Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My daughter, Kelli Cottrell, has written a story for Baptist Press that was picked up by The Oklahoma Messenger. The story is Ethnic Churches, December 31. I found it at It is a fascinating story about immigrants from Laos and Thailand.

Today, the ice and snow are finally melting. Yesterday, I felt like a bird that had been let out of it's cage! We were able to go to the post office! The sun felt so good, and I realized that I was beginning to get "cabin fever". I talked Bill into leaving the computer and going to Braums to get a burger and a banana-pecan yogurt cone. It was great to be out of the house!

Bill and I practiced our piano/trumpet duet for church tomorrow. We are playing a jazz version of "Amazing Grace". I'm hoping that our college students will all be back from vacation.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

This has been a very cold week. We have had ice and snow, but gratefully no power failures in our area. Schools and businesses have been closed, so we have watched the kids play on their sleds in the park behind our house. Makes us want to buy a sled! It has been a very relaxing week for me. Bill has been teaching two on-line classes for Grand Canyon University and that has kept him at the computer for most of the day. I have taken the opportunity to clean closets, kitchen shelves, and cook. Mom gave me two new cookbooks for my birthday which I have enjoyed. I baked lemon cookies, and made chicken and noodles. For fun, we watched the musical, "Oklahoma" on DVD and I have been practicing some new church music on the piano. I have been very concerned for people who had to get out in the inclement weather.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wow! I had a birthday yesterday and I turned 61 years old! Funny, I don't feel any different. Nice people tell me that I don't look any different either. Bill is not a party planner, but he always does something different and fun for me. Yesterday, he took me to Norman to watch OU play Baylor in basketball. It was very relaxing because OU took control of the game from the beginning. They made six 3 point baskets in the first half. We noticed that 50% of the spectators were senior citizens. I had not been to a college game since I was a student, and wondered about the folks around me. After the game, we cruised Norman to find a place to eat. I got excited when I saw Marie Callenders (a California restaurant). Half way through my meal, I noticed something black, round and shiny in the middle of my mashed potatoes. The manager had no idea what it was and gave me my meal free. I also got a piece of lemon pie free. I saved the receipt in case I became ill. (I'm just fine!) We kept the whole thing quiet, and I think the manager appreciated our thoughtfulness.

Bible Study class was great today. There were 10 present, and 4 absent. The lesson focused on how people come to trust Christ in different ways and with different feelings. I allowed each person to tell about their own experience in 3 sentences or less. I was impressed with Paul Sloane. He said that he learned to trust Christ while he was in bootcamp and was reading a Gideon Bible. (He had never read the Bible as an adult.) He said the experience changed his vocabulary and his friends. I was thinking about how friends leave you when you become a Christian. Sometimes you have to make a choice between God and people. I've been in that situation, and the pain is real.

After church, Bill drove me to the Delta Cafe for lunch. (He felt bad about my dinner last evening.) I had Shepherd's Pie and Blackberry Cobbler. Now, I have to watch my diet!!!

I'm still worried about Mom. She's still having pains in her chest in spite of tests not showing a thing. She keeps going in her own strength, and refuses to leave her apartment. Tomorrow, we are expecting freezing rain. I have asked her to please not have any emergencies. Ha!

Bill has been asked to play his trumpet next Sunday, and a musical has been chosen for the Easter choir. We may try to have the choir sing with a CD orchestra. I said that I would be willing to learn the sound board and help the guys in the back. They need help listening to the balance. I've never done anything like that, but I think it could enhance the choir.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

I left Chicago yesterday morning in 23 degree weather, and arrived in OKC in 73 degree weather! It felt so good after experiencing record cold while visiting Keri's family. I did enjoy looking at the snow, however! When Kelli and granddaughter, Hannah arrived last Sunday from Grand Rapids, Keri talked us all into venturing onto the lake to experience the ice. That was fun for about 10 seconds, then I was ready to go back inside the house and just watch. There were actually men who were out ice fishing and enjoying the day!

For 10 days, I ran up and down stairs to help take care of Sofia (4 yrs.) and Selah (16 mos.). They are so different in looks, but so alike in personality! They are both smart and determined and sing like little birds. I feel blessed to have such cute granddaughters!

