Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Great Weekend!

I have missed going to Michigan this summer.  We went in May for Kelli's wedding instead.  However, I have stayed busy having fun and the weather hasn't been too hot.  My cousin, Sharon and her husband, Marty came to visit from Little Rock, Arkansas.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and then to my Mom's to play Skip-Bo and eat watermelon.  Marty worked at Glorieta in Western Town and we had lots to talk about.  Now, Marty pastors a large church and Sharon is manager of LifeWay Book Store in Little Rock.

Sunday, we went to church with Mom.  The guest preacher is a missionary to Gypsies in Brazil.  Before going there, he and his family lived in Romania for 7 years.  He was very interesting.  It made me think a lot about my kids in Northern Africa at the moment.

Yesterday, I got a call from a mother who wants her daughter to begin piano lessons.  It will be fun to have a new student.  I just dropped 2 who didn't seem to be very interested anymore and I was tiring of the drive to Shawnee.  This little one will come to my house.

Today, I volunteered at St. Anthony Hospital-Shawnee.  There were 9 new babies born this morning.  After praying with these new moms, I went to the 2nd floor to help out there.  I continue to be amazed at the sweet smiles on patients who are in pain, yet have the joy of the Lord in their hearts.  They always bless me more than I can bless them.  Two things impressed me today.  The head nurse in OB told me that the nurses have begun praying together before each shift.  Also, one of the older patients told me that her doctor asked if he could pray for her that morning in the hospital.  I know it gives me more confidence when I know my caretakers have a higher power guiding them.