Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Relaxation

Friday, Bill and I saw the movie, "Persecuted".  Everyone should see that movie.  It is not fiction! 
There is so much stuff going on in the Obama administration that disrespects Christian views.  I watched the news on NBC and was in shock when they tried to pin the present conflict in the Middle East on Israel.  People there have been running from the missiles lobbed by the Palestinians for months.  People in the know are also aware that Hammas uses women and children as shields.  At least Israel warns the people in Gaza for 48 hours before they strike.  I believe that God will protect Israel and that in the end they will be saved.  However, they will have to endure much suffering for their sin.

Saturday Morning, I took Mom to Farmers Market.  We bought okra to eat with fresh tomatoes from her garden.  She also bought some purple beans that I had never seen before, but she just loves.  I feel so blessed to have so many fresh vegetables and fruit in my house!

Friday afternoon, Bill and I drove to Norman to use the Out Back gift card from Keri and Kevin.  Bill ordered ribs and I had grilled chicken.  We also went to Wal-Mart and bought a new fern plant for our front porch, and some stain for the new stool I bought for the kitchen.  I want to sit when I'm chopping and mixing.

We are enjoying our beautiful new bathtub with built-in shelving at both ends.  It looks so clean and new!

Today, we went to church with Mom at First Baptist, Tecumseh.  A family of 5 joined the church this morning, and 5 youth who had gone to Falls Creek made decisions for Christ.  The music was well done, and Bill and I felt like we were on vacation.  We are praying and searching for God to make His purpose known in our lives.  We just want to be a support system and not take full time jobs in the church.

After church, we took Mom to Bamboo Garden for lunch.  We saw several friends there and enjoyed the food.  It has been a relaxing day.  God knew we needed a day like this one!   

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rain, Summer Rain!

Last night, I lay in my bed and listened to God's voice rumbling across the sky.  There is nothing like listening to the rain and thunder!  This weather is just perfect! 

Today, Bill and I ate lunch with our friends at the Senior Center.  They served pot roast with vegetables and pineapple upside down cake.  The rain continued as we ate and played Bingo.  Bill won a game today.  That made him a happy camper.  Afterwards, we went to the Fitness Center and swam for 45 minutes.  It was our second time this week.

Last Sunday was our last at New Beginnings Church.  We really miss Pastor Larry Sparks who left in December.  We also would like to worship in a church closer to home.  And, I miss going to a Southern Baptist Church.  There were many things that we disagreed with the church in the past, but they have since changed their policies and are not so legalistic. 

I have really enjoyed my summer.  I am only teaching one piano lesson to a child who is an extremely talented kid, and is always prepared.  Bill's schedule has been light due to no classes until August.  We get up late, eat breakfast on the patio and take our time doing what has to be done.

I went to the hospital last Tuesday and spent the morning visiting patients.  Everyone was wonderful except for a new mother who continued to read her smart phone while I was praying for her and her baby who has low sugar problems.  I realized that I had been there for the cousin who was in the 6th grade and had tapped me on the shoulder.  She told me her name and asked me to pray for her.  Again, I remembered that no one can enter the Kingdom of God unless we have the faith of a child.  Pride is the worst of all sins.  It is so hard to humble ourselves and see our sin.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pow Wow and Family/Borders

Every year becomes more fun at the Pow Wow because we know more people.  Many of our new friends from the Senior Center were there as well as family members.  My cousin, Nancy Morris, introduced us to her children and grandchildren.  George and Pat Godfrey brought their granddaughter with them from Springfield, Illinois.  They all stayed with Mom.  Once again, George danced and won 3rd place.  The prize was $300.  One of the judges was my doctor, Ron Shaw.  He was recently elected as a councilman for the Osage Indian Tribe in Tulsa. 

Galen's daughter, Crystal and her family arrived on Monday evening.  They have just moved here from So. California.  She is a nurse, and her husband is a computer IT man.

Last Sunday morning, I attended Galen's Cowboy Church while Bill went on the Potawatomi Sacred Heart Tour.  They went to Asher to see the former boarding school that my grandfather attended through 6th grade.  I'm sure my grandfather must have been baptized by the priests, but he was later immersed as an adult with my grandmother in the Baptist church.

On Sunday evening, Bill and I were asked to play trumpet/piano for a concert at Blackburn Chapel.  It is a beautiful church!  Our former pastor, Larry Sparks asked us to come back this next Sunday and lead all of the music.  Bill agreed to do so.  The church runs about 140 people.

Yesterday, I went to the clinic for a check-up.  I ended up getting an x-ray on my foot and a lab test.  My foot was swelling, but I had no injury.  Going to the doctor is always an inconvenience for me, but I really enjoyed Dr. Baughman.  She has been to North Africa several times for mission trips and has adopted a 7 year old boy from there.  Bill and I hope to go there next year to visit Keri and Kevin and the kids.  The doctor was so excited to meet someone who had knowledge of Africa.  We will get together sometime outside of the clinic.

Poor Obama has so many troubles.  Of course, every one of his problems are former Pres. Bush's fault.  This week I was listening the Kelly File on Fox and her interview with Bill Ayers.  His world view is so much like Obama's.  He doesn't believe in borders or law.  I was reminded that when the 666 rules the world, the Bible says that there will be no borders or nations.  One man will rule a totalitarian empire.    That cannot happen until America is torn down.  Having visited several countries that are socialistic, I can see where we are headed.  The worst was East Germany.  Every one had a tiny car that looked the same.  People were standing in lines with their tickets to purchase bread until it ran out the day we were there.  Music and creativity was erased.  God was taken out of the society and their souls were hidden.  I felt that I had tasted hell!  People without God have no hope and are on their own.  So sad!  I pray that Obama will turn to God for help and quit going it alone.