Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Week

Time is flying by as usual for me.  Last Sunday, Bryce our next door neighbor went to church with us.  He had not been for years and said he really loved New Beginnings Church.  After church, we took Bryce to dinner at the Delta Cafe.  When we came home, he said he wanted to go with us to church again next Sunday.  He works at Benton's Cafe in downtown Shawnee and it is closed on Sundays.  Benton's happens to be Noel's favorite restaurant because they have home cooking and fresh pies.

Monday, Mom came over to our house for Bill's grilled hamburgers and watermelon  We played dominoes for several hours and took Mom home about 5 p.m.  Holidays are a good thing!  Monday was also our son-in-law's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Kevin!  You are wonderful!  Last Friday was Isaiah's birthday.  He turned 3 years old.  We had a nice phone chat with him.

Tuesday, I spent the morning at the hospital.  I really enjoyed talking to a patient who has been layed off recently from Edwards Air Force Base as quality control for missile launch and recovery.  I know the Mohave Desert very well since my oldest brother, Truett use to work out there.  Like the rest of us, Fred headed to Oklahoma rather than staying in California where the cost of living has gone off the chart!  Bill joined me and Larry for lunch at the hospital.  After lunch, I indulged in the gift shop sale that was being held in the backroom for employees and volunteer staff.  I was able to buy many items for Christmas at 75% off.

Wednesday, Bill and I joined Mom, Noel and Janice at the Senior Center for lunch.  They had just returned from Springfield.  We love having them back in Oklahoma!  Janette and Jack (Mom's neighbors)  were also there.  It will be even more fun when Galen and Sondra get back here.

Life is never boring with a threat of severe weather, and Obama's administration pulling their shinanigans.  They can lie with such straight faces!  I pray that America wakes up soon.  Fox News interviews people on the street who have no idea what is going on in the news and cannot name the Secretary of State, nor the vice president.  One of these young people is a student at Cal Berkley.  Duh!  Benghazi is bad enough, but now we have the IRS scandal and the AP being preyed upon by the Justice Department.  I guess that is Chicago Mob style government.  Bush would have been put out of office by now if he had tried any of the things Obama is doing.  Just wait until ObamaCare goes into effect.  From what I'm hearing about insurance rates going up and taxes being put on the workers, there is certainly going to be some complaining in the streets.

Last night, we watched the live concert on TV that was benefiting the tornado victims.  Vince Gill from Norman, OK) sang, "Threat of Heaven".  It was great!  The most that people can do when I am dying is to threaten me with going to heaven where I will wait for you!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Silver Dollar City/Tornados/And More

While in Branson, we took the  grandkids miniature golfing for the first time.  Selah surprised us by making a whole in one!  Not bad for a 5 year old!  On Tuesday of last week, we took them to Silver Dollar City.  It was a perfect day weatherwise.  Bill and I had always gone to the shows, so it was a new experience to go to every kiddie ride available. 

Sunday, we went to Bible Study and Worship and then home to wait for the bad weather to hit.  We had been warned, so we watched the TV.  The siren sounded in Tecumseh about 4:00 p.m.  I called Noel to let him know we were going to get Mom and go to the safe house.  He, Janice and Mark met us.  We stayed until the radio let us know that it was clear.  We called Jason (Galen's son) and learned that they had a lot of hail damage, but their house was okay.  On Monday, we had a repeat of Sunday's drill.  When I watched the huge tornado forming in NewCastle on the TV, I told Bill to get in the car and go!  Once again, we went to Mom's apartment to get her.  Two official looking men were at her door telling her to go.  Again, Noel's family joined us.  We talked to the neighbors until it was once again clear.  By now, Bethel Acres and Moore looked like a war zone. 

We all went back to Mom's, and Bill and I offered to get food from Sonic which was nearby.  It was closed, so we drove to FireLake Supermarket.  It was partially open and most of the lights were out.  I found some deli chicken wings and some frozen tater tots to go with Mom's Dr. Pepper. We took those to the family for dinner in the pouring rain.  No one minded because we were all together and safe.  Several of our friends have lost their homes or had major damage.  Our church email has kept us in touch, and everyone has pitched in to help with food or man power.  I know that the Baptists have fed a hot lunch to over 30,000 people.  The latest count is that 1,200 homes were lost in Moore.

