Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day and Age - the Great Equalizer

It was a great Mother's Day weekend!  Saturday, I received a bouquet of flowers from Bill, a baby rose bush in a straw basket from Kirk and Tamra, and a bouquet of tulips from Kelli.  Keri has had internet problems in Africa, but plans to skype this week as available.  God has given me the most beautiful kids - inside and out.  They don't embarrass me, and always treat me with respect.  We don't fight with each other verbally and have such a great time when we are together!!  I am truly blessed!

Sunday, Bill and I worshiped with Mom at her church (First Baptist, Tecumseh) and then took her to dinner at Bamboo Garden.  She loves the cashew chicken.  I have a great Mom.  We don't always agree on everything, but I respect her so much and keep my mouth shut.  I appreciate her for always loving me and being there for me.  I know that her values come from a close relationship with God and she has done her best to pass those on to her kids.  We are lucky that she not only talked, but was the best role model.   

It was a difficult week for me.  I experienced gout in my right toe, and had to see my doctor for the pain.  He put me on a steroid for 6 days that took the inflammation away immediately.  I have also been drinking 100% cherry juice which was hard to drink because it is so tart.  The pain caused my blood pressure to go up and I was told to check it every day.  I bought the best money could buy at WalGreens.  It was obviously flawed due to the crazy numbers that showed on the screen.  I took it to the nurse at the senior center and she tested the monitor.  After comparing her readings, she told me to get my money back.  I did so!  Now, I just use the monitor at the senior center when I go for lunch.   After calling in my readings, the doctor is changing my pressure meds for awhile.  I guess I didn't think I would ever get old because people always tell me how young I look.  Well, I might look young, but I'm getting older.  That's what happens when you are 66 years old!  Age is the great equalizer.  It doesn't matter how you look, or how smart you are.  Age and death will come and we have to be prepared to meet it gracefully.

During my pain, I thought of all the people I have prayed for, and decided to go on face book and ask my family and friends to pray for me!  I received the most precious prayers back from my family.  My grandkids melt my heart with their simple words to God.  I know that I was better so much sooner because of their faith.  We are all nutty, crazy Christians and I wouldn't change that for my soul.     

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

It is very cloudy this morning.  It rained through the night and will do so until this afternoon.  I am a "rain" person and enjoy the thunder and lightening.  I do pray the severe storms will stay in the fields where there are no people. 

I absolutely love my new light tan carpet!  It has a thick pad so I feel like I'm bouncing when I walk.  I worked really hard to put things back in order so my piano students would feel comfortable on Monday.  I didn't realize that I was getting so much done so I could fill in for some chaplains who were sick.   As I was driving, I asked God to show me why I was going in on Monday.  I knew right away!  My first visit was to a young mother who was having her baby taken away by CPS.  She cried and we prayed that God would forgive her behavior.  I did my best to encourage her and let her know that it was not final.  She could get her child back with the help of God and family.  In another room, a man was distraught because his wife was dying and he had lost his son in September.  His son had been a missionary for many years.  I assumed the father was an active Christian but soon found out differently.  He had not been to church for 35 years because a church had preached that divorce could not be forgiven.  I was stunned!  I told him I had been divorced and I knew for sure that God forgives ALL SIN.  Sin is not ranked!  When I visited this same man on Tuesday morning, he looked radiant and his wife had turned the corner physically.  She was going to get to go home that afternoon.  God does answer prayer.  And, God does forgive all sin.  I hugged this couple and told them I would see them in heaven if not again on this earth.

Noel and Janice left this morning to go back to Springfield for 10 days.  They have doctor appointments and need to check on their house.  Bill barbequed pork steak for us all on Wednesday evening.  Gramma joined us.  Galen and Sondra are sending pictures on facebook of their cruise.  They are enjoying the buffet and reading lots of books. 

We will go to Michigan soon for Caleb's graduation from high school and Kelli's garden wedding.  I'm enjoying our flowers in Oklahoma.  My iris and roses are in full bloom now.  Bill washed down the patio and outdoor furniture.  I love spring and the concert of our birds! 

My mantra for the week is to live in faith, not in fear.  There is no place for fretting and worry in the life of God's kids.  God has proved His love for me over and over, and I'm not going to stop trusting Him now.  I will enjoy my OLD AGE!