Friday, July 30, 2010

Red Hot Days/Brothers/Michigan/Sandra

The summer is red hot and sizzling in Oklahoma. The next few days are suppose to be 100 degrees and up! We will escape some of the heat since we are traveling north to Michigan for two weeks. Yes, we have security on our house, as do our neighbors. Yesterday, I finished my grades and wrote notes to my subs. My students were concerned that the subs would not speak slowly and clearly. Sometimes Okie accents are hard for internationals to understand. (Although I love the Southern drawl.)

This has been a difficult summer. Yesterday, I learned that my friend, Sandra Bradley who is our director of admissions, lost her father suddenly from a heart attack. He was in his mid-sixties. I cried with her as I thought about the time I lost my father.

I enjoyed reading my brother, Roger's note. He had taken my brother, David, on a camping trip to Big Bear Mountain - just the two of them. He also reported that his daughter, Jennifer, is having a great summer in Japan! She went with a team from Cal Baptist University.

Galen is having some surgery done on his toe. Wow! Did that give me a flashback from long ago! When Galen had his first surgery on that foot, we were both students at CBU and he stayed in my apartment for several days so that I could wait on him. Our lives are like chaff in the wind. Time is blowing away the bad and only the good will be left - if there is any.

I will be checking emails and blogs from time to time. Please hold the snail mail, and call me on my cell phone.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Likes and Dislikes

I can tell that I am getting older. My likes and dislikes are becoming more and more pronounced. Some people call that being "opinionated".

I don't like: lima beans; drawers that are not completely shut; touching birds or insects; clothes on the floor; papers on the dining table; messy kitchens; messy cars; people who are dramatic and demand attention; loud music; being late; unkept yards and negative attitudes. I know lots of people who don't mind these things and I love them anyway!!!

I like: quiet people and music; Dr. Pepper and rootbeer; Red Lobster; Golden Corral; homemade yeast bread; green beans; crossword puzzles; pretty sports cars; teaching English and Bible studies; playing the piano, organ, and violin; growing flowers and vegetables; hosting people in my home; watching Fox news and Huckabee. I love my friends, and my family. I hope that people know that I have grown to love God more and more as I have gotten to know him better through the years.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Voting and Stuff

The last couple of days has been a whirlwind for me. Yesterday, I went to the dentist for my regularly scheduled cleaning and check-up. The hygienist is a real character! She talked to me the entire time she was cleaning my teeth and told me about every member of her family. I couldn't respond, so I just made little noises now and then. After I left the clinic, I drove to the Shawnee tag agency and bought a Pike Pass for our trip. We plan to stop in Springfield and spend the night with Noel and Janice on Friday. I hesitated since Noel hasn't been feeling chipper, but he insisted, and sounded like he was looking forward to our visit. After picking up the Pike Pass, I came home and cooked pork chops and squash from Mom's garden for dinner. I added some baked potatoes. By seven o'clock it had cooled down outside, so I went to the grocery store. It was so quiet! I really didn't buy too much, so I didn't need help to the car. However, the bagboy insisted because he was bored and wanted to get some fresh air.

This morning, I went to City Hall and voted in the primaries. It was difficult in some cases because there were several good choices. I voted for Shane Jett for Congress because he was the director of our school before becoming State Representative. Shane and Mary Fallin, who is running for Governor, are both from Tecumseh!

