  We skyped with Keri's family in East Africa.  They will be reassigned to England next summer to work with refugees.   My brothers, Roger and David also called.  Christmas is my brother, John's birthday and I sent him a card.

I cooked a spiral ham dinner for Bill, Mom, Ian and Phyllis and myself.  After, Bill and Ian watched Thunder basketball and the women played Skip-Bo.  Bill gave me pearl earrings and other very nice gifts for Christmas.  I gave him Polo and a weekender bag by Polo.  We also upgraded our Dish to include the Heartland Channels.  We both enjoy watching the Hallmark movies. 

God has been so good to us!  Catch me on face book when you get time.  More pictures!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

It's pouring rain today with a lot of thunder and lightning.  Wouldn't you know that this is the day we were given free tickets to the OU game.  Our friends are going hunting instead.  We may stay for a few minutes under the concession stand roof and then leave.  We'll see. 

We've already had 2 dinners this week.  Our church fed 170 people on Wednesday evening.  And then on Friday, we had another turkey dinner at the Senior Center.  It was potluck so there was tons of food in addition to the meat and dressing provided.  I made an apple dump cake which seemed to be enjoyed.

Thursday, I went with Bill to the eye doctor.  He was shocked to find that he has the beginning of macular degeneration which can lead to blindness if not treated.  He always thought he would take care of me with my warped retina in the right eye.  I guess it will be the blind leading the blind if we both live long enough.  Ha! 

Our tribe is growing!  Steve has a new baby boy.  Melissa has a new baby boy as well.  This week we heard that Michelle has a baby girl.  Bill and I cannot believe that we are getting so old!! 

President Obama just keeps doing more things that are controversial and possibly illegal.  He really loves the attention and I have never seen anyone more into himself!  He has such a difficult time looking at the entire picture before he acts.  That can be expected when one is Godless and has no wisdom.  I cannot imagine depending merely on human understanding.  It is so limited!  God have mercy on America and forgive us for we know not what we do.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I haven't written on my blog for so long!  I spent a week in Michigan visiting with my kids.  Keri's father-in-law passed away so her family flew to Grand Rapids from Africa for the funeral in Sparta.  I flew by myself to Grand Rapids and stayed with my second daughter, Kelli in her new home.  Kirk's family also flew in from California and stayed with Kelli as well.  Keri's family stayed with her husband's twin sister, Kerri in Sparta.  It was a wonderful time of eating, sharing, going to the Pumpkin Farm and trick or treating in the snow.  Yes, the snow!  On Halloween, we had dinner at MacDonald's where Kevin was a manager before his Marine and college days.  The 4 grandkids who are still very young were so cute!  When I took them to the restroom, I found myself holding a Spiderman suit and a cat's tail so the kids could do their business.  When we returned to Kelli's house, Hannah (high school senior) and her step sisters, Sheridan and Gabby had invited a group of friends for a costume party.  They did an outstanding job of creating atmosphere and setting a table of goulish delights.  They had even bought a pinata and filled it with candy.

While in Michigan, my grandson, Caleb, came home from college to visit with the family.  Keri's kids, Selah, Sofia and Isaiah taught him to play Skip-Bo with us.  When I heard that Kelli, his mother, was going to drive Caleb back to Indiana Wesleyan University which is a 4 hour drive, I went with them.  While there, Caleb introduced us to his roommate and many friends who are on his tennis team.  I was so impressed with the campus.  Very, very nice!  Especially the indoor student mall with a movie theater.  I was most impressed that Caleb is going to church again and has friends who are very spiritual.  He seemed so mature and I knew that my little Caleb is becoming a man.  I will also mention that he is a free lance sports writer for ESPN.  He is aware that he gets his talent from his Mom!

Sunday, I taught my Bible Study Class which includes several pretty girls from OBU.  I played for the morning worship service and then again for the Christmas choir rehearsal in the evening.  When I returned home, Mom called and said she needed to go to the hospital.  Her blood pressure was 220/85.  By the time we reached the ER, the machine registered 226 and started to flash red.  She was sent home at 3:30 a.m. after getting tests and 2 IVs of blood pressure meds and pain killers for her headache.  I brought her to my house and we were both sleeping soundly by 4 a.m.  She is fine now and back to her apartment.  My sister-in-laws have helped so much with food and checking on her.  I love my family!

It turned cold in Oklahoma today.  We were blessed with really nice weather until now.  Bill and I have winterizing our home for the past month.  We put away the patio furniture, bought new gas logs for the fireplace and replaced our electric blanket.  Today, I remembered to get out the humidifier.  It gets too dry in the house with the heat on. 

Bill still teaches on-line music for, scores twice a week for the Educational Testing Service and has begun teaching English on Thursday mornings for students in China.  They pay $30 an hour so he doesn't mind getting up early.  I teach 4 piano students each week.  I ask 2 students to stop due to lack of progress.

Sunday, my lesson was about Psalm 23 and the peace we can have in any situation if we let God be in control.  I got to practice that lesson this week and truly had peace.  I knew the hospital staff from my volunteer chaplains work and it helped the 5 hours go fast while Mom was there.  When Christians relax, other people around us relax as well.  Peace is catching!  It's time Christians come out of the closet!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Getting Busier By the Day!

This week I have volunteered at the hospital, played the organ for a funeral, taught piano lessons and got my household chores done.  I am trying to get caught up so that I can be there for Noel on Friday morning at north Heart Hospital.  He is having a 2 hour ablation surgery.  The surgeon is using a pent -a-ray to determine where the electrical currents are straying from his heart.  It looks like a tiny spider with 5 legs going into his each section of his heart. 

I took Mom to have a sonogram this morning at the clinic.  Her kidneys are being checked and she wasn't thrilled about drinking so much water. 

Last night, Bill and I had pizza with Noel, Mark, Mom, Galen, Sondra and their grandkids, Bailey and Brynnlee.  I decided I like Firelake Fry bread better than their pizza.  Pizza Hut is still the best.

Today at lunch, Bill won a game of Bingo and I won 2 games.  It was our lucky day!  It was worth a total of $15.

It's time to go watch Fox News.  The only place you can get both sides of the story.  Sometimes it's the only place you can even get the story.   

God is good all the time.  No matter what the news is for the day!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Faith versus Fear of Virus, Ebola, Isis etc. continued

If one listens to the news on any channel, you can become very fearful.  Our country is out of control economically, socially and spiritually.  There are wars, rumors of war, illness, social evil, and those who are still fighting to take God out of our country in every sense of the word.  Knowing that God loves me unconditionally and I am forgiven when I make a mistake, I don't worry about what is going on in my world.  Of course, I will do what I can to right the wrongs around me, but I know that I can only do so much.  God has promised me that the day will come when evil will be thrown into hell.  Yes, Jesus spoke about hell many times in the New Testament.  Either Jesus is the Son of God  with all authority from heaven, or He is a lunatic lying idiot.  Everyone must choose who He is.  In faith, I have learned to call on God in the name of Jesus in every situation.  He has proven to be faithful and I can look back and see all of the blessings I have received.  I don't deserve the wonderful life God has given me and I thank Him everyday.  I only wish I could choose for others so that they could have the same life through faith.  God cannot bless someone who does not believe in Him nor trust Him.  That makes no sense!!  They are on their own.  When I close my eyes in death, I will not fear, only trust.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Faith versus Fear of viruses, floods, ISIS etc.

The weekend kept me hopping and I haven't stopped yet.  I drove Mom to Farmer's Market on Saturday and then brought her to my house to skype with Keri and her family in North Africa.  Sunday was Keri's 45th birthday and she still looks like she did in high school.  No kidding!  Her children are doing wonderful in the British school there.  Isaiah is 4 years old and already sounding out words and read his first book.  Selah and Sofia spoke to me in the local dialect and sang a song about love.  Selah is 7 years old and Sofia will be 10 years old in November.  I do pray for their safety everyday.  I know they have a host of angels all around them.

Sunday, I taught my first new Bible Study Class at Blackburn Chapel Baptist Church.  There were 5 that left the other class and now we can grow.  Since I am the church pianist, I have to arrive at church early to practice the songs that Russ has chosen.  On the spur of the moment, I was asked to play the offertory.  I chose, "Speak to My Heart"  from the old Baptist Hymnal.  There is a new hymnal that was published 4 years ago with all of the new songs. 

