Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Christmas Season

Christmas was very different this year because it seemed to extend for days!  One week ago Sunday, we sang our musical in church, "Tell Me the Story", which was beautiful.  On Monday morning, we picked Mom up and headed to Branson.  We stayed at the Marriot Resort, where we had 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.  Noel and Janice reserved a condo just around the corner from us.  It was a two story with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  Thus, Galen and Sondra stayed with them.  Tuesday evening, we ate dinner at McFarlaine's Restaurant.  It looks like a logging camp establishment, and serves green fried tomatoes.  On Wednesday evening, we had a party at our place.  We ate such things summer sausage, cheese balls, crackers, and sweets.  Then, we opened gifts and played games.  On Thursday, we went to Silver Dollar City and enjoyed 2 shows.  We saw, "Christmas Carol" and "It's A Wonderful Life".   Friday , we played more games with Mom and then rested before going to "Dixie Stampede".  It was my third time to go and I never tire of it.  The arena holds 1200 people and it was filled.  We ate wonderful food with our fingers as we watched world class horses and riders.  The music and the dancers are also very entertaining.  Our favorite is always the nativity which is portrayed with live animals and a beautiful angel coming down from the sky.  I want all of my kids to see it so they will never forget the story and its meaning.

We were not sure if we could get back to Oklahoma on Saturday morning due to the severe ice storm.  But, the roads were clear in spite of the ice covered foliage.  It was a dazzling sight.  On Sunday morning, my Bible Class had a party together and the children provided a musical during the worship service.  I played, "Angels We Have Heard on High" for the offertory.   On Sunday, Bill and I ate lunch at Red Lobster and ate lobster, scallops and shrimp.  It was our 32nd wedding anniversary.  Where does the time go!  And, they said it would never last.  Smile!

I volunteered on Tuesday morning at St. Anthony Hospital -Shawnee.  I usually take care of the third floor, however, it was closed and 9 nurses layed off work. The Obamacare mess has caused this because many of the patients coming in do not have any insurance, and there is no way to varify it.  The hospital doesn't have the funds to cover the problem.  Tuesday, I was assigned to the Newborn floor.  It was filled.  How appropriate!  Christmas is the season to celebrate babies, and especially the birth of Jesus.  Thank you, God, for sending us a savior!  Our nation is so messed up, and yet God's love for us is unconditional.  We are ones who turn away from God because of our guilt and our desire to be in control.  How foolish to think I could ever be in control!

Tuesday evening, Bill and I attended a candlelight service at Sharon Baptist Church.  It was our first time to attend that church which is just a few minutes from our house.  It must hold 350 people and was crowded.  After the service, we drove to Mom's apartment where Sondra (Galen's wife) had made enchiladas and the trimmings.  I took a cake for dessert.  When we arrived we had to eat by candlelight due to a power outage.  We were happy when it came back on at 11:00 p.m.  We couldn't persuade Mom to go home with us.

On Christmas day, Galen and Sondra and Mom came to our house for a ham dinner.  Noel and Janice had traveled back to Springfield to be with her Dad and their son's family.  They came back to Shawnee today and will stay through New Years.   Bill bought me a cross necklace with a diamond in the middle.  He also ordered a pewter ornament with the covered bridge that we visited in New Hampshire.   To make my day complete, we got calls from Kelli, Kirk, and all of my brothers.  Kelli left Grand Rapids in 23 degree weather, and arrived in California to feel 79 degree heat.  They will enjoy Kirk's gorgeous pool.  Roger was leaving with his family on his boat for a week in Catalina.  Keri's family had a wonderful Christmas in North Africa.  I loved the picture of the kids at the Sheraton Hotel.  My heart melted when I heard that Isaiah said they should skype and thank Gramma and Papa Bill for their day at that oasis.  Children have the hearts that God would have for all of us.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mom/Christmas Musical/Branson

The last few weeks have been keeping me busy.  Mom has been sick with bronchitis and not getting better.  The doctor is worried about her red cell count and will be testing her for kidney cancer.  She has no energy.  In spite of her illness she had Galen to take her to the beauty shop to get her hair done.  After, I picked her up, brought her home for a BLT sandwich and then to the nail salon.  She was determined to get her Christmas shopping done, so we then went to Cracker Barrel .  That sack was so heavy!!

This morning, Bill woke up very dizzy.  I'm sure it was a combination of his ear and working too many hours on the computer.  He was upset because our Christmas Musical, "Tell Me the Story" was today, and he was the director.  I filled him with medication and had him to rest for a few more hours after waking.  Both of us prayed big time!  He began feeling better, and I drove him and Mom to church.  We arrived at 10:25 a.m., just before the service began.  The choir was so relieved!  God blessed us and people said the choir did a good job.  We will be on YouTube soon.  I will type the address.

Noel and Janice rented a condo in Branson, and we have reserved a condo just around the corner from them.  We will take Mom so that we can keep an eye on her.  She is looking forward to being there and having a little Christmas party.  Galen and Sondra are also planning to drive up and join us.  I look forward to relaxing and playing some card games as well as seeing some shows.

I have all of my shopping done, and have sent gifts to all 3 kids.  Kelli, Dave and Hannah are flying to California to share Christmas with Kirk and Tamra.  Of course, Keri's family is in North Africa and we sent money for them to enjoy Christmas at a nice hotel with their kids.  God has blessed me so much.  Those I love are in my heart when I cannot be with them.  My spirit is with them.  I know they can feel me close.  I'm so glad that God made us in His image.  Not just physical. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving was a day to remember.  I put Tom Turkey in the oven, set the table with my finest china and stemware glasses and felt like I was ready for the family to come.  I called Mom to see how she was doing and she could hardly talk to me.  I became concerned and called Noel to join me at Mom's.  I didn't call Galen because I knew that he and Sondra had a late night at Jason's house on Wednesday.  But Noel called Galen anyway.  I put on my jacket and drove quickly.  When I made a left turn on a yellow signal, a police car started after me.  I pulled over and told him my story.  After running my license, he called the Indian police and ReAct.  We all arrived at the same time.  There were 7 guests in Mom's small apartment.  She sat in her recliner eating peanut butter and wondered what all the fuss was about.  She told everyone she was just fine.  My brothers and I knew it was big act because she does not want to go to the hospital.  She has her mind on going to Branson with us all for Christmas.  The EMT did check her out and advised us to get her to her doctor.  Of course, she refused.  So, we did what we could and went home.  We ate our huge meal and then took Mom a plate.  She is still not doing well, but I have asked Senior Support to check on her.  Now, I pray that God will do what I cannot do.

God took care of ME big time yesterday.  I heard that bad weather is on the way, so I went to the grocery store to stock up.  When I returned home, I noticed that my purse was missing.  I went back to the store and asked God to keep me calm and to watch over my bag.  I started recounting all the things I would have to do if it was gone for good.  When I arrived at the store, I asked two bag boys in the parking lot if they had seen my purse.  Neither one had seen it.  So, I went on to Customer Service.  There were two young girls standing there looking at me.  They asked if I had lost anything.  When I nodded, they produced my purse and said a customer had seen it in my cart and brought it in.  Thank you, Lord for choosing an honest person to find it.  I have been thanking Him over and over.

I taught my lesson on Sunday, and Bill directed the choir during worship, and in the practice after worship.  He has had a cold and he thanked God for seeing him through.  We are both learning that God will take over when we have come to the edge of the cliff.  He gives us wings!  Thanksgiving is knowing what could be if God did not watch over us.  People who never have problems don't know how to be grateful.