My classes were great today! After explaining count and non-count nouns, I asked one the young men to come to the board and teach it again. He didn't miss a beat! In fact, he told the students to "wake up" and answer his questions. I NEVER say that, so it made me laugh. In my afternoon class, I have a new boy from Ecuador. I don't know if he is listening half the time because he has his eyes on the Ecuadorian girl who came last week. Young love is so wonderful!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend/Trip Prep

Sunday was quite relaxing. I enjoyed my Bible Study Class. We had a new couple visit who said they would come back again. We finished our study on the gifts of the Spirit. I should point out that I have never spoken in tongues, nor have I healed anyone. I don't possess those gifts. Paul pointed out that no gift is more important than love. So, we studied I Corinthians this week. The class said they had most trouble with, "Love is patient." and "Love does not keep a record of wrongs." Pastor Larry brought a message about the causes and the cure for depression. As senior chaplain at Unity Hospital in Shawnee, he encounters so many people who have physical illness that is accompanied by depression. It can be caused by stress and chemical releases in our body, or in some cases, we bring on depression by simply saying, "It's all about me!" Everyone is depressed at times, and we make a decision to conquer it, or let it conquer us. It was a great sermon! Sunday evening, we went to Mom's apartment and played Mexican Train. We had a thunderstorm during the game, and Mom opened her front door so that we could enjoy the rain.

We are leaving for Michigan on Friday afternoon for two weeks. As I mentioned before, when we return, Chinami will be flying in from Tokyo, so we are making sure the house is clean and ready for her arrival. We have been cleaning out closets and making trips to the Salvation Army. Our trip to Michigan will not be relaxing. The lake cottage has been put on the market. At our age, and in this economy (taxes and insurance keep climbing), we feel that this may be the right thing to do. Michigan's economy is so bad that it may be on the market for several years, but we are going to have a huge yard sale and leave only what we need to enjoy it. Bill's father built the cottage, so it will be like a death in the family when it is sold. Kelli plans to drive Caleb and Hannah up from Grand Rapids to stay with us and help us with the sale.

A sign taped to a filing cabinet: "Don't worry! Do what you can, and then step aside to let me take care of your problems. And then, have a nice day!" GOD

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Concerns

Noel had an angiogram yesterday morning at St. John's in Springfield, Mo. Janice called me just as I was leaving school in the afternoon to let me know that he had no blockages. However, he had one of his spells when his heart beats uncontrollably while he was in the hospital. It's an electrical problem that hasn't been solved with a pace maker. In spite of his discomfort, Noel continues to be one of the sweetest people on the face of the earth!! His faith in God is deep.

Rashes seem to be in the air this summer. Mom had some on her forearms when she came back from California. The doctor didn't know what it was, but gave her some ointment. Kelli called and reported that she had some rashes that her doctor labeled as "heat rash" in spite of her being in an air-conditioned building all day. Sometimes rashes exhibit suppressed stress. Kelli said that she had been evaluated this week. Apparently, she didn't need to worry because her written report said that she was one of the top ten nicest people at Cornerstone University. Considering there are more than 200 people on the faculty and staff, that is a high compliment!!

I have been listening to classic country music this week on the radio and am getting a kick out of it! I really want a copy of the song about the squirrel that went bizerk in the First Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, Mississippi. I don't know if that is a real place or not. But, it is hilarious! I died laughing all the way to school one morning!

Last night, I asked Bill if he would like to go to the movies. We went to the Hornbeck and saw, "The A-Team". That is funny! I loved the TV show, and wasn't disappointed!

It was time for both of our cars to have their 6 month check-up, so I followed Bill to the Toyota dealer in Norman. Again, my Camry was in perfect shape and there was no charge. The Corolla needed the tires rotated. The new showroom looks like a hotel lobby and a lady brought little cups of candies. They offered coffee, but we had Dr. Pepper while watching the news on TV. When the cars were finished, we did our usual----headed for Marie Callendar's. We got the Cabo burger with salsa and avocao that comes with pie. I may have mentioned that it is a California chain restaurant that began near Riverside. We don't have one in Shawnee yet.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Remembering Jimmy Glasgow

