Monday, April 28, 2014

Carpet Week/Tornados

I have been spending most of my time moving things into the family room before the carpet people come on Thursday.  Bill and I have to move everything so they can move the furniture before ripping up the old carpet and putting down the new.  We chose Stain Master in a light color that is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the house.    It will increase the value of the house quite a bit. 

This morning, Galen and Sondra flew to Miami to board the Celebrity Cruise Line to England.  They will go up the Eastern Coast to Prince Edward Islands before launching out into the Atlantic.  I hope they have a relaxing time.

We have spent a lot of time at the hospital lately visiting our friend, Edie Powell.  She has pneumonia and isn't doing well. 

Sunday, we had a really good Bible Study Class.  We studied the value of work and being thankful for what God has provided us with.  That lesson was good for me as I have prepared for the new carpet.  Instead of whining, I have thanked God for what He has given me.  I really am very blessed!  I think of the people who have endured tornadoes and pray they have friends nearby to assist and help.  Storms like that make me put everything in perspective.  What really is important in life?  Relationships are what we are on the earth for!  Without people we love, even heaven isn't the same.    I keep asking God to show Himself to those I love and don't believe.  I really don't want to be in heaven without them!!  There is a judgement day and there really is hell.

We are praying for Kevin' s father today.  He had a heart attack and is in the hospital.  It is a very long flight from Northern Africa for Kevin to travel home to Michigan.  We trust God to know what is best and the timing of this.  Bill Sheckler is a believer, and knows that He is in God's hands.  He is not afraid to die.  A very sweet man!

I'm going to the Senior Center for lunch today with Noel and Janice.  Bill is subbing at Jim Thorpe School.  He is still teaching online K-12 each week and grading essays for Pearson Company.  Bill is thinking seriously about going on social security and having more time off.  I really think he will always work at something.  He loves to stay busy!  And, I don't mind the extra money coming in.  Ha!

Mom is still doing great!  Galen and Sondra took her out all day Saturday.  They went out to breakfast, to Red Rock Canyon, and to Catfish Round-Up for dinner.  They wanted to do something before they left on their trip.  Nice! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Loved Easter!

Yesterday, I put away my Easter tree and decorations.  Mom bought them in Germany.  It seems time is flying again.  God blessed our Easter musical.  Our 2 star sopranos were there and all went well.  I have to say the music was the most demanding I have ever sung.  It rocked and moved so fast!  I had to memorize the words to get them out of my mouth. 

Dinner was delicious on Easter.  I made potato salad ahead and put a 10 pound spiral ham in the oven before going to church.  All I had to do was heat vegetables.  Phylllis  brought a nice salad, as well as Shirley.  Mom made strawberry pies, and Noel and Janice brought homemade chocolate and cream pies.  Later in the afternoon we heard rain on the patio roof.  Perfect!  I talked to Kirk and Kelli on the phone while listening to the patter.

Last Friday, Noel and Janice rode with us to Turner Falls.  Mark rode with Galen and Sondra.  It was a warm day and there were few people there.  Nice!  The falls and the creek always bring back lots of memories for me.  At noon, we ate at Smokin' Joes Restaurant.  We all decided they have the best bar-b-que in the State of Oklahoma!!!   After stuffing ourselves, we drove to Falls Creek Assembly .  Galen and I started talking about our days at Glorieta.  It is so much alike!  We looked inside the new worship center that holds about 3,000 people.  Incredible!  After walking around a bit, we drove to the Fried Pie in Davis.  We all ordered different kinds and stuffed ourselves all over again.  It's a beautiful drive there and back, and we all felt like naps when reaching home about 4 p.m.

Tuesday, I went to the hospital.  All went well.  The patients welcomed me with smiles and blessed me in return.  The west wing of the hospital has been torn down in preparation of the new rehab center and the new women's center.  It going to be a beautiful new tower.

After finishing my documentation at the hospital, I went by to pick up my new reading glasses.  I am so grateful that I can still drive without my glasses.