Tuesday, I volunteered at the hospital.  The CEO called a prayer meeting of the staff at 10:00 a.m. in the cafeteria.  Seventy people made a circle and joined hands to pray.  Many of them volunteered to help at the Norman Medical Center when they got off duty to help the victims of Moore.  That morning, I was welcomed in every room as I asked if they would mind if I prayed for them.  I sang to one lady who had been injured by a semi-truck hitting her car during the storm.  I noticed that as I sang, she fell asleep.  I tip-toed out quietly. 

This afternoon, Bill went with me to the Cross Timbers Elementary School.  I played the piano for Kaylee as she sang, "My All in All".  (She is my little student with one glass eye.)  She sang perfectly and with confidence.  I can't wait to know what God has planned for her life.

During the talent show, we watched a brother and sister do a gymnastic routine.  After watching them I understood why our granddaughter, Sofia won 4th in the Illinois State Competition last Saturday.  She is fantastic for her age (8)!!   Being with us in Branson, I worried about her being too tired.  She stretched, did her flips and splits while with us.  But I knew it wasn't the practice she would have in the gym at home.  I'm glad she tried and did so well.  We all prayed she would do her best.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

God's Mercy and Love in Branson and Roger's Arkansas

Bill and I drove through pouring rain from Rogers, Arkansas yesterday morning to return home.  The night before we had attended the commissioning service for Keri and Kevin and 56 other people.  I was in awe of Cross Church!  It looks like an arena that holds over one thousand people.  There looked to be about 75 people in the choir (all dressed in black) on one side of the stage.  The other side of the stage had the plexiglass drum cage, and rock band.  Isaiah had no problem going into the nursery because it had a built-in aquarium and disney theme.  Keri and Kevin spoke at the children's church on Sunday morning to 300 kids!  This church is one of 4 campuses in the area.  God is alive and well in Arkansas!  As I sat in the worship service I was reflecting on the two times I had been commissioned.  First, in Richmond, Virginia and later in Anderson, Indiana.  God takes us as we are.  He forgives us when we fail and gives us new beginnings.  He is so merciful and can read our hearts.  I can feel His warm love and really want to have that love flow out of me to others.  Knowing that hell waits for those who know Him and reject Him is such a tragedy. 

We saw old friends at the reception following the service.  Janette Lyall went to Cal Baptist with me and caught me up on her life.  Scott Harris was just a missionary kid in Barbados when I served in St. Vincent with the IMB.  He and Keri and Kelli played together at meetings.  He is now a church stratisgist in Nashville and on the IMB Board of Trustees.  He said Kirk helped him start a Set Free Church in Nashville and will be asking him to start one in South Africa soon. 

Wednesday evening, we gave Sofia, Selah and Isaiah back to their parents at the Embassy Suites.   We had cared for them since Saturday.   Keri and Kevin dropped them off at the Welk Resort in Branson on their way down to Rogers for meetings.  

I will write more later.  We are going to the Senior Center for lunch with Mom, Noel and Janice today.  I have so much more to write about.  It may take me another session.     

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Prayer Service/Kirk/San Diego/Branson

Diego/BransonLast Thursday, Bill played his trumpet, and I accompanied him at the National Day of Prayer Service which was held at St. Anthony Hospital.  It was held in the cafeteria and very well attended.  I thought it was ironical that in all the years I taught on St. Gregory's campus, I never met the president.  At the service, I was standing next to the president of the university when we were asked to join hands and pray at the end.

I met a fellow named Roy this week at the hospital who attended Marvin Elementary, and Lewis Junior High in Allied Garden (San Diego).  Those were my schools so I nearly flipped.  We talked a long time over lunch about San Diego.  He is now constructing the new dorm for OBU.

Kirk has accepted a new job with the Inland Empire Baptist Association as community strategist.  Kirk knows how to have a church reach outside its walls.  Set Free has been excellent training!  There are 273 churches that he will be working with.  I know that God is going to bless his work, and he is going to have the time of his life creating new ways to introduce the Gospel.

I got a surprise on Sunday when I asked my student, Becky, when she was going to take her high school choir to Branson.  She told me that they would be performing at the Twelve Irish Tenors this Friday and they would be staying at the Welk Resort.  We are staying in the same resort and will attend their show.  God is full of surprises!