Yesterday, I took Lorna and Victoria out to lunch and then brought them to my house to play Skip-Bo.  We were celebrating their birthdays.  Victoria and her husband left today for Seoul, Korea.  Her sister works for the American Embassy.  She was so excited!

This morning, I volunteered at St. Anthony Hospital.  Galen works on Tuesday mornings as well.  I visited with 10 new mothers and then worked half of 2nd floor.  A doctor walked into one of the rooms where I was just about to pray with the patient.  He asked if he could join us!  That's the third doctor to do so.  It makes me feel so good to know there are doctors that are believers and pray for their patients!  Wonderful!  There really is a spiritual warfare going on. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Life is Getting Faster and More Exciting!

The older I get, the faster time goes.  I am so busy everyday and run out of energy as well.  Friday, we had lunch with friends at the Elder Center and then went swimming for an hour.  That night, we had dinner with Noel and Janice at their home.  Janice made a pot roast with all the trimmings.  Yum!

Saturday morning, we went to Tecumseh Pioneer Days.  First, we enjoyed the Tecumseh H.S. Band Concert, and then watched the parade.  That evening, we attended our Bible Study Cook-out at Blackburn Chapel Baptist Church.  There were hot dogs, hamburgers, vegies, beans and every kind of dessert imaginable.

This morning, we attended Bible Study and found the room crammed with 18 people.  A decision has been made to split the class and I have been challenged to teach this new class.  Before worship, a lady came up to me and said that she was in a new relationship and wanted it to be a close one.  She and her friend would be attending our class.  We're planning to see the movie, "Left Behind" as a group!

The worship service was great!  Four were baptized.  Bill played his wooden recorder for the special and I accompanied him on the piano.  Being church pianist keeps me hopping.  Russ is always handing me new music and I have to get it learned in 15 minutes.  So far, God has been with me and no one seems to know the difference.

Galen and Sondra joined us for worship this morning and then we went to lunch.  It really is nice to be with family!  Noel and Janice went to Springfield for Mark's health issue.  They plan to return to Shawnee in a few days.

Tonight, 3 of my lady friends is going to our church to see the movie, "God is Not Dead".  It speaks to those who have an open heart and mind.  Otherwise, it is nothing.  I have learned that there is a time when the Holy Spirit can speak and people will listen.  If they wrap their hearts in steel, soon it becomes very difficult but not impossible to penetrate.  I continue to pray for those hard hearts.  God is stronger than Satan who keeps those hearts in prison.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rain, Movie, and Church

We have had the mildest summer weather with lots of rain.  I love it!  I can feel the fall season just around the corner.  It has become my favorite because it is not too cold or hot.  I love the pumpkins and the colored leaves as well. 

This past week has just flowed.  I gave 3 piano lessons.  I don't miss driving to Shawnee for the ones I dropped.  It is so nice to have the students come to my house.  And, my students are doing well.  So cute!

On Saturday, Bill and I saw "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes".  It was okay.  Not as good as "The Giver".

Last night, we watched OU play Tennessee.  They made us proud.  I heard OSU beat Texas.  Go Oklahoma schools!

I am pianist for Blackburn Chapel Baptist Church.  It is a beautiful church and has the most down to earth  people!  The Spirit of God is on our pastor, Larry Sparks.  Every Sunday, people are coming for baptism and to join the church.  There are so many adults who have tried the ways of the world and have decided to come back to God.  This church is out in the country and Bill and I love the drive.  There are so many trees, meadows and hay fields.  It is just beautiful!    Something tells me that God is blessing me with peace and contentment.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Busy But Happy!

Yikes!  I didn't realize it had been so long since I have posted a blog.  I have been going non-stop!  Last Monday, we had Galen and Sondra and Mom over to grill Brats for Labour Day Weekend.  Tuesday, I volunteered at the hospital.  Wednesday was catch up day.  It was time to go to the bank, get gas etc.  Thursday, I went with Mom to the kidney specialist.  Her kidneys have begun to fail and they will try some new medications on her.  She amazes everyone because she is still so pretty and walks without a cane at 91 years old.  Friday, I took her to the pharmacy and then to the nail salon to get our nails done.  We do that once a month together.  While there, we saw Crystal, Galen's daughter who moved to Shawnee recently.  She seems to adjusting to leaving California for the midwest.  She is in the process of applying for nursing jobs.  She will have no trouble at all.

Friday evening, Bill and I hosted Pastor Larry and music director Russell Ramsy  for dinner.  I made my favorite meal, spaghetti, green beans, tossed salad and garlic bread.  For desser, I made banana pudding.  We discussed the Christmas musical for Blackburn Baptist Chapel until 10:00 p.m.  That church is coming back from the dead, and the people are so excited.  They have not had Christmas music for almost 6 years!  This morning, the people were given survey forms and already there are 14 people who want to sing in the choir.  The Spirit of God is raining down on that church.  A 70 year old biker and his wife were baptized this morning along with others.  Bill and I were in one of 3 adult Bible Study Classes that has exploded from 3 to 16 people in a few months.  Pastor Larry spoke to me about starting a new class of college and career adults.  We'll pray and see what God wants.    Bill and I never thought we would leave New Beginnings Church, but God has moved us and we are feeling the excitement.

When you see God working all around you, you don't care as much about Obama and his thugs, or the war in the middle east.  I know that God is still in control of this world and I must be accountable for what happens in my life.  Of course, I will pray and know that the old devil is out there.  I will continue to watch Fox News and be intelligent but not become discouraged.  I will also continue to pray for the friends I love who do not agree with me and do not know the love of Christ.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Great Weekend!

I have missed going to Michigan this summer.  We went in May for Kelli's wedding instead.  However, I have stayed busy having fun and the weather hasn't been too hot.  My cousin, Sharon and her husband, Marty came to visit from Little Rock, Arkansas.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and then to my Mom's to play Skip-Bo and eat watermelon.  Marty worked at Glorieta in Western Town and we had lots to talk about.  Now, Marty pastors a large church and Sharon is manager of LifeWay Book Store in Little Rock.

Sunday, we went to church with Mom.  The guest preacher is a missionary to Gypsies in Brazil.  Before going there, he and his family lived in Romania for 7 years.  He was very interesting.  It made me think a lot about my kids in Northern Africa at the moment.

Yesterday, I got a call from a mother who wants her daughter to begin piano lessons.  It will be fun to have a new student.  I just dropped 2 who didn't seem to be very interested anymore and I was tiring of the drive to Shawnee.  This little one will come to my house.

Today, I volunteered at St. Anthony Hospital-Shawnee.  There were 9 new babies born this morning.  After praying with these new moms, I went to the 2nd floor to help out there.  I continue to be amazed at the sweet smiles on patients who are in pain, yet have the joy of the Lord in their hearts.  They always bless me more than I can bless them.  Two things impressed me today.  The head nurse in OB told me that the nurses have begun praying together before each shift.  Also, one of the older patients told me that her doctor asked if he could pray for her that morning in the hospital.  I know it gives me more confidence when I know my caretakers have a higher power guiding them.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Relaxation

Friday, Bill and I saw the movie, "Persecuted".  Everyone should see that movie.  It is not fiction! 
There is so much stuff going on in the Obama administration that disrespects Christian views.  I watched the news on NBC and was in shock when they tried to pin the present conflict in the Middle East on Israel.  People there have been running from the missiles lobbed by the Palestinians for months.  People in the know are also aware that Hammas uses women and children as shields.  At least Israel warns the people in Gaza for 48 hours before they strike.  I believe that God will protect Israel and that in the end they will be saved.  However, they will have to endure much suffering for their sin.

Saturday Morning, I took Mom to Farmers Market.  We bought okra to eat with fresh tomatoes from her garden.  She also bought some purple beans that I had never seen before, but she just loves.  I feel so blessed to have so many fresh vegetables and fruit in my house!