On Tuesday, Mom's sister, Edith, called her. She had found her son, Jimmy (66), dead in his home. So many memories flashed through my mind as I recalled the good times I had with my cousin. My most vivid memory was when I was 14 years old. I was invited to go with my Uncle Jim's church (Osage Hills Baptist in Tulsa) to Falls Creek Baptist Assembly for youth week. My uncle's church owned a cabin there and about 20 of us went. Jimmy drove me down in his Ford convertible along with Priscilla (his girlfriend), and Joe, his brother who was my age. Being from California, I didn't know anyone, and they took wonderful care of me!! That week was more important to me than I would ever know. During one of the evening services, the Spirit of God touched my heart. I had been baptized when I was 6 years old, but knew that I had not really understood my sin. Every evening, the camp would re-play the music we had sung in the services during lights-out. That night I listened to "Victory in Jesus". I wanted to make sure that I had that victory in my life. The next day I talked to my Aunt Edith about my concerns. It was there that I made my peace with God. I have never forgotten that. Satan worked on me several times and tried to take away my faith, but somehow God used people who loved me to stand in the gap and hang onto me! When I was 28 years old, I asked my dad to re-baptize me. I wanted my baptism to mean something! I look forward to seeing Jimmy in heaven one day. I want to hear him greet me with his Okie drawl. He was so popular and full of life! Just thinking about him makes me smile.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Days

I just got home from school after teaching 4 classes (2 grammar classes in the morning, and 2 reading and writing classes in the afternoon). In addition to students that I have taught before, we have a new girl from Ecuador. She's very young and pretty. The boys love having her in class and they find ways to get her attention.

I was asked to set up an excursion to the Indian Cultural Center for Monday, July 19th. Ten students signed up. Nine of them did not attend for various reasons. Leo, our Korean student chose to go with me. He told me afterward that he really enjoyed going without the others because he is shy, and had a chance to ask the tour guide many questions. The museum had added many new exhibits since I had been there, including a new log cabin which stands behind the museum. It belonged to Mary Bourbonaise and was used by Jesse James as a hideout. Bill joined us for lunch at Bamboo Gardens which is one of several new restaurants in Tecumseh. (See Photo Below) Bill stayed home because we had a wireless receiver put in our office for the laptop computer. He continues to mentor new internet teachers for Grand Canyon University.

Sunday, was another busy day. I taught my Bible Study class. We continued our study of the Gifts of the Spirit. The worship service in our church is not charasmatic in nature, although we believe that a person can privately use the gift of tongues or of healing. Everyone agreed that the gifts of the Spirit are given to glorify God, and should be used with humility. During the service, Bill played, "Whispering Hope" on his German recorder. I accompanied him on the piano. Later in the day, we took tostados to Mom's and played Mexican Train with her. She never tires of that game and often wins!

Weekends seem to be my time to catch up on reading and writing blogs. I love the phone calls most of all. Hearing ones voice is like touching their soul!

This week, I was surfing the TV channels with the remote and stopped to listen to a man who was sharing his heart. He was in his late forties. He said that 10 years ago he had lost his wife. Due to medical costs, he had also lost his house. Then, his in-laws wanted to take his children. While reading his Bible, he saw the scripture, "Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from the Father above." The man put his head down on his Bible and cried for a long time. While weeping, this thought came into his mind. "You have lost the gifts, but you haven't lost the Giver. He has more gifts to give you." That was 10 years ago. Now, the man has remarried, has a home, and his children visit him. He also has a ministry in which he tells people there is hope through Jesus Christ. Don't give up! The Giver has more to give you!

