Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dentist/Hospital and Pizza Day

Yesterday, I went to the dentist for my usual 6 month check up.  I had no problems with my teeth, but I will have to see a specialist in OKC about a persistent slight pain in my gum.  An x-ray didn't show the problem.  (I feel fine if I don't press that spot.)

Two days ago it was nearly 70 degrees.  This morning, there was a dusting of snow.  So pretty!  I drove to the hospital and enjoyed the patients as usual.  One lady had a beautiful baby boy, and told me she has twin girls at home.  She will have a good time!  I also met a man who was not thrilled to have me in his room.  He let me know right away that he wasn't interested in God and ordered me out.It was okay, I had just come from the room next door where a very nice man with breathing problems smiled and welcomed me.  The patients who have a great relationship with God are always the happiest.  Their quiet inner joy always shines.

I've been spending this week packing and preparing for our trip to Kauai.  Bill has been working long hours to get ahead on his on-line music class.  He's prepared power points on the history of jazz and soul music.  This afternoon, he's subbing at Tecumseh High School.

Tonight, we look forward to Noel's homemade pizza.  Galen and Sondra and Gramma will be there to celebrate my birthday and Bill's.  Noel and Janice gave me a lead crystal jar filled with chocolates.  Yeah!  That's just what I needed.  Smile!

This week, I have been listening to sermons on Spiritual Warfare.  I have learned that a person who does not experience spiritual warfare in his life, is most likely NOT a child of God.  Much like the person who experiences "near death" and does not see lights.  He is most likely NOT a child of God.  Only believers in Christ, feel the pull of Satan in their lives, and can see a glimpse of heaven when they have near death experiences.   Reading the Book of Revelation, and watching Obama run the White House, certainly makes the Bible more real!  Christians didn't think that we would live in a time when our country's leader is conditioning the citizens to accept the 666.  Get rid of absolute morals, and mock those who believe in the Bible.  Only then can the 666 take over the minds of people.  It's exciting to know that it was all predicted thousands of years ago, and the Bible is true!!!       

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Birthday Weekend

I can't believe I'm 66 years old, but I am!  I had a great weekend.  Friday evening, Galen and Sondra had dinner with Bill, me and Mom at the Grand Casino Buffet.  On Fridays the buffet is absolutely grand!  You can choose from butterfly shrimp, crab legs, steak, ribs chicken etc.  Mom loved it because there is a huge selection of sugar free desserts.  Galen took a picture for facebook for those who follow.  Noel and Janice had to go back to Springfield for business, but they returned on Saturday and are planning to make homemade pizza on Tuesday evening.  Noel's pizza tastes just like Pizza Hut which I love.

Bill was extremely generous.  Friday morning, he presented me with a gold bracelet.  He didn't realize it was almost like the one he gave me for a past anniversary, so we exchanged it for a gold chain necklace.  (If the economy fails in the future, I'll trade my gold for bread.)

I was sad because the mailbox was rather empty this year.  However, I received tons of calls from family, and lots of emails and Facebook messages.  Every one of my 5  brothers called me!!  Wow!  Thank you!  Of course, I enjoy the calls from my kids as well.

I taught my Bible Study Class this morning.  One of the new couples is in Iowa because their grandson is in Children's Hospital.  He is 13 weeks old and unable to breathe.  They called the class to pray.  I know the feeling of helplessness and how you want the doctors to have super wisdom from God!!  This is the second time this week that I have been reminded of Ezekiel's close brush with death, and how God heard our prayers.  Sometimes, prayer is the only way I have to love someone.        

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Birthday Week in Progress

Yesterday, Lorna took me out to lunch at Sakura Restaurant at the mall in Shawnee.  We ate soba (noodles with meat and vegetables) and California Sushi.  It was fun.  Then I had to get home so that I could give 2 piano lessons.  Tuesday, I went to the hospital for the morning and had a good time with the patients.  Monday, I went over to Mom's and played card games with her.  Then, gave 2 piano lessons.  I have to go the fitness center now, so I will type more later. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Learning to Trust!

This has been an interesting time for me.  I am learning to be patient and trust God when I don't know the answers.  I really try to be a servant, and often wonder if it is worth the effort.  Last week, I had a little talk with God and told Him that I needed to see some reward for my efforts.  Did He surprise me!  Last Sunday, I wasn't expecting many people in Bible Study because I knew 2 people who would be gone.  I also knew that some people might leave because the pastor retired.  However, the 2 new members returned, and we had a new couple attend.  We had a great discussion and I felt renewed. 

