Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Faith versus Fear of viruses, floods, ISIS etc.

The weekend kept me hopping and I haven't stopped yet.  I drove Mom to Farmer's Market on Saturday and then brought her to my house to skype with Keri and her family in North Africa.  Sunday was Keri's 45th birthday and she still looks like she did in high school.  No kidding!  Her children are doing wonderful in the British school there.  Isaiah is 4 years old and already sounding out words and read his first book.  Selah and Sofia spoke to me in the local dialect and sang a song about love.  Selah is 7 years old and Sofia will be 10 years old in November.  I do pray for their safety everyday.  I know they have a host of angels all around them.

Sunday, I taught my first new Bible Study Class at Blackburn Chapel Baptist Church.  There were 5 that left the other class and now we can grow.  Since I am the church pianist, I have to arrive at church early to practice the songs that Russ has chosen.  On the spur of the moment, I was asked to play the offertory.  I chose, "Speak to My Heart"  from the old Baptist Hymnal.  There is a new hymnal that was published 4 years ago with all of the new songs. 

Yesterday, I took Lorna and Victoria out to lunch and then brought them to my house to play Skip-Bo.  We were celebrating their birthdays.  Victoria and her husband left today for Seoul, Korea.  Her sister works for the American Embassy.  She was so excited!

This morning, I volunteered at St. Anthony Hospital.  Galen works on Tuesday mornings as well.  I visited with 10 new mothers and then worked half of 2nd floor.  A doctor walked into one of the rooms where I was just about to pray with the patient.  He asked if he could join us!  That's the third doctor to do so.  It makes me feel so good to know there are doctors that are believers and pray for their patients!  Wonderful!  There really is a spiritual warfare going on. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Life is Getting Faster and More Exciting!

The older I get, the faster time goes.  I am so busy everyday and run out of energy as well.  Friday, we had lunch with friends at the Elder Center and then went swimming for an hour.  That night, we had dinner with Noel and Janice at their home.  Janice made a pot roast with all the trimmings.  Yum!

Saturday morning, we went to Tecumseh Pioneer Days.  First, we enjoyed the Tecumseh H.S. Band Concert, and then watched the parade.  That evening, we attended our Bible Study Cook-out at Blackburn Chapel Baptist Church.  There were hot dogs, hamburgers, vegies, beans and every kind of dessert imaginable.

This morning, we attended Bible Study and found the room crammed with 18 people.  A decision has been made to split the class and I have been challenged to teach this new class.  Before worship, a lady came up to me and said that she was in a new relationship and wanted it to be a close one.  She and her friend would be attending our class.  We're planning to see the movie, "Left Behind" as a group!

The worship service was great!  Four were baptized.  Bill played his wooden recorder for the special and I accompanied him on the piano.  Being church pianist keeps me hopping.  Russ is always handing me new music and I have to get it learned in 15 minutes.  So far, God has been with me and no one seems to know the difference.

Galen and Sondra joined us for worship this morning and then we went to lunch.  It really is nice to be with family!  Noel and Janice went to Springfield for Mark's health issue.  They plan to return to Shawnee in a few days.

Tonight, 3 of my lady friends is going to our church to see the movie, "God is Not Dead".  It speaks to those who have an open heart and mind.  Otherwise, it is nothing.  I have learned that there is a time when the Holy Spirit can speak and people will listen.  If they wrap their hearts in steel, soon it becomes very difficult but not impossible to penetrate.  I continue to pray for those hard hearts.  God is stronger than Satan who keeps those hearts in prison.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rain, Movie, and Church

We have had the mildest summer weather with lots of rain.  I love it!  I can feel the fall season just around the corner.  It has become my favorite because it is not too cold or hot.  I love the pumpkins and the colored leaves as well. 

This past week has just flowed.  I gave 3 piano lessons.  I don't miss driving to Shawnee for the ones I dropped.  It is so nice to have the students come to my house.  And, my students are doing well.  So cute!

On Saturday, Bill and I saw "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes".  It was okay.  Not as good as "The Giver".

Last night, we watched OU play Tennessee.  They made us proud.  I heard OSU beat Texas.  Go Oklahoma schools!

I am pianist for Blackburn Chapel Baptist Church.  It is a beautiful church and has the most down to earth  people!  The Spirit of God is on our pastor, Larry Sparks.  Every Sunday, people are coming for baptism and to join the church.  There are so many adults who have tried the ways of the world and have decided to come back to God.  This church is out in the country and Bill and I love the drive.  There are so many trees, meadows and hay fields.  It is just beautiful!    Something tells me that God is blessing me with peace and contentment.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Busy But Happy!

Yikes!  I didn't realize it had been so long since I have posted a blog.  I have been going non-stop!  Last Monday, we had Galen and Sondra and Mom over to grill Brats for Labour Day Weekend.  Tuesday, I volunteered at the hospital.  Wednesday was catch up day.  It was time to go to the bank, get gas etc.  Thursday, I went with Mom to the kidney specialist.  Her kidneys have begun to fail and they will try some new medications on her.  She amazes everyone because she is still so pretty and walks without a cane at 91 years old.  Friday, I took her to the pharmacy and then to the nail salon to get our nails done.  We do that once a month together.  While there, we saw Crystal, Galen's daughter who moved to Shawnee recently.  She seems to adjusting to leaving California for the midwest.  She is in the process of applying for nursing jobs.  She will have no trouble at all.

Friday evening, Bill and I hosted Pastor Larry and music director Russell Ramsy  for dinner.  I made my favorite meal, spaghetti, green beans, tossed salad and garlic bread.  For desser, I made banana pudding.  We discussed the Christmas musical for Blackburn Baptist Chapel until 10:00 p.m.  That church is coming back from the dead, and the people are so excited.  They have not had Christmas music for almost 6 years!  This morning, the people were given survey forms and already there are 14 people who want to sing in the choir.  The Spirit of God is raining down on that church.  A 70 year old biker and his wife were baptized this morning along with others.  Bill and I were in one of 3 adult Bible Study Classes that has exploded from 3 to 16 people in a few months.  Pastor Larry spoke to me about starting a new class of college and career adults.  We'll pray and see what God wants.    Bill and I never thought we would leave New Beginnings Church, but God has moved us and we are feeling the excitement.

When you see God working all around you, you don't care as much about Obama and his thugs, or the war in the middle east.  I know that God is still in control of this world and I must be accountable for what happens in my life.  Of course, I will pray and know that the old devil is out there.  I will continue to watch Fox News and be intelligent but not become discouraged.  I will also continue to pray for the friends I love who do not agree with me and do not know the love of Christ.