Bamboo Gardens

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Intl. Finals Youth Rodeo

Shawnee Expo Center has hosted the IFYR for 18 years. This morning Bill and I went to experience it for the first time. There must have been a thousand people with their horse trailers. We were surprised that there was no charge for the event! It was already 80 degrees at 9:00 a.m., so we bought Dr. Peppers in souvenir cups that were filled with ice, and found seats in the middle of the covered bleachers. There were lines that had been strung to provide mist. As I looked around at the people dressed in jeans, boots and cowboy hats, I knew that I was observing a culture all its own! These people were from all over the United States and rodeo was their world! The arena had been divided into 3 sections so that 3 events could exist at the same time. There was non-stop action for 3 hours. We watched bareback horse riding, saddle riding, bull riding, barrel racing, team roping and goat tying. The champion cowboys were from Oklahoma and Texas. The champion cowgirl was from Mississippi. Two-hundred-thousand dollars were given away in the form of college scholarships, saddles, and a Cherokee horse trailor. I really admired those kids! I haven't ridden a horse since I was 16 years old, and I wanted the horse to walk nicely. I should have my uncle to give me some lessons before he dies. I bet he would like that!

Friday, July 16, 2010

E-mail Correction


I misspelled my new email address in the last blog. It should have been:

New Server

It is very frustrating when one calls their internet service and is told to wait a week! We changed our server today. Our new email address is: We were promised that we would get service within 24 hours if it should go down.

Oklahoma has been under a heat alert all week. Scattered showers were predicted for today, but thus far we have only seen blue skies. Very nice!

We finished another session at our school today. The last Friday and the first Monday of each session are fun. This morning, I taught 8 young men Hokey Pokey and Do Re Mi from the movie, "Sound of Music". The school bought a new keyboard so that I can accompany the students. I have to say, they really can sing, and got into it! Next Monday, I'm driving 10 students to the Indian Cultural Center in Tecumseh. When scheduling the trip, I was surprised to see that the museum has been expanded and they have many more exhibits than I had seen a few years ago. There is an Indian hogan which is very impressive.

I noticed this morning that St. Gregory's is building a new Labyrinth. They have a sign about its spiritual significance. I'll have to walk over and read it.

While the technician was connecting our new internet service, I put a pork roast with vegies in the crockpot for dinner. I suppose I should check on it. I'll write more later.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Chain of Thoughts

I just picked a bowl of cherry tomatoes from my topsy turvy and posted a picture below. My plants in the ground were planted at the same time but just decided to grow this week. Patience is certainly a virtue!

Last night, Keri called. Sofia had sung two songs at the nursing home where Kevin brings a devotion on Sunday afternoon. Kevin said she held the microphone and sang like a pro. The director asked her to play the baby grand piano next time they come. She's practicing! Selah asked to talk to me for awhile. Selah is my grandchild who never says, "thank you". Instead, she always says, "I love you, Gramma." I don't know why, but people have to be very special to me before I say, "I love you!" I think it is so precious, and I don't take it lightly. I pray that Selah will always be able to express her love.

Last Friday, I had the rare opportunity for a Muslim student to tell me what life is like in her country for a woman. Women cannot travel anywhere without a male family member. If she is suspected of looking at a man or talking to him, she will be put on a block in a public place and lashed. If the man has touched her, she and the man will be stoned to death. The woman is never allowed to drive, and in most cases does not do the grocery shopping. She is allowed to buy clothing for the children. If the family has servants, the husband will decide the menu and when they will have parties. The women and men eat in different dining areas on the floor. They eat with their right hand without flatware. The left hand is evil. As she was talking to me, I thought of my father's messages. He often said that Jesus was the champion of women's rights. In fact, Jesus stopped people from stoning a woman who had sinned. Then, I thought about the way my father truly loved my mother. He always respected her, never criticized her publicly and showed his affection for her daily. They always held hands and he hugged and kissed her until the day he died. He practiced what he preached!

Fruits of my labour

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Activities

Saturday morning, I scrambled eggs and microvaved bacon for breakfast. We had eaten cereal the rest of the week so I didn't feel guilty. My friend, Sandra, had brought us a bag of fresh peaches from her in-laws' farm in Stratford, Oklahoma. They were so sweet and juicy!