Friday afternoon, Bill and I drove to Norman to use the Out Back gift card from Keri and Kevin.  Bill ordered ribs and I had grilled chicken.  We also went to Wal-Mart and bought a new fern plant for our front porch, and some stain for the new stool I bought for the kitchen.  I want to sit when I'm chopping and mixing.

We are enjoying our beautiful new bathtub with built-in shelving at both ends.  It looks so clean and new!

Today, we went to church with Mom at First Baptist, Tecumseh.  A family of 5 joined the church this morning, and 5 youth who had gone to Falls Creek made decisions for Christ.  The music was well done, and Bill and I felt like we were on vacation.  We are praying and searching for God to make His purpose known in our lives.  We just want to be a support system and not take full time jobs in the church.

After church, we took Mom to Bamboo Garden for lunch.  We saw several friends there and enjoyed the food.  It has been a relaxing day.  God knew we needed a day like this one!   

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rain, Summer Rain!

Last night, I lay in my bed and listened to God's voice rumbling across the sky.  There is nothing like listening to the rain and thunder!  This weather is just perfect! 

Today, Bill and I ate lunch with our friends at the Senior Center.  They served pot roast with vegetables and pineapple upside down cake.  The rain continued as we ate and played Bingo.  Bill won a game today.  That made him a happy camper.  Afterwards, we went to the Fitness Center and swam for 45 minutes.  It was our second time this week.

Last Sunday was our last at New Beginnings Church.  We really miss Pastor Larry Sparks who left in December.  We also would like to worship in a church closer to home.  And, I miss going to a Southern Baptist Church.  There were many things that we disagreed with the church in the past, but they have since changed their policies and are not so legalistic. 

I have really enjoyed my summer.  I am only teaching one piano lesson to a child who is an extremely talented kid, and is always prepared.  Bill's schedule has been light due to no classes until August.  We get up late, eat breakfast on the patio and take our time doing what has to be done.

I went to the hospital last Tuesday and spent the morning visiting patients.  Everyone was wonderful except for a new mother who continued to read her smart phone while I was praying for her and her baby who has low sugar problems.  I realized that I had been there for the cousin who was in the 6th grade and had tapped me on the shoulder.  She told me her name and asked me to pray for her.  Again, I remembered that no one can enter the Kingdom of God unless we have the faith of a child.  Pride is the worst of all sins.  It is so hard to humble ourselves and see our sin.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pow Wow and Family/Borders

Every year becomes more fun at the Pow Wow because we know more people.  Many of our new friends from the Senior Center were there as well as family members.  My cousin, Nancy Morris, introduced us to her children and grandchildren.  George and Pat Godfrey brought their granddaughter with them from Springfield, Illinois.  They all stayed with Mom.  Once again, George danced and won 3rd place.  The prize was $300.  One of the judges was my doctor, Ron Shaw.  He was recently elected as a councilman for the Osage Indian Tribe in Tulsa. 

Galen's daughter, Crystal and her family arrived on Monday evening.  They have just moved here from So. California.  She is a nurse, and her husband is a computer IT man.

Last Sunday morning, I attended Galen's Cowboy Church while Bill went on the Potawatomi Sacred Heart Tour.  They went to Asher to see the former boarding school that my grandfather attended through 6th grade.  I'm sure my grandfather must have been baptized by the priests, but he was later immersed as an adult with my grandmother in the Baptist church.

On Sunday evening, Bill and I were asked to play trumpet/piano for a concert at Blackburn Chapel.  It is a beautiful church!  Our former pastor, Larry Sparks asked us to come back this next Sunday and lead all of the music.  Bill agreed to do so.  The church runs about 140 people.

Yesterday, I went to the clinic for a check-up.  I ended up getting an x-ray on my foot and a lab test.  My foot was swelling, but I had no injury.  Going to the doctor is always an inconvenience for me, but I really enjoyed Dr. Baughman.  She has been to North Africa several times for mission trips and has adopted a 7 year old boy from there.  Bill and I hope to go there next year to visit Keri and Kevin and the kids.  The doctor was so excited to meet someone who had knowledge of Africa.  We will get together sometime outside of the clinic.

Poor Obama has so many troubles.  Of course, every one of his problems are former Pres. Bush's fault.  This week I was listening the Kelly File on Fox and her interview with Bill Ayers.  His world view is so much like Obama's.  He doesn't believe in borders or law.  I was reminded that when the 666 rules the world, the Bible says that there will be no borders or nations.  One man will rule a totalitarian empire.    That cannot happen until America is torn down.  Having visited several countries that are socialistic, I can see where we are headed.  The worst was East Germany.  Every one had a tiny car that looked the same.  People were standing in lines with their tickets to purchase bread until it ran out the day we were there.  Music and creativity was erased.  God was taken out of the society and their souls were hidden.  I felt that I had tasted hell!  People without God have no hope and are on their own.  So sad!  I pray that Obama will turn to God for help and quit going it alone.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Busy Week as Usual

Tuesday, I spent my morning at the hospital.  I visited with 4 new mothers and their babies.  Then, I saw 10 patients on the 2nd floor.  I met the sweetest people who invited me to pray with them.  I continue to be amazed at how I can tell when I walk in who already knows the Lord very well.  There was one man, however, who was not sure that he was a child of God and would go to heaven should he die.  I shared the good news of forgiveness and salvation with him and left him to think about it.  I never push or shove.  I did ask Bill Simpson, our senior chaplain to visit with him again later. 

We have witnessed the gift of life once again.  While in Michigan, some phoebes built a mud nest on our front porch.  Today, we saw 2 fuzzy little heads poke above the nest.  The parents are beautiful with yellow breasts and scissor tails.  They are small petite birds and are very quiet and clean thus far. 

Bill and I shopped today for a new bathtub unit.  That will complete the remodeling of our hall bath. 

Tomorrow, the family will join us to celebrate Noel's birthday which happened last week while he was in Springfield.  The Pow Wow also begins tomorrow morning.  I have to go get our freebies.  We have already registered on line.

The timer just went off.  I think my cherry cobbler is finished.  I hope it is good.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Noel!

Today is Noel's 61rst birthday.  I was 5 years old when he was born.  I can still remember sitting on the front porch with Galen and waiting for my Dad to bring Mom and our new brother home from the hospital.  Noel's claim to fame is that when we attended the SBC Convention in Miami the next year, a photographer took a picture of him sleeping on my mother's lap.  It appeared on the front page of the newspaper!  Noel is now retired from the US Navy and lives in Springfield, Missouri.  He and Janice also have a lovely apartment in Shawnee.  They go back and forth so that he can keep his cardiologist here in Oklahoma.  Noel and I became very close when he had his heart surgeries at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital.  Janice couldn't be here all of the time because she had one more year until she could retire from the city job assistance office.  She has retired now and can spend time with us.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend Activities

Last Friday evening, Noel, Janice, Mark and Mom came over for a dinner on the screened patio.  The weather was perfect!  Bill grilled boneless pork sirloin.  We really enjoyed just sitting and talking.  On Friday afternoon, We joined Noel and Janice again at Deltat Cafe for lunch.  After, Bill and I went to the Hornbeck Theater to see, "Divergent".  It reminded us of what is going on in China and how the United States will be in the future if Core Curriculum is allowed to continue.  The government would love to brainwash our children and make them think that we should all be part of the one world government. \

On Sunday, we had a great Bible Study Class.  We studied Mephibosheth and how he was treated by King David.  We talked about how our guilt and shame holds us back from being forgiven and moving forward with our lives.  Some people really enjoy being victims of their past and can never see how much they are loved by others and by God.  It is never too late to change and become the person we were meant to be.  Everyone is special!

Bill played his trumpet for the offertory.  He arranged the song, "This Is My Father's World".  Many people told us how much they loved it! 

Galen and Sondra are still in California helping their daughter's family pack to move to Shawnee.   Mom will be flying there in August to be at my brother's son's wedding in Riverside.  Kirk and his family are in Haiti working at the orphanage that Kirk sponsors.  Ezekiel, my 2 year old grandson seems to be having the time of his life with the kids there.  Kelli just returned from the So. Baptist Convention.  She interviewed Dr. Ben Carson and had him to sign a book for her.  Every year she meets the most famous people while working with the other journalist.  God has blessed her life so much!  Keri and Kevin are loving being in North Africa.  We pray everyday that they will be safe.