Today, I'm going to the beauty salon, and then I will rush over to the elementary school.  Kaylee is auditioning for her school talent show and asked me to play the piano for her while she sings, "All in All".  She has such a sweet voice.  Later, I will drive to Shawnee to give Vincent his last piano lesson until after summer.

I've been fighting allergies this week, so I pray everyday for strength to do what is needed.  Bill has been at Shawnee High subbing almost everyday.  His summer break is coming soon, but he still has his on-line work.  He's determined to take care of me, and I do appreciate that.  He would really like to wait to retire when he turns 65 years old.  God has the last word.  That gives me peace of mind.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Extreme weather/Romance/Nation

When I was just a little girl, I can remember listening to my Daddy preach about end times.  He read from the Bible about how children would not respect their parents, there would be extreme weather, and eventually there would be famine.  God would not be welcome, and the evil one would be turned loose.  I thought I would die before those things came to be, especially in the United States of America.  Today, the temperature will reach 80 degrees in Oklahoma.  By tomorrow, we will experience freezing temperatures and perhaps there will be snow in the panhandle.  We are set to have record cold for the month of May.

President Obama has no respect for the Bible.  This week he called a pro athlete to congratulate him for exposing his gay lifestyle.  When asked at a press conference about the recent developments regarding the attack on Benghazi, Obama admitted he knew nothing about it.  It seems that Fox News is the only station that really cares about the 4 men who were killed in our embassy.  We also noticed that the mainstream media is not following the trial of the doctor in Pennsylvania who murdered several babies and a mother in a planned parenthood clinic.  In spite of the babies being born alive, he severed their spinal cords.  This doctor also used a 15 year old girl to assist him.  The doctor and those murdered were black.  While this trial goes on, Obama is the first president to speak at a planned parenthood convention.  God must surely be weeping for His children while the evil ones smirk.  (Keri just told me that the trial is all over facebook because the media won't touch it

There is good in our world!  Kelli called early Monday morning to share her recent engagement to Dave Smith.  After several years of dating, he proposed with a diamond this weekend.  We are sooo happy for her!  They are going to wait until summer of 2014 to get married.  He wants to sell his present home, and give both of their teenage boys the time to graduate from high school.  That is very mature.  Of course, we will be in Michigan for the wedding!

I have enjoyed the spring-like weather that we have had for the past 3 days.  Knowing that a freeze was around the corner, I only planted a few flowers and will watch them carefully.  The birds have gone crazy this year over my feeder.  They sing all the time.  Last week, we invited the family over to barbeque porkchops.  Last night, Bill brought home Mexican food, and we ate it on the screened patio.  It was so relaxing!  Thunderstorms will arrive soon, and I love them as well.

Yesterday, I worked at the hospital.  Every week is different.  I visited a patient who told me I could pray for him if I liked, but he was going to watch TV. I smiled, touched his shoulder and prayed quietly.  He had a strange look on his face when I left.  The room next to his was such a contrast!  A young lady greeted me with the sweetest smile.  She told me that cancer was going to take her to heaven in just a few more months.  She welcomed my prayer and blessed me with her cheerful spirit!  (I have learned to discern who the children of God are when I first walk into a hospital room.)  I told the woman that Dr. Anderson had become a Christian because of a patient just like her.  She brightened and said, "I hope to be able to tell people about the peace I have until the day I die."   When I returned to the chaplains office, Kevin (a young chaplain) told me about his experience in ICU.  A young fellow had overdosed and had 2 young women visitors in the room.  He was told instantly that prayer was not welcome and to get out!  Our society is losing all civility and  respect.  Tolerence has a new meaning.  I must tolerate you, but you don't have to tolerate me.  We cannot agree to disagree.  If I don't see things your way, I am "hateful".  I wonder - how long will a hospital like St. Anthony be allowed to offer spiritual as well as physical care.  Satan is empowering the atheists.

Keri just called.  They are preparing to be commissioned as missionaries with the IMB next week in Rogers, Arkansas.  Kirk wrote that God is leading him to a new place of ministry near his home.  He'll know soon where that will be.   Life with Christ is never dull and boring!