I still wasn't feeling real perky, so I went into the livingroom, sank into the lazyboy sofa again, and slept. Around 4 p.m. Bill decided he wanted to see, "Robinhood" at the Hornbeck Theater where the movies are $1.50 per person. It was a nice distraction. The plot is about how Robinhood became the legend that he is. The government had taxed the people to death and otherwise good people were becoming outlaws. I don't think it will win any academy awards, but the scenery is beautiful and Russell Crowe is a good actor.

Before going to bed, I took some new Sudefed tabs that we picked up at Walgreens. Bill happened to notice that the ones I had taken had expired in 2003. No wonder I felt rotten! Lesson learned! This morning, I felt like I had risen from the dead!! My head was clear. I had no pressure inside my ear. I felt 10 years younger and was ready to teach my Bible Study class.

My class had a summer slump today. I had 11 members present. The lesson was on the gifts of the Spirit. Every true Christian receives these gifts at the time they become a believer. The members enjoyed telling each other what gifts they felt the others exhibited. I learned from this study that some have the gift of faith which differs from the faith needed for salvation. (I Corinthians 12:9) Suzanne Brown is in her thirties and has an extraordinary relationship with Jesus. She shared that she has been mocked for her strong faith. Those people are probably jealous because she is so beautiful, plays the sax, is great with horses, and has a great Christian husband.

After Bible Study, I talked to my friend Lisa who has just been diagnosed with cancer. She was smiling and thanked me for my prayers. Her doctor said that the cancer was contained, she would not need chemo, just surgery. Yeah God!!

Pastor Larry baptized another lady at the beginning of the service. He reported that he has baptized 20 adults this year. During the invitation we sang, "I Surrender All". I was thinking about the times that I had not been able to sing that song and mean it. Then, I saw Cole walking down the aisle. Cole is a very handsome 18 year old athlete, the grandson of Linda, who attends my Bible Study class. Cole was alone and made his decision without consulting anyone. He told the congregation that everyone has a god, and he was choosing to make Jesus Christ his God. Wow! I can only imagine what kind of leader that kid is going to be in the very near future.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Stormy Friday

I'm sorry that some people are experiencing flooding, but I love the rain! As I've said before, I grew up in Southern California where it seldom rains in the summer. I have fond memories of being at Glorieta in the summers, and either walking with an umbrella in hand, or sitting in New Mexico Hall watching a downpour. I really love living in the midwest and experience the changing seasons.

Yesterday, I went back to class for the first time all week. (I took some allergy meds that I had in the medicine cabinet, and never touched what I was given by the doctor again. It must be drying my ear without knocking me out completely) The students and teachers were so caring. Two young men came up to me in the hallway and said, "Teacher, now that you are well, we are fine too!" I was thinking, " You guys sure know how to flatter, and I love it!"

After class, I got new tags for the '10 Camry. We bought it one year ago. It has been driven to Michigan, Missouri and Texas without any problem at all. After getting tags, I drove to Mom's apartment to visit with my nephew, Steve and his boys for awhile. He was on vacation from truck driving, and chose to come to Shawnee from Springfield via Route 66. I enjoy reading Steve's blogs and have learned so much. Steve and I took some pictures on his phone which he plans to post. Take a look! His boys, Hunter and Forest are cuties!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welcome to Twilight Zone (Gvt. Healthcare)

I had been feeling dizzy, so Bill offered to drive me to the Indian Hospital in Ada. It was Monday, the July 4th holiday and we had no school. Since Blue Cross/Blue Shield would have charged me a deductable to go to the ER in Shawnee, and I felt reasonably well sitting up, I agreed. After signing in, I waited 45 minutes. (No one ever asked to see my ID.) A lady escorted me into an examining room and told me to wait. I waited for 35 more minutes and then decided to open the door so that someone would remember I was there. The same lady saw me and told me the doctors were very busy. I sat down again and waited patiently. Finally, a doctor checked me out and told me I had an inner ear infection. He also wanted me to get an x-ray on my right leg to see if I had a slight fracture since I had experienced some pain at night.

