Thursday, June 26, 2014

Busy Week as Usual

Tuesday, I spent my morning at the hospital.  I visited with 4 new mothers and their babies.  Then, I saw 10 patients on the 2nd floor.  I met the sweetest people who invited me to pray with them.  I continue to be amazed at how I can tell when I walk in who already knows the Lord very well.  There was one man, however, who was not sure that he was a child of God and would go to heaven should he die.  I shared the good news of forgiveness and salvation with him and left him to think about it.  I never push or shove.  I did ask Bill Simpson, our senior chaplain to visit with him again later. 

We have witnessed the gift of life once again.  While in Michigan, some phoebes built a mud nest on our front porch.  Today, we saw 2 fuzzy little heads poke above the nest.  The parents are beautiful with yellow breasts and scissor tails.  They are small petite birds and are very quiet and clean thus far. 

Bill and I shopped today for a new bathtub unit.  That will complete the remodeling of our hall bath. 

Tomorrow, the family will join us to celebrate Noel's birthday which happened last week while he was in Springfield.  The Pow Wow also begins tomorrow morning.  I have to go get our freebies.  We have already registered on line.

The timer just went off.  I think my cherry cobbler is finished.  I hope it is good.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Noel!

Today is Noel's 61rst birthday.  I was 5 years old when he was born.  I can still remember sitting on the front porch with Galen and waiting for my Dad to bring Mom and our new brother home from the hospital.  Noel's claim to fame is that when we attended the SBC Convention in Miami the next year, a photographer took a picture of him sleeping on my mother's lap.  It appeared on the front page of the newspaper!  Noel is now retired from the US Navy and lives in Springfield, Missouri.  He and Janice also have a lovely apartment in Shawnee.  They go back and forth so that he can keep his cardiologist here in Oklahoma.  Noel and I became very close when he had his heart surgeries at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital.  Janice couldn't be here all of the time because she had one more year until she could retire from the city job assistance office.  She has retired now and can spend time with us.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend Activities

Last Friday evening, Noel, Janice, Mark and Mom came over for a dinner on the screened patio.  The weather was perfect!  Bill grilled boneless pork sirloin.  We really enjoyed just sitting and talking.  On Friday afternoon, We joined Noel and Janice again at Deltat Cafe for lunch.  After, Bill and I went to the Hornbeck Theater to see, "Divergent".  It reminded us of what is going on in China and how the United States will be in the future if Core Curriculum is allowed to continue.  The government would love to brainwash our children and make them think that we should all be part of the one world government. \

On Sunday, we had a great Bible Study Class.  We studied Mephibosheth and how he was treated by King David.  We talked about how our guilt and shame holds us back from being forgiven and moving forward with our lives.  Some people really enjoy being victims of their past and can never see how much they are loved by others and by God.  It is never too late to change and become the person we were meant to be.  Everyone is special!

Bill played his trumpet for the offertory.  He arranged the song, "This Is My Father's World".  Many people told us how much they loved it! 

Galen and Sondra are still in California helping their daughter's family pack to move to Shawnee.   Mom will be flying there in August to be at my brother's son's wedding in Riverside.  Kirk and his family are in Haiti working at the orphanage that Kirk sponsors.  Ezekiel, my 2 year old grandson seems to be having the time of his life with the kids there.  Kelli just returned from the So. Baptist Convention.  She interviewed Dr. Ben Carson and had him to sign a book for her.  Every year she meets the most famous people while working with the other journalist.  God has blessed her life so much!  Keri and Kevin are loving being in North Africa.  We pray everyday that they will be safe.

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Miracle of Life

This week I attended the memorial service for my friend, Edi Powell.  Edi and her husband, Jerry began the Grace Cowboy Church and asked Galen to be pastor.  Edi and Jerry were a part of our New Years Party at our house this year.  I had no idea that Edi would pass on May 31.  She was so beautiful inside and out.  (She dated James Garner in high school).  The service was lovely and there must have been 200 people present.  I counted 26 just from the Senior Center.  Life is certainly worth celebrating.

