Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring is Aroud the Corner!

The few days of warm sun felt good.  We sprayed our lawn with weed killer and picked up all the fallen branches from the last storm.  I also filled my bird feeder.

Last Thursday, Galen and I attended a chaplain's meeting at St. Anthony Hospital in Shawnee.  We had interesting conversation and a lunch together.  Galen will finish his training and orientation next week and has been assigned to Tuesdays with me.  That is nice!

Friday, Bill and I went to Noel and Janice's for dinner.  Sondra helped cook potroast and Mom joined us as well.  Kylee, Galen's granddaughter had just finished softball practice, so she had dinner with us also.  She is growing up to be such a sweet girl.

Saturday, we saw the movie, God Is Not Dead".  The theater was filled!!  I was surprised at how good the movie was.  Of course, I could see myself in the movie because I had defended my beliefs while taking a night class in Stephenville, Texas while earning my teaching credential.  I think atheists must not like this movie very much.  I am so glad that Christians are doing something to stop the devil from snatching our young.

This morning, Pastor Mike preached from Revelation.  The end is spelled out.  Current events are right on target.  Russia and Europe play important roles in going after Israel.  I'm not worried because I know that Christians will be raptured out of here before things get really bad.  I still can't imagine what kind of hope and comfort non-believers have.  There is too much evidence that there is a God who is in control of things to come.  Sure, we have free wills and we make messes on this earth.  That is not God's fault!  Humans don't ever like to blame themselves and think far too much of ourselves. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dentist/Music Party/Africa/Malaysian Airliner

Last Tuesday, Bill drove me to see Dr. Hilton in OKC.  He is a specialist who does only root canals.  I was referred by my dentist.  The worst pain was the shot which deadened my mouth.  I prayed hard while that took effect!!  I could feel the tears in my eyes.  Actually, I recovered very quickly and didn't have to take the pain medicine prescribed.  A few Tylenols did the trick the first night!  The following day we went to Braums' to get milkshakes.  We were given 2 gift certificates at the dental office.  I decided I like Sonic shakes much better.  They have more fresh fruit.

By Friday evening, I was ready for the Music Party that had been planned.  We filled our house with my piano students, their families, and my Bible Study Class.  After playing music, we played a game that Bill organized.  The guests had to look at word phrases from famous songs and guess the titles.  My Mom (90 years old) was awesome.  She guessed some Elvis songs! 

This morning, during Bible Study Class, we skyped Keri and her family.  The kids, Sofia, Selah and Isaiah all introduced themselves and sang songs in African.  Isaiah also counted to ten in African for us.  Keri asked us to pray for 2 things:  Isaiah has hurt his hand and needs an x-ray; a nearby bridge collapsed and over 100 people have been injured.  Kevin, our son-in-law shared that his language teacher has just become the chief of his tribe because of a death in his family.  The whole family is adjusting quickly and has made many friends.  I pray for their protection daily. 

I have been praying for the families of the Malaysian Airline disappearance.  I know what it is like to not have closure.  And, having been to Malaysia I can picture the people of that country.  When my cousins, Bill and Virginia were killed in a helicopter crash, I wanted to know what happened.  Their bodies were never found.  My comfort is that I will see them again in heaven.  They were some of the sweetest Christians I have ever known!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Celebrations of Life!

Mom arrived back home from California on Thursday evening.  She has been bubbling about Jennifer's wedding ever since.  Bilal, Jennifer's new husband is a handsome and intelligent (speaks 6 languages fluently) former Muslim from India.  He is now a Christian and speaks anywhere he is asked. Bill and I met him while visiting my son, Kirk, last February.  He is very charming.

Last Friday, Bill and I attended Alan Jones funeral.  I missed him sitting with his wife, Jo Ellen on our row this morning during worship.  Alan was so full of life!  He was from Kauai, Hawaii and drove a red Fiat around Shawnee.  I miss Alan but know we will meet again in Heaven.  I have no doubt!

Friday evening, Galen and Sondra and Mom came over for dinner.  I made pork chops and a German Chocolate cake for his birthday.  As I mentioned before, it is nice to live near family after being overseas for so many years.

Saturday, I visited with Noel and Janice's grandsons, Hunter and Forest.  They are sweet and such good conversationalists.  I now know all about Dr. Who!

Saturday afternoon, we went to see the movie, "Son of God".  Galen and Sondra were there with their grandkids, Jace and Kylee.  It is quality and very moving.  I can't wait for "Heaven Is For Real" to hit the screen.  I read that book while Ezekiel was fighting for his life at Children's Hospital in Loma Linda, California.  Then, I loaned it to Tamra's father who died within the year.  I had no idea we would lose him so quickly from cancer!  He looked great when I last saw him.

This morning, it was raining quite hard when we went to church.  We tried to skype Keri and her family during Bible Study, but her power was down.  It is so frustrating for them!  Just before worship service we looked outside and it had begun to snow for awhile.  Winter has not left us yet.  Bill played, "Shine, Jesus, Shine" on his trumpet today for offertory.  Everytime I accompany that song on the piano I think of Nairobi and Tokyo because the people loved that song and sang it in their own languages.  

I pray all the time for the families of the people who are missing on the Malaysian Airliner.  It is so difficult when there is no physical closure.  I know that it is much easier and more comforting for the Christians.  No matter where the Christian is, God is with them in their spirits and they will be fine.  I still often think of my cousins, Bill and Virginia.  Their helicopter blew up and their bodies were never found.  At least, Bill's Naval officer's hat was found floating in the Caribbean off the coast of Puerto Rico.  I don't understand, but I know that they were both people of strong faith and I will see them again in Heaven.  What a reunion there will be in the future!  I can't imagine the hell it would be not to have that comfort of faith in my life.  The more I love, the more I need to see those people again!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Great Week! Celebrations!

This has been a great week!  Galen and many of my friends had birthdays this week.  Happy Birthday!  We had planned to have a big dinner Friday evening, but Galen's son, Jason wanted to take him out to dinner instead.  So we will celebrate next week.  I had already made a potatoe salad and bought some BBQ ribs, so Noel and Janice and Mark came over for dinner.  We porked out together.  Janice made a banana pudding from scratch.  It was so good!

On Thursday, Galen drove Mom to the airport.  My youngest brother, Roger, had sent her an airline ticket to fly to California for his daughter, Jennifer's wedding.  The pictures on facebook were beautiful.  We wish we could have been there.  Actually, we are saving our money to go to Michigan in May for Kelli's wedding, and our grandson, Caleb's  high school graduation.

I enjoyed all of my piano students last week.  They are working hard to perform at out music party in just a few weeks. 

It was an interesting day at the hospital last Tuesday.  As soon as I walked into one patient's room I knew I wasn't welcome.  She had a hard bitter look on her face.  After introducing myself and asking if I could pray for her, she said, "I don't do that!"  Then her husband told me not to come back again!!  I was stunned and hurt because I had done nothing to offend anyone.  Then, I realized that the room was teeming with demons.  I left quietly and feeling so sad for that couple.  Without God, Satan fills the empty space in people's hearts.

This morning Pastor Mike preached from Revelation and the end times.  Demons are filling our world and there doesn't seem to be any wisdom in our leaders.  It would be so scary if I didn't have the peace that God will never leave me nor forsake me.  I can always depend on His Spirit to protect me.