I found my own way to radiology, but no one was in the lobby or the office. I saw another open door and went through it and began to yell, "hello". A lady told me to go back to the lobby and wait. When she finally took me to the x-ray machine, she said, "Let's take a look at your tummy." When I told her that there was nothing wrong with my tummy, she seemed surprised and said she would look at the routing paper again. I was right, so she took a picture of my leg. Actually, she took several pictures because they were "fuzzy". (My legs weren't fuzzy.)

I took my papers back to the examination area, but there were no rooms available, so I was told to go back to the main lobby of the hospital and they would call me. After a time, the same lady called me to see the doctor again. He noted that my leg was not fractured (I knew that!) He also made a note that I am allergic to codeine. He handed me two prescriptions -one for my ear and one for my leg.

The pharmacist handed me my medicine. The pain medicine was codeine! Sorry, the government has cut back and that's all there is! When I returned home, I took the prescription for dizziness. It put me to sleep and I was groggy for 12 hours!!! It must be too strong. I called my primary doctor in Shawnee and learned he is completely booked until July 12th. It seems that Obama's dream healthcare could quickly become a nightmare. Our nation is on the fast track to bankruptcy and we can most likely look forward to more cutbacks. Yes, the Bible is right. We are watching the prophecies come true during our lifetime.

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Weekend

This was a weekend to reflect on the freedom that we enjoy. My brother, David, emailed me this weekend on his new computer. My first thought was, "Wow! What freedom! David can call me and email me without a guard looking over his shoulder, or approving everything he writes or says!" Our choir sang about the freedom we have in Christ. How our chains are broken. Some people are not in a physical prison, but they exist in a mental and emotional prison.

Saturday morning was a major accomplishment! I talked Bill into going through his clothes and finding items to take to Salvation Army. I'm trying to ready the guestroom for Chinami who is suppose to arrive the day after we return from Michigan in August.

Saturday evening, I picked Mom up for a steak barbeque as planned. She loved it. We have had thunderstorms which are suppose to continue through the week. That didn't stop our barbeque, but it did stop a lot of fireworks.

Saturday night, I began to feel dizzy. Unlike Bill, who gets dizzy from allergies, my problem is humidity in my right ear. I began to pray. I knew that the choir could do just fine without me, but we had asked a Muslim couple to go to church with us and out to dinner. Sunday morning, I loaded up on Sudefed and went to church. I felt fine during the choir special and was even able to take Alaham and Mohammed out to Golden Corral. When we got home, I sunk into our Lazy Boy sofa and put my feet up. I fell asleep almost immediately. I felt better last night, but Bill is going to drive me to Ada this morning to have a doctor look at my ear. Carl Albert Hospital is a nice Indian facility that I can go to anytime without charge and without an appointment for emergencies. Otherwise, I see my personal doctor here. Fortunately, today is a holiday and we don't have school. It's a beautiful drive to Ada. I'll enjoy it!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yellow Roses

The night was cool and we could open windows. This morning I went outside to feel the fresh air and found that my yellow rose bush had begun to bloom once again. I checked the red rose bush, and saw three more tiny buds. I'm not an accomplished gardner, so I thank God when anything thrives!

Before this session began, I was asked to teach only 2 classes so that the lead teacher's daughter could have some classes this summer. She had to get my permission to do it. I said "sure" because I thought I could use the time off. Well......Monday and Wednesday I was asked to teach in the afternoon, and Tuesday, I was asked to cover the office while our director went to a State meeting. I'm hoping that nothing will come up today so I can have the afternoon off!

Last night, Bill grilled pork chops while I steamed zuchinni with onions and fresh tomatoes. Jean, who has been like a second mother to me, taught me that dish. I get tired of going out to dinner because I enjoy cooking so much! I noticed that Kirk can cook just about as well as his sisters. He's a gourmet cook when it comes to Mexican food, and he's an artist when he carves a turkey! Eating is fun, too!