When we arrived back home from Michigan, a wren had built a nest on our front porch.  We have not disturbed it and have let the parents fly in and out.  One day we will hear the cheep of babies and watch them mature and fly away.  The miracle of life.

Recently, I read on the internet that Miss Pennsylvania was the product of rape.  Her mother had been raped by a stranger, but she chose to keep the baby and not abort.  God had a plan for that child in spite of the evil in the world.  God always makes lemonade out of lemons when we allow Him to do so.  Our attitude is so important.  We become bitter and blame God, or we look for opportunity to let Him work.  I love the story of Joseph in the Bible.  It is profound!! 

I am basking in the power of the storm that is pounding Oklahoma today.  I always remember my time at Glorieta when I first experienced this type of rain.  CA doesn't know thunder and lightening.  I just love it!

Monday, June 2, 2014

This Day is a New Gift from God

This morning I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and it was storming outside.  Lightning was flashing and the power of God was thundering.  I just lay in my bed and enjoyed the sound of pouring rain.  After experiencing a drought in Nairobi, Kenya and praying for water, I know how to be thankful.

Bill and I returned from our trip to Michigan last Saturday afternoon.  We had been gone from home for 12 days.  On Thursday, May 22, we attended our grandson, Caleb's high school graduation.  There were 420 Hudsonville High School graduates in the Hope College arena in Holland, Michigan.   I can't believe I'm old enough to have a grandson going to Indiana Weslyan University this fall.  On Friday evening, we had a party for Caleb in Kelli's condo.  Kirk and his family had flown from California for the event and we had pizza and Boston Creme cake.  

On Saturday Morning, we all went to Springdale Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan for Dave and Kelli's wedding.  It was beautiful and the weather was perfect!  There was a brook that bubbled nearby and Redbud trees in bloom.  Kelli and Dave's children each had a long-stemmed flower that they put into a large vase to make a bouquet that represented the blended family.  My granddaughter, Hannah sang "Oceans" while her new stepbrothers played the guitar and bongo drums.  It was beautiful!  After the wedding we drove to the Amway Grand Hotel.  The lunch was held on the 28th floor and served very elegantly. 

On Sunday, Bill and I drove to Manistee which is about 90 north of Grand Rapids.  It is where Bill spent every summer of his life.  We sold the cottage a few years ago but still spend time there.  We stayed at the Little River Resort and enjoyed the area.  We saw "Godzilla" at the newly restored Vogue Theater and had lunch on the river.  Later, we got ice cream and drove to the Lake Michigan Beach where the lighthouse guards the channel.  We visited our old neighbors, Marlene and Roy Walters, and were sure to eat at the Cherry Hut. 

We drove home via Springfield, Illinois and got caught in a major rain storm.  We had to pull over on the highway for about 20 minutes until we could see to drive.  We stopped for the night at Hampton Inn in Litchfield, Illinois.  I had a temperature problem while taking my shower and ended up getting the night and our breakfast free of charge.  That is my favorite hotel! 

We drove to Springfield, Missouri and spent 2 nights with Noel and Janice who happened to be there for doctor's appointments.  Bailey (Janice's dad) came over one evening and had chinese food with us.  On Friday morning, we went to Silver Dollar City and used our passes.  Noel introduced us to the breakfast buffet before enjoying the music shows.  It was Bluegrass Week.  We met several nice folks while we were there who agreed with our analysis of the Obama administration.  We are getting closer and closer to the end days.  People have to be very fearful before they will let the government take over their lives.  The fastest way to do that is to take away people's faith in God and to make them feel dependent.  I don't think I have ever met so many prideful people who think they can take care of the world.  It amazes me!  I know where my power and strength comes from.  Certainly not myself.  Every morning, I talk to my father in heaven and ask Him to work out my day for me.  I also talk to Him about other people.  I ask for their faith to be strengthened so that they can be free of fear and know that all is well.  This is not my home, I'm just passing through.  Yeah!  The journey is fun!