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Miracle of Life

This week I attended the memorial service for my friend, Edi Powell.  Edi and her husband, Jerry began the Grace Cowboy Church and asked Galen to be pastor.  Edi and Jerry were a part of our New Years Party at our house this year.  I had no idea that Edi would pass on May 31.  She was so beautiful inside and out.  (She dated James Garner in high school).  The service was lovely and there must have been 200 people present.  I counted 26 just from the Senior Center.  Life is certainly worth celebrating.

When we arrived back home from Michigan, a wren had built a nest on our front porch.  We have not disturbed it and have let the parents fly in and out.  One day we will hear the cheep of babies and watch them mature and fly away.  The miracle of life.

Recently, I read on the internet that Miss Pennsylvania was the product of rape.  Her mother had been raped by a stranger, but she chose to keep the baby and not abort.  God had a plan for that child in spite of the evil in the world.  God always makes lemonade out of lemons when we allow Him to do so.  Our attitude is so important.  We become bitter and blame God, or we look for opportunity to let Him work.  I love the story of Joseph in the Bible.  It is profound!! 

I am basking in the power of the storm that is pounding Oklahoma today.  I always remember my time at Glorieta when I first experienced this type of rain.  CA doesn't know thunder and lightening.  I just love it!

Monday, June 2, 2014

This Day is a New Gift from God

This morning I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and it was storming outside.  Lightning was flashing and the power of God was thundering.  I just lay in my bed and enjoyed the sound of pouring rain.  After experiencing a drought in Nairobi, Kenya and praying for water, I know how to be thankful.

Bill and I returned from our trip to Michigan last Saturday afternoon.  We had been gone from home for 12 days.  On Thursday, May 22, we attended our grandson, Caleb's high school graduation.  There were 420 Hudsonville High School graduates in the Hope College arena in Holland, Michigan.   I can't believe I'm old enough to have a grandson going to Indiana Weslyan University this fall.  On Friday evening, we had a party for Caleb in Kelli's condo.  Kirk and his family had flown from California for the event and we had pizza and Boston Creme cake.  

On Saturday Morning, we all went to Springdale Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan for Dave and Kelli's wedding.  It was beautiful and the weather was perfect!  There was a brook that bubbled nearby and Redbud trees in bloom.  Kelli and Dave's children each had a long-stemmed flower that they put into a large vase to make a bouquet that represented the blended family.  My granddaughter, Hannah sang "Oceans" while her new stepbrothers played the guitar and bongo drums.  It was beautiful!  After the wedding we drove to the Amway Grand Hotel.  The lunch was held on the 28th floor and served very elegantly. 

On Sunday, Bill and I drove to Manistee which is about 90 north of Grand Rapids.  It is where Bill spent every summer of his life.  We sold the cottage a few years ago but still spend time there.  We stayed at the Little River Resort and enjoyed the area.  We saw "Godzilla" at the newly restored Vogue Theater and had lunch on the river.  Later, we got ice cream and drove to the Lake Michigan Beach where the lighthouse guards the channel.  We visited our old neighbors, Marlene and Roy Walters, and were sure to eat at the Cherry Hut. 

We drove home via Springfield, Illinois and got caught in a major rain storm.  We had to pull over on the highway for about 20 minutes until we could see to drive.  We stopped for the night at Hampton Inn in Litchfield, Illinois.  I had a temperature problem while taking my shower and ended up getting the night and our breakfast free of charge.  That is my favorite hotel! 

We drove to Springfield, Missouri and spent 2 nights with Noel and Janice who happened to be there for doctor's appointments.  Bailey (Janice's dad) came over one evening and had chinese food with us.  On Friday morning, we went to Silver Dollar City and used our passes.  Noel introduced us to the breakfast buffet before enjoying the music shows.  It was Bluegrass Week.  We met several nice folks while we were there who agreed with our analysis of the Obama administration.  We are getting closer and closer to the end days.  People have to be very fearful before they will let the government take over their lives.  The fastest way to do that is to take away people's faith in God and to make them feel dependent.  I don't think I have ever met so many prideful people who think they can take care of the world.  It amazes me!  I know where my power and strength comes from.  Certainly not myself.  Every morning, I talk to my father in heaven and ask Him to work out my day for me.  I also talk to Him about other people.  I ask for their faith to be strengthened so that they can be free of fear and know that all is well.  This is not my home, I'm just passing through.  Yeah!  The journey is fun! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day and Age - the Great Equalizer

It was a great Mother's Day weekend!  Saturday, I received a bouquet of flowers from Bill, a baby rose bush in a straw basket from Kirk and Tamra, and a bouquet of tulips from Kelli.  Keri has had internet problems in Africa, but plans to skype this week as available.  God has given me the most beautiful kids - inside and out.  They don't embarrass me, and always treat me with respect.  We don't fight with each other verbally and have such a great time when we are together!!  I am truly blessed!

Sunday, Bill and I worshiped with Mom at her church (First Baptist, Tecumseh) and then took her to dinner at Bamboo Garden.  She loves the cashew chicken.  I have a great Mom.  We don't always agree on everything, but I respect her so much and keep my mouth shut.  I appreciate her for always loving me and being there for me.  I know that her values come from a close relationship with God and she has done her best to pass those on to her kids.  We are lucky that she not only talked, but was the best role model.   

It was a difficult week for me.  I experienced gout in my right toe, and had to see my doctor for the pain.  He put me on a steroid for 6 days that took the inflammation away immediately.  I have also been drinking 100% cherry juice which was hard to drink because it is so tart.  The pain caused my blood pressure to go up and I was told to check it every day.  I bought the best money could buy at WalGreens.  It was obviously flawed due to the crazy numbers that showed on the screen.  I took it to the nurse at the senior center and she tested the monitor.  After comparing her readings, she told me to get my money back.  I did so!  Now, I just use the monitor at the senior center when I go for lunch.   After calling in my readings, the doctor is changing my pressure meds for awhile.  I guess I didn't think I would ever get old because people always tell me how young I look.  Well, I might look young, but I'm getting older.  That's what happens when you are 66 years old!  Age is the great equalizer.  It doesn't matter how you look, or how smart you are.  Age and death will come and we have to be prepared to meet it gracefully.

During my pain, I thought of all the people I have prayed for, and decided to go on face book and ask my family and friends to pray for me!  I received the most precious prayers back from my family.  My grandkids melt my heart with their simple words to God.  I know that I was better so much sooner because of their faith.  We are all nutty, crazy Christians and I wouldn't change that for my soul.     

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

It is very cloudy this morning.  It rained through the night and will do so until this afternoon.  I am a "rain" person and enjoy the thunder and lightening.  I do pray the severe storms will stay in the fields where there are no people. 

I absolutely love my new light tan carpet!  It has a thick pad so I feel like I'm bouncing when I walk.  I worked really hard to put things back in order so my piano students would feel comfortable on Monday.  I didn't realize that I was getting so much done so I could fill in for some chaplains who were sick.   As I was driving, I asked God to show me why I was going in on Monday.  I knew right away!  My first visit was to a young mother who was having her baby taken away by CPS.  She cried and we prayed that God would forgive her behavior.  I did my best to encourage her and let her know that it was not final.  She could get her child back with the help of God and family.  In another room, a man was distraught because his wife was dying and he had lost his son in September.  His son had been a missionary for many years.  I assumed the father was an active Christian but soon found out differently.  He had not been to church for 35 years because a church had preached that divorce could not be forgiven.  I was stunned!  I told him I had been divorced and I knew for sure that God forgives ALL SIN.  Sin is not ranked!  When I visited this same man on Tuesday morning, he looked radiant and his wife had turned the corner physically.  She was going to get to go home that afternoon.  God does answer prayer.  And, God does forgive all sin.  I hugged this couple and told them I would see them in heaven if not again on this earth.

Noel and Janice left this morning to go back to Springfield for 10 days.  They have doctor appointments and need to check on their house.  Bill barbequed pork steak for us all on Wednesday evening.  Gramma joined us.  Galen and Sondra are sending pictures on facebook of their cruise.  They are enjoying the buffet and reading lots of books. 