I continue to thank God everyday for what He does for me.  Satan is after me at all times, but I ask to be delivered from Evil.  I find myself anxiously waiting to see what Good thing God is going to do next and how He is going to handle my problems.  Heaven is for Real for those who have spiritual eyes.  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Week and I Have Been Renewed

This has been a very busy but good week!  On Tuesday, Bill took me to OKC to have my sutures removed from my upper gum.  We celebrated after by going to Steak-N-Shake.  It was my first hamburger in 10 days.  I also thanked God that my insurance was taking care of the $2,600 bill.                 On Tuesday morning, I went to the hospital for my volunteer duty.  One of the kitchen workers was with his wife on the 3rd floor.  She was extremely ill and was in tears from depression.  I prayed with them both and saw a little smile before I left her room.  When  I finished the 3rd floor, I went to the OB Department.  I found a new father holding his newborn daughter, and I didn't see the mother.  While we were visiting, the mother bounded into the room in jeans and a T-shirt.  She had been to the cafeteria to get drinks for she and her husband.  I stared in dismay!!  We are all certainly different.  I could barely lift my head after giving birth!

Wednesday, my sister-in-law Janice went with me to the eye doctor.  He had asked me to come back to be re-tested.  The test was the same, so he upped my prescription.  I must be getting older, and I can't imagine how that happened!  After being fitted for new reading glasses, we drove to the Senior Center for lunch with Bill and my brother, Noel. 

I was able to give all of my piano lessons this week.  My new student, Maci, is wonderful!  She loves the piano and is flying through her book.  We played a duet together last week and she got so excited.  She is in the 2nd grade and loves life in general.

I have been practicing for the Easter musical this week, and packing to move things for the new carpet.  I have also been planning for Easter dinner on Sunday.  There will be 9 of us this year.

I watch the news and see our government growing stronger and using mafia tactics to push people around.  I have never seen so much corruption in my life time!  I'm so glad I have hope and faith that this world is not all there is.  If not, I would be so bitter and have so much anger inside of me.  Thank you Lord for showing us how to forgive and love!  I can go ahead with my life and enjoy every minute.   

Sunday, April 6, 2014

How Long Will My Blog Be Tolerated?

Whatever happened to free speech?  And, how long will my blog be tolerated?  I use Firefox to write my blog and it makes me wonder.  The CEO of Firefox was recently fired because he gave a donation to the campaign in California in 2008 to make same sex marriage the only legal status.  The bill passed.  Later, he was made CEO and he has never been accused of being intolerant toward anyone.  However, his donation made him ineligible to work for Firefox and Mozella.  He has been fired.  It should be noted that President Obama held the same opinion of marriage in 2008.  He has since been enlightened it seems.  Should he be impeached?

We have been listening to a series of sermons on the Book of Revelation on Sunday mornings.  Christians are not really surprised to be persecuted by non-believers.  The atheists have enjoyed tolerance for years, but have none for those who do not hold their beliefs.  It hurts to see the way they try to embarrass those who love them most.  Especially, their parents.  God just keeps on blessing His kids.  I noted that we have a new Chick-Filet being built in Shawnee on Kickapoo Street.  It has now surpassed KFC in the amount of business received.  Not surprised!

This morning, we were encouraged at the Easter choir practice.  We have 5 men and 5 women in addition to Bill directing.  The number is small, but the singers all read music and are strong singers.  With great microphones, they will be great.  The musical is, "Jesus Is Alive" arraned and orchestrated by Daniel Semsem.  It has songs that are fast driving rock and keeps me on my toes.  I'm having to memorize some of the music so I can spit the words out fast enough.  Music like that is truly inspired.

Last week, I went to the eye doctor for my yearly check-up.  Dr. Watters told me to come back again next week to be tested one more time.  He wasn't sure of the results.  I know my right retina is warped, but my left eye is still super.  That is confusing.  I can still drive without glasses.

We took the leap, and ordered new carpet for our living room, hall and bedrooms.  It is lighter than what we have but is guaranteed to last the lifetime of our home.  It is transferable if we should sell the house.  I have never heard of that before.

Last week, Bill and I headed back to the fitness center.  The pool re-opened after being resurfaced.  The locker rooms were both re-done as well with beautiful tile insets.  It felt good to swim again, but my lower back was a bit sore the next morning.  I will check to see if swimming helps or makes it worse.  I know I'm at that age!

We are very proud of Kirk and Tamra!  They have been invited to the SBC meeting in Baltimore in June.  They will be commissioned as NAMB missionaries.  Kelli, his sister, will be there to cover the convention as usual.  She interviews and types by-lines for photographs.  God gets all the glory for my kids growing spiritually and serving so well.  Everyone, said my divorce would be a problem for them.  Maybe it was, but God is greater!