While Kelli was in Chicago, Keri cooked a birthday dinner for me (pork chops and red potatoes). After dinner, I was given a framed map of the world. It is personalized and has pins to show all of the countires where Bill and I have traveled. Keri and Kevin have one like it in their entry.

I didn't get to see Caleb (who will be 13 yrs. this month) because he went with his dad to Guatamala to help in an orphanage. He was loving his experience there!

On Wednesday evening, I went to church and observed Kevin in action. He is full-time children's minister at Crossroads Baptist Church. It is just a few miles from the Great Lakes Navy Training Center. I was so impressed with the program for the kids! The kids don't get bored! They have worship time, small group learning time, and active games in the gym. In spite of the snow, there were over 50 children in attendance. The church building is quite new and one of the most beautiful I've seen.

One afternoon, Keri and I went to the Nail Spa and got pedicures. I went wild and had my toes painted a very bright pink! Before leaving the salon, we had our feet oiled and swathed in saran wrap. Then we slid our feet into our boots. Our feet were really soft!

Kirk called last week. He had taken some guys from Set Free to speak at a high school club. Kirk told the students that there was going to be a concert and if their churches wanted to donate prizes, they would be welcome. The teacher (club sponsor) wrote out a check for $100 and said it was a "thank you". Her son had been on drugs and had been helped by Set Free. Kirk also said that one of the fellows who went with him was recognized by some of the other teachers, and asked what he was doing there. Kirk told Moses to go ahead and do what he knew he had to do. Moses went to his former teachers and apologized for his behavior. He also told them how Christ had changed his life. What a cool story! That's what being a Christian is all about!

I'm going to visit Mom this afternoon, so I will continue this later. It's good to be home. Bill had cleaned the house and bought me a rose arrangement early for my birthday.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8, 2009

I can't believe that the first week of the new year has passed! On Monday, I learned that I didn't have to teach this month due to the low enrollment at SEI. However, 30 new students have applied for February. Since Bill is busy teaching 2 online classes for Grand Canyon University (music and media arts), he encouraged me to take my "down time" and go to Chicago. I will be leaving next Tuesday to enjoy the grandkids for 10 days. Keri and Kelli warned me to bring warm clothing. Keri's condo is on a lake where hockey games are being played. The last time I was there, we had picnics and watched colorful sailboats.

I went with Bill to see his doctor following his colonoscopy. We were both surprised to find out that the two polyps removed were the cancerous type! Bill will have to have more screenings in the future. This morning, I took my mother to the doctor. She had her insulin increased. For myself, I was pleased to learn that my Tribe will pay for my new eyeglasses. (They should do something with the casino money!)

Yesterday, I had my nails done, and then Bill and I went for a drive. It was a beautiful sunny day! We explored the countryside around Shawnee. When we came home, I cooked pork chops, rice, and greenbeans. I'm looking forward to shopping in OKC tomorrow. The after Christmas sales are on! I want some pretty/feminine sweat suits.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Week of 2009

Last Tuesday evening, Kirk and Tamra arrived with Kyle after skiing and snowboarding in AZ. On New Year's Eve we had 10 people at our house --- Galen and Sondra, Ian and Phyllis, Mom, and Kirk's family. We devoured Ian's pizza along with the pies, brownies, cookies and chocolates. Kirk taught us a new card game, "Phase 10" and we played until 11:30 p.m. At that time we went into the familyroom. Bill played his French Horn for us, and then Galen led us in a time of remembering our blessings in 2008. At midnight, we heard gunshots and chimes. On New Year's Day, Kirk showed me a new way to make Enchiladas, and his friends Derrick and Mae visited from Tulsa.

Kirk's family left on Friday, January 2nd to head back to California. Soon after they left, Galen and Sondra came over with their daughter, Crystal and husband, Shaun. Crystal is 5 months pregnant and looks great! They had been to Tulsa to visit Shaun's family.

I had a great Christmas season. Bill gave me a gold chain with a real orchid that was gold plated. He found it in Singapore.

Movies of the season that I have enjoyed the most were, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "Australia," and "Bolt" (a 3D movie). I'm looking forward to 2009!