We will go to Michigan soon for Caleb's graduation from high school and Kelli's garden wedding.  I'm enjoying our flowers in Oklahoma.  My iris and roses are in full bloom now.  Bill washed down the patio and outdoor furniture.  I love spring and the concert of our birds! 

My mantra for the week is to live in faith, not in fear.  There is no place for fretting and worry in the life of God's kids.  God has proved His love for me over and over, and I'm not going to stop trusting Him now.  I will enjoy my OLD AGE! 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Carpet Week/Tornados

I have been spending most of my time moving things into the family room before the carpet people come on Thursday.  Bill and I have to move everything so they can move the furniture before ripping up the old carpet and putting down the new.  We chose Stain Master in a light color that is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the house.    It will increase the value of the house quite a bit. 

This morning, Galen and Sondra flew to Miami to board the Celebrity Cruise Line to England.  They will go up the Eastern Coast to Prince Edward Islands before launching out into the Atlantic.  I hope they have a relaxing time.

We have spent a lot of time at the hospital lately visiting our friend, Edie Powell.  She has pneumonia and isn't doing well. 

Sunday, we had a really good Bible Study Class.  We studied the value of work and being thankful for what God has provided us with.  That lesson was good for me as I have prepared for the new carpet.  Instead of whining, I have thanked God for what He has given me.  I really am very blessed!  I think of the people who have endured tornadoes and pray they have friends nearby to assist and help.  Storms like that make me put everything in perspective.  What really is important in life?  Relationships are what we are on the earth for!  Without people we love, even heaven isn't the same.    I keep asking God to show Himself to those I love and don't believe.  I really don't want to be in heaven without them!!  There is a judgement day and there really is hell.

We are praying for Kevin' s father today.  He had a heart attack and is in the hospital.  It is a very long flight from Northern Africa for Kevin to travel home to Michigan.  We trust God to know what is best and the timing of this.  Bill Sheckler is a believer, and knows that He is in God's hands.  He is not afraid to die.  A very sweet man!

I'm going to the Senior Center for lunch today with Noel and Janice.  Bill is subbing at Jim Thorpe School.  He is still teaching online K-12 each week and grading essays for Pearson Company.  Bill is thinking seriously about going on social security and having more time off.  I really think he will always work at something.  He loves to stay busy!  And, I don't mind the extra money coming in.  Ha!

Mom is still doing great!  Galen and Sondra took her out all day Saturday.  They went out to breakfast, to Red Rock Canyon, and to Catfish Round-Up for dinner.  They wanted to do something before they left on their trip.  Nice! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Loved Easter!

Yesterday, I put away my Easter tree and decorations.  Mom bought them in Germany.  It seems time is flying again.  God blessed our Easter musical.  Our 2 star sopranos were there and all went well.  I have to say the music was the most demanding I have ever sung.  It rocked and moved so fast!  I had to memorize the words to get them out of my mouth. 

Dinner was delicious on Easter.  I made potato salad ahead and put a 10 pound spiral ham in the oven before going to church.  All I had to do was heat vegetables.  Phylllis  brought a nice salad, as well as Shirley.  Mom made strawberry pies, and Noel and Janice brought homemade chocolate and cream pies.  Later in the afternoon we heard rain on the patio roof.  Perfect!  I talked to Kirk and Kelli on the phone while listening to the patter.

Last Friday, Noel and Janice rode with us to Turner Falls.  Mark rode with Galen and Sondra.  It was a warm day and there were few people there.  Nice!  The falls and the creek always bring back lots of memories for me.  At noon, we ate at Smokin' Joes Restaurant.  We all decided they have the best bar-b-que in the State of Oklahoma!!!   After stuffing ourselves, we drove to Falls Creek Assembly .  Galen and I started talking about our days at Glorieta.  It is so much alike!  We looked inside the new worship center that holds about 3,000 people.  Incredible!  After walking around a bit, we drove to the Fried Pie in Davis.  We all ordered different kinds and stuffed ourselves all over again.  It's a beautiful drive there and back, and we all felt like naps when reaching home about 4 p.m.

Tuesday, I went to the hospital.  All went well.  The patients welcomed me with smiles and blessed me in return.  The west wing of the hospital has been torn down in preparation of the new rehab center and the new women's center.  It going to be a beautiful new tower.

After finishing my documentation at the hospital, I went by to pick up my new reading glasses.  I am so grateful that I can still drive without my glasses.

I continue to thank God everyday for what He does for me.  Satan is after me at all times, but I ask to be delivered from Evil.  I find myself anxiously waiting to see what Good thing God is going to do next and how He is going to handle my problems.  Heaven is for Real for those who have spiritual eyes.  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Week and I Have Been Renewed

This has been a very busy but good week!  On Tuesday, Bill took me to OKC to have my sutures removed from my upper gum.  We celebrated after by going to Steak-N-Shake.  It was my first hamburger in 10 days.  I also thanked God that my insurance was taking care of the $2,600 bill.                 On Tuesday morning, I went to the hospital for my volunteer duty.  One of the kitchen workers was with his wife on the 3rd floor.  She was extremely ill and was in tears from depression.  I prayed with them both and saw a little smile before I left her room.  When  I finished the 3rd floor, I went to the OB Department.  I found a new father holding his newborn daughter, and I didn't see the mother.  While we were visiting, the mother bounded into the room in jeans and a T-shirt.  She had been to the cafeteria to get drinks for she and her husband.  I stared in dismay!!  We are all certainly different.  I could barely lift my head after giving birth!

Wednesday, my sister-in-law Janice went with me to the eye doctor.  He had asked me to come back to be re-tested.  The test was the same, so he upped my prescription.  I must be getting older, and I can't imagine how that happened!  After being fitted for new reading glasses, we drove to the Senior Center for lunch with Bill and my brother, Noel. 

I was able to give all of my piano lessons this week.  My new student, Maci, is wonderful!  She loves the piano and is flying through her book.  We played a duet together last week and she got so excited.  She is in the 2nd grade and loves life in general.

I have been practicing for the Easter musical this week, and packing to move things for the new carpet.  I have also been planning for Easter dinner on Sunday.  There will be 9 of us this year.

I watch the news and see our government growing stronger and using mafia tactics to push people around.  I have never seen so much corruption in my life time!  I'm so glad I have hope and faith that this world is not all there is.  If not, I would be so bitter and have so much anger inside of me.  Thank you Lord for showing us how to forgive and love!  I can go ahead with my life and enjoy every minute.   

Sunday, April 6, 2014

How Long Will My Blog Be Tolerated?

Whatever happened to free speech?  And, how long will my blog be tolerated?  I use Firefox to write my blog and it makes me wonder.  The CEO of Firefox was recently fired because he gave a donation to the campaign in California in 2008 to make same sex marriage the only legal status.  The bill passed.  Later, he was made CEO and he has never been accused of being intolerant toward anyone.  However, his donation made him ineligible to work for Firefox and Mozella.  He has been fired.  It should be noted that President Obama held the same opinion of marriage in 2008.  He has since been enlightened it seems.  Should he be impeached?

We have been listening to a series of sermons on the Book of Revelation on Sunday mornings.  Christians are not really surprised to be persecuted by non-believers.  The atheists have enjoyed tolerance for years, but have none for those who do not hold their beliefs.  It hurts to see the way they try to embarrass those who love them most.  Especially, their parents.  God just keeps on blessing His kids.  I noted that we have a new Chick-Filet being built in Shawnee on Kickapoo Street.  It has now surpassed KFC in the amount of business received.  Not surprised!

This morning, we were encouraged at the Easter choir practice.  We have 5 men and 5 women in addition to Bill directing.  The number is small, but the singers all read music and are strong singers.  With great microphones, they will be great.  The musical is, "Jesus Is Alive" arraned and orchestrated by Daniel Semsem.  It has songs that are fast driving rock and keeps me on my toes.  I'm having to memorize some of the music so I can spit the words out fast enough.  Music like that is truly inspired.

Last week, I went to the eye doctor for my yearly check-up.  Dr. Watters told me to come back again next week to be tested one more time.  He wasn't sure of the results.  I know my right retina is warped, but my left eye is still super.  That is confusing.  I can still drive without glasses.