Last Tuesday, I arrived at the hospital to learn that the third floor had re-opened and was filled to capacity.  However, Bill Simpson, our new chaplain, told me he wanted me to go the newborns again.  He told me that I had been well received and I should go back.  (I was thinking he just didn't want to go there.)  Yesterday, I received a note in the mail from the Women's Director that said 2 patients had told her how much my visit had meant to them.  I thanked God for that note because I am just a human who needs encouragement now and then.  I will use that knowledge to encourage others when I can.

Last night, Bill and I took a pan pizza over to Noel's and watched the movie, "Hugo".  I also took a big bag of Kettle Corn.  Noel gets free movies on his Amazon membership that are quite good!  Janice and Mark are still in Springfield.  Noel will go back on Sunday to pick them up.  Galen and Sondra should have arrived back in Oklahoma last night late from California.

My family is so scattered.  Kirk is in Haiti helping out his orphanage there.  He tries to go a couple times a year.  I am very proud of him!  Keri's family is doing well in Africa now that they have found some good hamburgers and fries.  Kelli is back in Grand Rapids and is planning her wedding for May.  Bill and I are still going to the Fitness Center everyday to get ourselves presentable for Kauai.  We also eat lunch with our senior friends and play Bingo.  It's just fun!

Tomorrow, Bill will play his trumpet for church, and he has roped me into singing part of the song.  We are in the process of looking for the pastor that God has planned for our church.  I will learn to be patient and wait for God.       

Friday, January 10, 2014

Getting in Shape/Family Travels

I have 20 minutes before I must leave for the Fitness Center.  Bill has planned a trip to Hawaii in the next few weeks and I must drop the Christmas pounds and firm up.  The pool is being completely resurfaced, so I have been using the Arc.  It feels like skiing and can be set at different levels.  To be honest, I didn't think I could handle the workout due to the problem I had last year with the tendons on my right foot.  However, I have not had any discomfort!  I can't thank God enough for healing my foot and my cough.  I kept my appointment with my ENT last week, and he apologized several times for not thinking to change my medication.  Even doctors are just people.  That's why I pray for mine!

Galen and Sondra left this week to go to California.  Galen's music director died, and he was asked to go back to his former church to do the memorial service.  It seems the man was not old. 

The hospital reminds me that we don't know when our lives will be required of us.  A 34 year old woman passed away at St. Anthony Hospital this week from a massive heart attack.  She left 3 little ones, and her husband was not aware his wife had a problem.  As part of my duties this week, I visited all the new mothers and babies.  It still surprises me when I see how young they are!  However, I love seeing the fathers in the room cuddling their children and being so involved.  When I ask if we can pray, they seem so eager.  Something tells them, they need help that only God can give.

Tuesday, Bill and I joined Mom, Noel's family and Bailey at Studio Wok for dinner.  The owners have come to Shawnee from Beverley Hills, CA.  The food was very good, but I didn't appreciate the rap music.  Smile!

Noel went back to Springfield on Wednesday morning to check on his house and take Bailey back home.  Noel and Janice just bought a new Ford SUV with all the bells and whistles and were eager to try it out.  I will meet Noel in Tulsa next Tuesday morning at Arbys to bring him back to Shawnee for a some appointments.  Janice will stay behind to take care of business.

Mom continues to improve.  Last Tuesday afternoon, Janice, Bailey and I played games with her at her apartment.  She seems to be her old self again.

Our pastor retired last Sunday.  It remains to be seen what will happen in our church.  We will just watch and wait.  Who knows what the new year will bring.  Life is ever changing.  Whatever happens, I have the peace the God is in control.  Bill tells me that my peace keeps me looking young.  Sweet!       

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

This morning we woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow.  It was 20 degrees, but my house was nice and warm.  We were able to drive to church and I had 11 people who made it to Bible Study Class.  There are 6 people in my class who are from California.  I also met a couple in worship today who have moved here from Vista, California (just north of San Diego). 

New Year's Eve,  I made chili and Mom insisted on making homemade donuts for everyone.  After we stuffed ourselves, we all sat around the table and played "Apples to Apples".  It is always so funny.  This year, those who came were Mom, Noel, Janice, Bailey, Galen, Sondra, Ian, Jim and Carol McMahan, Bill  and me.  Mark and Phyllis were feeling sick and stayed home.

I enjoy the holiday season, but I was glad to take down the tree and feel some normalcy again.  It was even good just to sit and watch the Sooners beat up on Alabama.  I watched the OSU game for awhile but soon knew that it was a lost cause and I was getting sleepy. 

This past Saturday morning, Noel told us to meet at Sunny Side Up for breakfast.  Bailey was taking the gang out and paying.  He is the most generous Christian man I know!  God bless him!

Thank you, God for family and friends!  I love you!