Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26th 2013

Goodness!  My life is getting more busy as I get older.  I thought I was starting to fall apart physically when I turned 65 years old, but it seems that I am regaining my life back and am feeling my old self again.  Thank you, God.  I had an unusal cough that made me sneeze and then my right eye would water.  I went to an ENT specialist and he put a scope down my nose.  My sinuses were clear and he decided I do not have an allergy.  He told me it was acid reflux that caused me to cough and prescribed medication.  Yeah,  no surgery or allergies.

From there I went to a nutritionist who wants me to lose 10 pounds.  I mainly have to watch my sodium level.  I can do that!  Bill took me swimming twice this week before going to the Senior lunch program, and I'm getting back to the exercise program I had before I hurt my foot.  My foot is doing great after going to 9 therapy sessions.  I had no idea physical therapy could do such wonders.  I walk very normally now.

On Thursday, I had my teeth checked and cleaned.  No problems there either.  Dr. Corbin told me all about his recent mission trip to Guatamala.  He is a young dentist who loves life and God more than money.    The same morning, I saw Dr. Shaw to see how my lab report came out.  He was checking my vitamin D level and told me everything looked good and that I had lost weight!  Then the doctor asked me if we had seen him dance at the PowWow.  He has a beautiful costume and dances very well!  He also has me to check his article that comes out in the How-Ni-Kan.  He has written one on mammograms and one on prostate cancer testing.

Today, we drove to Norman to have the Corolla checked over.  It is 10 years old and has 54,000 miles.  It runs like new!  (That is because I drive the Camry everywhere.)  While waiting, Bill and I shopped at Sooner Mall and ate a salad at Chik-Fil-A.  

I continue to teach piano, and Bill continues to teach for GCU, and grade foreign students for the testing agency. 

Our big project at the moment is Mom's 90th birthday bash.  Three of my brothers (Galen, John and Roger) will be arriving from California along with my son, Kirk and little Ezekiel.  David is flying from Mexico.  And, of course, Noel will be here from Springfield.  We expect 15 for the family dinner at Gliori's Restaurant, and 35 friends for the open house the following day at my house.  Mom is excited and buying new clothes.  One year ago she was in the hospital dying.  God can do miracles!  Today, she is radiant and has a sharp mind. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rodeo, Bingo, Party and Trial

I have had a very hard time getting my blog to post for some reason.  I will try again.  It has been a busy July, but lots of fun!  Last week, I went to the Senior Center for lunch.  I won 2 bingo games and was so shocked!  It doesn't cost anything to play and I won $10.  Noel sent pics on his FaceBook page.  On Friday morning, Bill and I acted like we were retired, and went to the International Youth Rodeo at the Expo Center in Shawnee.  I really love watching the high school kids compete.  I could never do it myself!  On Friday evening, our Bible Study class came over to our house for a potluck and games.  There were 16 people who showed up.  Sunday, I taught my Bible Study Class, and then we visited Immanuel Baptist Church for worship.  It is a mega church in Shawnee, and Bill was curious.   We decided we really love New Beginnings Church.  It is small, about 150 people, and is more like a family.   After church, we met Noel, Mark, their friend Ed, and Gramma for lunch at the Bamboo Restaurant.  Janice was not feeling well.

Today, I spent the morning at the hospital volunteering.  I never cease to be overwhelmed by the suffering.  In many cases, people have made very choices that have brought on their problems.   Not only are they sick, but their relationships are disasterous.

The Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman trial has taken over the media.  I am so sick of people talking about that case who never watched the trial and have no idea what they are talking about.  A trial verdict is based on evidence, not compassion or anything else.  And, I'm sick of national leaders doing everything they can to divide the nation.  Some just thrive on chaos.  They don't have a life, so they protest and do other things to give themselves some excitement.  How immature! 

Today, I was listening to an interview titled, "Listening to the Young Atheist".  It was very interesting.  A man has done research to find out why youth who have grown up in the church have left it.  The central thread was that they were hurt by people in the church over actions concerning their youth director or a pastor.  Their focus was on "people" and not the Bible itself.  Also, those interviewed used the pronoun "I" over and over.  "I" think, "I" want, "I" was etc.  There was no attempt to think of others points of view.   It is sad that the church has focused on entertaining the youth, rather than teaching them values that would serve them throughout their lives.  God forgive us all!  

Blogging Problems, Please Forgive Me

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Pow Wow Week/Birthday Party/Choir

Last week was filled with fun as well as lots of work.  I taught my piano lessons and volunteered at the hospital on Tuesday.  Noel and Janice brought Bailey to Shawnee for the week and he is always a joy to have around.  He went to the Senior Center with us for lunch each day.  It was more fun than usual because Bill won some Bingo.  I have yet to win, but sure do enjoy it!

On Friday, Noel's family and Mom came over for dinner.  We celebrated birthdays for Noel (June 20th) Bailey (July 1rst)  and Mark (July 4th).  Half way through dinner my cousin, George and his wife, Pat came over and ate with us.  They had arrived from Springfield, Illinois for the Pow Wow.  George dances in the traditional contest each year.  He is excellent!    In addition to being a great dancer, he is an American Indian historian.  He has written 2 books that are selling very well.  Rocky Barrett, our tribal chairman bought 360 copies to be put in the museum and the new Grand Hotel. 

Saturday evening, Bill and I watched the grand march and ceremony.  My doctor, Ron Shaw, was one of the featured dancers.  The evening was more fun for me this year because I saw many people that I have come to know since moving to Tecumseh.  My cousin, Joe, introduced us to his new baby daughter, Savannah who is 18 months old.  They adopted her just a few weeks ago.  She is a beautiful Potawatomie with dark wavy hair.  She walked straight to Bill and put her head on his leg.  I'm so glad she wasn't aborted!  I still can't believe that Obama approves of 20 week abortions!!!

Sunday, Mom, George and Pat went to church with us.  Our choir sang a medley of patriotic songs that Bill arranged.  I accompanied the choir on the organ.  We were told by many people that the special music was powerful and moving.  I was also asked to play the offertory.  I chose, "His Eye Is On the Sparrow."  I learned later at lunch that it was one of Dad's favorite songs.  Bailey hosted all of us at Denny's (Noel's family, Mom, Bill and Me, and George and Pat.  He is so generous, and a great man of God!  Mom went to Springfield with Noel for the week after we finished lunch.

Pastor Larry preached a message that was straight to the point.  As Christians, we are to stand up for the Word of God and not be intimidated by what the world believes or what is politically correct.  Yes, we are going to face persecution, but we know where we are going, and have a peace that the world will never understand.  The world is so blind and will follow anyone right off a cliff.  So sad!