We took the leap, and ordered new carpet for our living room, hall and bedrooms.  It is lighter than what we have but is guaranteed to last the lifetime of our home.  It is transferable if we should sell the house.  I have never heard of that before.

Last week, Bill and I headed back to the fitness center.  The pool re-opened after being resurfaced.  The locker rooms were both re-done as well with beautiful tile insets.  It felt good to swim again, but my lower back was a bit sore the next morning.  I will check to see if swimming helps or makes it worse.  I know I'm at that age!

We are very proud of Kirk and Tamra!  They have been invited to the SBC meeting in Baltimore in June.  They will be commissioned as NAMB missionaries.  Kelli, his sister, will be there to cover the convention as usual.  She interviews and types by-lines for photographs.  God gets all the glory for my kids growing spiritually and serving so well.  Everyone, said my divorce would be a problem for them.  Maybe it was, but God is greater!   

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring is Aroud the Corner!

The few days of warm sun felt good.  We sprayed our lawn with weed killer and picked up all the fallen branches from the last storm.  I also filled my bird feeder.

Last Thursday, Galen and I attended a chaplain's meeting at St. Anthony Hospital in Shawnee.  We had interesting conversation and a lunch together.  Galen will finish his training and orientation next week and has been assigned to Tuesdays with me.  That is nice!

Friday, Bill and I went to Noel and Janice's for dinner.  Sondra helped cook potroast and Mom joined us as well.  Kylee, Galen's granddaughter had just finished softball practice, so she had dinner with us also.  She is growing up to be such a sweet girl.

Saturday, we saw the movie, God Is Not Dead".  The theater was filled!!  I was surprised at how good the movie was.  Of course, I could see myself in the movie because I had defended my beliefs while taking a night class in Stephenville, Texas while earning my teaching credential.  I think atheists must not like this movie very much.  I am so glad that Christians are doing something to stop the devil from snatching our young.

This morning, Pastor Mike preached from Revelation.  The end is spelled out.  Current events are right on target.  Russia and Europe play important roles in going after Israel.  I'm not worried because I know that Christians will be raptured out of here before things get really bad.  I still can't imagine what kind of hope and comfort non-believers have.  There is too much evidence that there is a God who is in control of things to come.  Sure, we have free wills and we make messes on this earth.  That is not God's fault!  Humans don't ever like to blame themselves and think far too much of ourselves. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dentist/Music Party/Africa/Malaysian Airliner

Last Tuesday, Bill drove me to see Dr. Hilton in OKC.  He is a specialist who does only root canals.  I was referred by my dentist.  The worst pain was the shot which deadened my mouth.  I prayed hard while that took effect!!  I could feel the tears in my eyes.  Actually, I recovered very quickly and didn't have to take the pain medicine prescribed.  A few Tylenols did the trick the first night!  The following day we went to Braums' to get milkshakes.  We were given 2 gift certificates at the dental office.  I decided I like Sonic shakes much better.  They have more fresh fruit.

By Friday evening, I was ready for the Music Party that had been planned.  We filled our house with my piano students, their families, and my Bible Study Class.  After playing music, we played a game that Bill organized.  The guests had to look at word phrases from famous songs and guess the titles.  My Mom (90 years old) was awesome.  She guessed some Elvis songs! 

This morning, during Bible Study Class, we skyped Keri and her family.  The kids, Sofia, Selah and Isaiah all introduced themselves and sang songs in African.  Isaiah also counted to ten in African for us.  Keri asked us to pray for 2 things:  Isaiah has hurt his hand and needs an x-ray; a nearby bridge collapsed and over 100 people have been injured.  Kevin, our son-in-law shared that his language teacher has just become the chief of his tribe because of a death in his family.  The whole family is adjusting quickly and has made many friends.  I pray for their protection daily. 

I have been praying for the families of the Malaysian Airline disappearance.  I know what it is like to not have closure.  And, having been to Malaysia I can picture the people of that country.  When my cousins, Bill and Virginia were killed in a helicopter crash, I wanted to know what happened.  Their bodies were never found.  My comfort is that I will see them again in heaven.  They were some of the sweetest Christians I have ever known!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Celebrations of Life!

Mom arrived back home from California on Thursday evening.  She has been bubbling about Jennifer's wedding ever since.  Bilal, Jennifer's new husband is a handsome and intelligent (speaks 6 languages fluently) former Muslim from India.  He is now a Christian and speaks anywhere he is asked. Bill and I met him while visiting my son, Kirk, last February.  He is very charming.

Last Friday, Bill and I attended Alan Jones funeral.  I missed him sitting with his wife, Jo Ellen on our row this morning during worship.  Alan was so full of life!  He was from Kauai, Hawaii and drove a red Fiat around Shawnee.  I miss Alan but know we will meet again in Heaven.  I have no doubt!

Friday evening, Galen and Sondra and Mom came over for dinner.  I made pork chops and a German Chocolate cake for his birthday.  As I mentioned before, it is nice to live near family after being overseas for so many years.

Saturday, I visited with Noel and Janice's grandsons, Hunter and Forest.  They are sweet and such good conversationalists.  I now know all about Dr. Who!

Saturday afternoon, we went to see the movie, "Son of God".  Galen and Sondra were there with their grandkids, Jace and Kylee.  It is quality and very moving.  I can't wait for "Heaven Is For Real" to hit the screen.  I read that book while Ezekiel was fighting for his life at Children's Hospital in Loma Linda, California.  Then, I loaned it to Tamra's father who died within the year.  I had no idea we would lose him so quickly from cancer!  He looked great when I last saw him.

This morning, it was raining quite hard when we went to church.  We tried to skype Keri and her family during Bible Study, but her power was down.  It is so frustrating for them!  Just before worship service we looked outside and it had begun to snow for awhile.  Winter has not left us yet.  Bill played, "Shine, Jesus, Shine" on his trumpet today for offertory.  Everytime I accompany that song on the piano I think of Nairobi and Tokyo because the people loved that song and sang it in their own languages.  

I pray all the time for the families of the people who are missing on the Malaysian Airliner.  It is so difficult when there is no physical closure.  I know that it is much easier and more comforting for the Christians.  No matter where the Christian is, God is with them in their spirits and they will be fine.  I still often think of my cousins, Bill and Virginia.  Their helicopter blew up and their bodies were never found.  At least, Bill's Naval officer's hat was found floating in the Caribbean off the coast of Puerto Rico.  I don't understand, but I know that they were both people of strong faith and I will see them again in Heaven.  What a reunion there will be in the future!  I can't imagine the hell it would be not to have that comfort of faith in my life.  The more I love, the more I need to see those people again!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Great Week! Celebrations!

This has been a great week!  Galen and many of my friends had birthdays this week.  Happy Birthday!  We had planned to have a big dinner Friday evening, but Galen's son, Jason wanted to take him out to dinner instead.  So we will celebrate next week.  I had already made a potatoe salad and bought some BBQ ribs, so Noel and Janice and Mark came over for dinner.  We porked out together.  Janice made a banana pudding from scratch.  It was so good!

On Thursday, Galen drove Mom to the airport.  My youngest brother, Roger, had sent her an airline ticket to fly to California for his daughter, Jennifer's wedding.  The pictures on facebook were beautiful.  We wish we could have been there.  Actually, we are saving our money to go to Michigan in May for Kelli's wedding, and our grandson, Caleb's  high school graduation.

I enjoyed all of my piano students last week.  They are working hard to perform at out music party in just a few weeks. 

It was an interesting day at the hospital last Tuesday.  As soon as I walked into one patient's room I knew I wasn't welcome.  She had a hard bitter look on her face.  After introducing myself and asking if I could pray for her, she said, "I don't do that!"  Then her husband told me not to come back again!!  I was stunned and hurt because I had done nothing to offend anyone.  Then, I realized that the room was teeming with demons.  I left quietly and feeling so sad for that couple.  Without God, Satan fills the empty space in people's hearts.

This morning Pastor Mike preached from Revelation and the end times.  Demons are filling our world and there doesn't seem to be any wisdom in our leaders.  It would be so scary if I didn't have the peace that God will never leave me nor forsake me.  I can always depend on His Spirit to protect me. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday, February 28th

Last Tuesday, I went to St. Anthony Hospital-Shawnee to volunteer.  I was surprised to find my mother's friend on my chart.  When I went in to visit Marjorie Robinson, she looked so frail that I almost didn't recognize her.  Mom led her to know Jesus a few years ago in her Bible Study Class.  Then, she was one of 3 ladies who came to Mom's apartment every Thursday to play board or card games.  It broke my heart to see her looking so ill.  She knew me and held my hand.  Before leaving her room, I sang, "Jesus Loves Me" and she closed her eyes in sleep.  I later learned that she had passed away that evening very peacefully.

On Wednesday, my cousin, Joanna Storm drove from Norman and picked me up.  We went to Mom's new apartment and then took her to Taco Bell for lunch.  Mom decided that we should also go to Braums's and get ice-cream.  Yum!  When we finished our dessert, we visited my other cousins, Ruth and Laura who are in nursing homes.  It was fun to sit and listen to stories about family.  Joanna rushed me home so that I could teach 2 piano lessons at 4 p.m.

Last night,  Bill and I helped Mom hang pictures.  Then, we took her to IHOP for dinner.  Noel and Janice had given us $25 gift certificates as part of Christmas and we used it.  Our bill was $24.90.  I was in shock because I had expected to add to the card since there were 3 of us eating.  After taking Mom home, Bill and I went over to Galen and Sondra for just a few minutes.  They have invited us to come back tonight for dinner.  They have all new leather furniture and their apartment looks really nice.  I really love having Mom living 3 doors from Galen and right across the street from Noel.  We have never lived so close in our adult lives!  In fact, I lived outside the USA for 21 years, and Noel was gone for many years with the Navy. 

This afternoon, Bill and I finally went to Walgreen's and chose the pictures we want made for our book on Kauai, Hawaii.  Maybe tomorrow, I can put some on my blog.  For lots of old pics, please check Noel's facebook page. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Don't Put the Gloves Away/End Times

Saturday, was gorgeous weather.  Just like Spring!  However, I know to keep my leather gloves nearby because the polar air is coming in again this week and some snow showers are predicted.  After all, it is just February.

I am still feeling a bit tired after my bout with the stomach virus and the busy week schedule.  As well as teaching 5 piano lessons, I helped Mom unpack.  I am so happy for her in the new apartment!  We also went to get our nails done together.

Friday morning, we skyped with Keri and Kevin and the kids.  They are in Nairobi, Kenya for a couple of weeks getting their visas renewed.  Keri had visited Bill and me when we were teaching there.  At the time, she was a journeyman in Istanbul, Turkey.  She was having a great time showing her family the places we had been together.  They had also visited the elephant orphanage.  Sofia wanted to adopt one!

Friday night, the family went to Studio Wok to celebrate Sondra's birthday (Galen's wife).  They do have good Chinese food!  There were 13 of us.  After dinner, we all went to the FireLake Bowling Center.  I wasn't up to it, but Bill bowled very well!  Galen's son, Jason paid for the occasion.

Saturday, we went to see, "The Monument Men" with George Clooney and Matt Damon.  It was interesting and quite inspirational.  On the way out, we saw Galen and Sondra coming in with Mark.  I have always said that art and music set man apart from animals.  My grandfather was not a monkey! 

This morning, I taught my Bible Study Class.  My class was split when they started a new class for young adults.  So, there were 9 of us.  We had a great time sharing.  The topic was, "How Do I Know that God Exists".  The Bible says that if you seek Him, you will find.  God will never hide Himself from anyone!  Chuck and Victoria recently had their grandson in Children's Hospital in Iowa.  Four churches in the Shawnee area were praying when things looked hopeless.  Within hours of the emails, the tiny baby turned a corner.  It reminded me of our experience with Ezekiel!

Pastor Mike preached on Revelation 17 this morning.  He is a student of end times, and we learned so much.  Christians who know their Bibles can see the world shaping up for the anti-Christ to take over.  It was pointed out that Satan loves religion and always has.  It can be distorted so easily and has been used to kill those who don't agree with a prescribed doctrine.  Being a true Christian is not a "religion".  It is a relationship with a Christ who reached down to save us.  We cannot force conversion.  Loving and serving God must come from the individual heart and be voluntary or it is worth nothing.  Tolerance for Christians is coming to an end, and the church is going to suffer far more persecution.  Obama's administration has no use for the Bible and views Christians as people getting in his way.  Freedom in America is coming to an end as we have known it.  Many people have their heads in the sand and choose not to see it coming. In the end, there will be a one world government and a one world religion.  Putting fear into the hearts of people is the only way to get them to follow a man on this earth.  Christians will be put to death before Christ comes back for the rapture.  In the end, Christ and His church will win!!     

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Bill and I returned from our trip to Hawaii via California to see Kirk and family on Monday evening.  We unpacked everything and then ithe virus hit me in the stomach.  Did it ever!  Early the next morning, Bill drove me to ER.  Noel and Galen joined us there.  I had a blood pressure of 217 over 80 due to dehydration.  After 3 hours, I had been treated and went home to sleep the rest of the day.  The next day, Bill had come down with the same illness that I had been given on the plane.  I have been thanking God that we got home and unpacked before it all struck.  I have also been thanking God for family that cares.

Kirk called, and his family is perfectly fine.  I am so glad!  We enjoyed seeing their new home.  It is a sprawling 4 bedroom 3 bath, 2 living areas ranch style house.  What I loved most about the backyard is that there are eucalyptus and pepper trees bordering the pool.  That is so California!  And, Ezekiel was such a happy little toddler!  He is like a little parrot and repeats everything.  He remembered us and came straight to me.  What a miracle child he continues to be!  

Kirk took us to his new office at the Inland Empire Baptist Building.  He's done a great job of decorating.  We also went with him to one of the new churches that he is mentoring.  It was in a new theater on the Riverside Plaza. The church is only 2 years old, and  I was surprised to see well over 100 people there.  After the service, the people were coming in for the afternoon movie showings.  Tamra had gotten off work at Riverside Community Hospital at 1:00 a.m. and had slept for a few hours, then met us for lunch at the Market Broiler.  It is like Red Lobster and we enjoyed birthday dinners.

The night before, my brother, Roger, came over to Kirk's for dinner.  His wife, Julie, came also  with their son Daniel and his fiance, Audry.  Bilal who is engaged to their daughter Jennifer also came.  (Jennifer was working and couldn't come.)  Bilal is from India and we enjoyed getting to know his culture and hearing his Christian testimony.  He is very handsome and charming.  Kyle, Kirk's stepson, made lasagna from scratch.  At 17 years old, he is a great young cook!

We loved Kauai!  It is the prettiest of all the Hawaiian islands by far!  It is a lush tropical rain forest with waterfalls, steep mountain cliffs and white sand beaches.  And, it didn't hurt that we stayed at a fabulous condo resort overlooking the sea and the sharp mountain peaks.  I will write more later and get Bill to help me post some pictures when we are feeling better.   I wish that you could have been with us!  


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dentist/Hospital and Pizza Day

Yesterday, I went to the dentist for my usual 6 month check up.  I had no problems with my teeth, but I will have to see a specialist in OKC about a persistent slight pain in my gum.  An x-ray didn't show the problem.  (I feel fine if I don't press that spot.)

Two days ago it was nearly 70 degrees.  This morning, there was a dusting of snow.  So pretty!  I drove to the hospital and enjoyed the patients as usual.  One lady had a beautiful baby boy, and told me she has twin girls at home.  She will have a good time!  I also met a man who was not thrilled to have me in his room.  He let me know right away that he wasn't interested in God and ordered me out.It was okay, I had just come from the room next door where a very nice man with breathing problems smiled and welcomed me.  The patients who have a great relationship with God are always the happiest.  Their quiet inner joy always shines.

I've been spending this week packing and preparing for our trip to Kauai.  Bill has been working long hours to get ahead on his on-line music class.  He's prepared power points on the history of jazz and soul music.  This afternoon, he's subbing at Tecumseh High School.

Tonight, we look forward to Noel's homemade pizza.  Galen and Sondra and Gramma will be there to celebrate my birthday and Bill's.  Noel and Janice gave me a lead crystal jar filled with chocolates.  Yeah!  That's just what I needed.  Smile!

This week, I have been listening to sermons on Spiritual Warfare.  I have learned that a person who does not experience spiritual warfare in his life, is most likely NOT a child of God.  Much like the person who experiences "near death" and does not see lights.  He is most likely NOT a child of God.  Only believers in Christ, feel the pull of Satan in their lives, and can see a glimpse of heaven when they have near death experiences.   Reading the Book of Revelation, and watching Obama run the White House, certainly makes the Bible more real!  Christians didn't think that we would live in a time when our country's leader is conditioning the citizens to accept the 666.  Get rid of absolute morals, and mock those who believe in the Bible.  Only then can the 666 take over the minds of people.  It's exciting to know that it was all predicted thousands of years ago, and the Bible is true!!!       

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Birthday Weekend

I can't believe I'm 66 years old, but I am!  I had a great weekend.  Friday evening, Galen and Sondra had dinner with Bill, me and Mom at the Grand Casino Buffet.  On Fridays the buffet is absolutely grand!  You can choose from butterfly shrimp, crab legs, steak, ribs chicken etc.  Mom loved it because there is a huge selection of sugar free desserts.  Galen took a picture for facebook for those who follow.  Noel and Janice had to go back to Springfield for business, but they returned on Saturday and are planning to make homemade pizza on Tuesday evening.  Noel's pizza tastes just like Pizza Hut which I love.

Bill was extremely generous.  Friday morning, he presented me with a gold bracelet.  He didn't realize it was almost like the one he gave me for a past anniversary, so we exchanged it for a gold chain necklace.  (If the economy fails in the future, I'll trade my gold for bread.)

I was sad because the mailbox was rather empty this year.  However, I received tons of calls from family, and lots of emails and Facebook messages.  Every one of my 5  brothers called me!!  Wow!  Thank you!  Of course, I enjoy the calls from my kids as well.

I taught my Bible Study Class this morning.  One of the new couples is in Iowa because their grandson is in Children's Hospital.  He is 13 weeks old and unable to breathe.  They called the class to pray.  I know the feeling of helplessness and how you want the doctors to have super wisdom from God!!  This is the second time this week that I have been reminded of Ezekiel's close brush with death, and how God heard our prayers.  Sometimes, prayer is the only way I have to love someone.        

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Birthday Week in Progress

Yesterday, Lorna took me out to lunch at Sakura Restaurant at the mall in Shawnee.  We ate soba (noodles with meat and vegetables) and California Sushi.  It was fun.  Then I had to get home so that I could give 2 piano lessons.  Tuesday, I went to the hospital for the morning and had a good time with the patients.  Monday, I went over to Mom's and played card games with her.  Then, gave 2 piano lessons.  I have to go the fitness center now, so I will type more later. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Learning to Trust!

This has been an interesting time for me.  I am learning to be patient and trust God when I don't know the answers.  I really try to be a servant, and often wonder if it is worth the effort.  Last week, I had a little talk with God and told Him that I needed to see some reward for my efforts.  Did He surprise me!  Last Sunday, I wasn't expecting many people in Bible Study because I knew 2 people who would be gone.  I also knew that some people might leave because the pastor retired.  However, the 2 new members returned, and we had a new couple attend.  We had a great discussion and I felt renewed. 

Last Tuesday, I arrived at the hospital to learn that the third floor had re-opened and was filled to capacity.  However, Bill Simpson, our new chaplain, told me he wanted me to go the newborns again.  He told me that I had been well received and I should go back.  (I was thinking he just didn't want to go there.)  Yesterday, I received a note in the mail from the Women's Director that said 2 patients had told her how much my visit had meant to them.  I thanked God for that note because I am just a human who needs encouragement now and then.  I will use that knowledge to encourage others when I can.

Last night, Bill and I took a pan pizza over to Noel's and watched the movie, "Hugo".  I also took a big bag of Kettle Corn.  Noel gets free movies on his Amazon membership that are quite good!  Janice and Mark are still in Springfield.  Noel will go back on Sunday to pick them up.  Galen and Sondra should have arrived back in Oklahoma last night late from California.

My family is so scattered.  Kirk is in Haiti helping out his orphanage there.  He tries to go a couple times a year.  I am very proud of him!  Keri's family is doing well in Africa now that they have found some good hamburgers and fries.  Kelli is back in Grand Rapids and is planning her wedding for May.  Bill and I are still going to the Fitness Center everyday to get ourselves presentable for Kauai.  We also eat lunch with our senior friends and play Bingo.  It's just fun!

Tomorrow, Bill will play his trumpet for church, and he has roped me into singing part of the song.  We are in the process of looking for the pastor that God has planned for our church.  I will learn to be patient and wait for God.       

Friday, January 10, 2014

Getting in Shape/Family Travels

I have 20 minutes before I must leave for the Fitness Center.  Bill has planned a trip to Hawaii in the next few weeks and I must drop the Christmas pounds and firm up.  The pool is being completely resurfaced, so I have been using the Arc.  It feels like skiing and can be set at different levels.  To be honest, I didn't think I could handle the workout due to the problem I had last year with the tendons on my right foot.  However, I have not had any discomfort!  I can't thank God enough for healing my foot and my cough.  I kept my appointment with my ENT last week, and he apologized several times for not thinking to change my medication.  Even doctors are just people.  That's why I pray for mine!

Galen and Sondra left this week to go to California.  Galen's music director died, and he was asked to go back to his former church to do the memorial service.  It seems the man was not old. 

The hospital reminds me that we don't know when our lives will be required of us.  A 34 year old woman passed away at St. Anthony Hospital this week from a massive heart attack.  She left 3 little ones, and her husband was not aware his wife had a problem.  As part of my duties this week, I visited all the new mothers and babies.  It still surprises me when I see how young they are!  However, I love seeing the fathers in the room cuddling their children and being so involved.  When I ask if we can pray, they seem so eager.  Something tells them, they need help that only God can give.

Tuesday, Bill and I joined Mom, Noel's family and Bailey at Studio Wok for dinner.  The owners have come to Shawnee from Beverley Hills, CA.  The food was very good, but I didn't appreciate the rap music.  Smile!

Noel went back to Springfield on Wednesday morning to check on his house and take Bailey back home.  Noel and Janice just bought a new Ford SUV with all the bells and whistles and were eager to try it out.  I will meet Noel in Tulsa next Tuesday morning at Arbys to bring him back to Shawnee for a some appointments.  Janice will stay behind to take care of business.

Mom continues to improve.  Last Tuesday afternoon, Janice, Bailey and I played games with her at her apartment.  She seems to be her old self again.

Our pastor retired last Sunday.  It remains to be seen what will happen in our church.  We will just watch and wait.  Who knows what the new year will bring.  Life is ever changing.  Whatever happens, I have the peace the God is in control.  Bill tells me that my peace keeps me looking young.  Sweet!       

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

This morning we woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow.  It was 20 degrees, but my house was nice and warm.  We were able to drive to church and I had 11 people who made it to Bible Study Class.  There are 6 people in my class who are from California.  I also met a couple in worship today who have moved here from Vista, California (just north of San Diego). 

New Year's Eve,  I made chili and Mom insisted on making homemade donuts for everyone.  After we stuffed ourselves, we all sat around the table and played "Apples to Apples".  It is always so funny.  This year, those who came were Mom, Noel, Janice, Bailey, Galen, Sondra, Ian, Jim and Carol McMahan, Bill  and me.  Mark and Phyllis were feeling sick and stayed home.

I enjoy the holiday season, but I was glad to take down the tree and feel some normalcy again.  It was even good just to sit and watch the Sooners beat up on Alabama.  I watched the OSU game for awhile but soon knew that it was a lost cause and I was getting sleepy. 

This past Saturday morning, Noel told us to meet at Sunny Side Up for breakfast.  Bailey was taking the gang out and paying.  He is the most generous Christian man I know!  God bless him!

Thank you, God for family and friends!  I love you!