Friday, September 27, 2013

Traveling North/Galen and Sondra Move to Okla.

It has been a very warm week.  However, we saw that there were record highs back in 1999.  I guess we have been in global warming since the Great Lakes melted, and we are still in that phase.  I also recently heard that several inches have been added to the ice glaciers this year.  I wonder what is causing that??

Last Tuesday, Bill waited for me to give Kim her lesson in Shawnee, and then we had dinner before going to a Town hall meeting at Gordon Cooper Tech auditorium.  It was packed with people who wanted to hear James Langford speak.  Everyone was angry and wanted answers concerning Obama Care and the scandals in Washington D.C.  After the meeting, I talked to Ron Spencer.  He is an Oklahoma State Senator.  He told me that James Langford is part of a Christian coalition that meets in Washington, and that Obama never attends.  That did not surprise me at all!

Bill and I have mowed the lawn, pruned the flowers, cleaned the house and have packed.  We will take Mom out to dinner tonight before leaving tomorrow morning for Michigan, Niagara Falls and New Hampshire.  Kelli (who lives in Grand Rapids) is taking care of Keri's 3 kids tonight and taking them apple picking on Saturday with her daughter, Hannah.  That is a nice present for Keri because it is her 44th birthday.  (Whew!  I must be getting older!)  Keri and Kevin will be flying with their children to Africa next week.  I admit that I pray for them a lot.  The world is becoming more dangerous everyday.  We watched pictures on TV this week of Nairobi, Kenya.  It looked like a war zone!  Bill and I completed a 3 year teaching contract in that very city.  In fact, Bill took his jazz band to play at the Westgate Mall the last Christmas we were there.  I also know that we could die in the Shawnee Mall, so I have to trust God to take care of us all.

We will just miss Galen and Sondra.  Galen had to stay in California a few more days because he was begged to officiate a funeral.  He couldn't say "no" so they will be coming in very late tonight.  When I called them yesterday, they were in Arizona.  Galen is driving the truck, Sondra is driving the car, and George (assoc. pastor) is driving their van.  George will stay at Noel's house because Mark just loves that man!  They really have a special friendship.  Anyway, we will all talk on the phone before Bill and I get too far down the road.  I'll tell them to have everything moved in before we get back.  Smile!  I'm really excited to have Noel and Galen just 10 minutes away!!  The neighbors and my family are watching over our house.  We also have a security service.   

Friday, September 20, 2013

Rain, Glorieta and Sandwiches

We had a beautiful rain storm yesterday and last night.  It is no secret that I love rain.  I fell in love with warm rain while at Glorieta.  Speaking of Glorieta, my mother gave me several pictures which brought back lots of memories.  Also, Ron Bryant is getting married in October.  Galen first met Ron at Glorieta, and then went to California Baptist together.  Later, Ron was a member of Galen's church in Twenty-Nine Palms where he retired from teaching.  Yes, Galen will go back to California to officiate Ron's wedding.

I have been busy this week helping to organize lunch for 60 volunteers who are building a new chapel for the Women's Prison.  My Bible Study Class is making sandwiches.  I asked FireLake Grocery to donate chips and cookies.  I'm hoping the prison will provide coffee.  I will not be able to deliver the food next Tuesday, because that is my day to volunteer at the hospital.

I spoke of Noah in my last blog.  It seems that Colorado has been experiencing epic floods this past week.  Non-believers will either say that there is no God, or God must be a "bad" person.  The reaction of most Christians is that God is bringing judgement to that area for obvious reasons.  The Bible says that God will allow punishment to come to the wicked, and also to His children that have wandered.  Unfortunately, believers often suffer with them.  Only the other hand, the God I serve is one of mercy when we ask, and pours out so many blessings that I don't deserve!  God can't bless you if you don't believe He exists.

It seems that war has been averted for the time being with Syria.  I watched 4 clips of Obama saying that he would not negotiate with the Republicans, but he has no problem negotiating with Putin of Russia.  It seems that they are much closer in their thinking than Obama is with his own Congress.  Putin is Godless, and has no problem dictating.

We need healthcare reform badly, but the law that we have now is a disaster!  Many people don't really know what is in store for them now.  And, so many people will lose their jobs and their current insurance. I'm not fighting for myself, because we have private insurance and Bill won't lose his job.  I'm very worried about other people.  Let's start over again and get the law written correctly.  It's a big mess.  It is such a mess that the big unions and the Senate don't want it for themselves!

I found a song by Danny Lee that my 3 kids used to sing.  The chorus says:
So, let it rain, let it rain, let it pour, Let old trouble keep a knock-in' at my door!
If we learn the right from wrong, it will help to make us strong.
Lord, please help us learn the secret, Even little flowers know;
If it never, never rains, then we'll never, never grow!  Have a blessed day! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Rainbows and Rulers

It is already Friday, and it has been a very busy week.  Teaching piano in my home and in Shawnee keeps me going.  I really enjoy Kim who is 4 years old.  When asked to play a "warm-up piece" she told me she couldn't stop because it had a repeat!  I was excited that she remembered me teaching her that word!  Her attention span is short. So,  when learning new music, I give her a peanut M&M for each line she plays correctly.  After 2 lines, she stuck out her tongue and said, "Look, I have a RAINBOW."  She was right.  Her tongue was red and blue!  We added more colors.

Last Sunday, we listened to a sermon on "the last days".  Just when we thought President Obama couldn't mess things up any worse, he showed the nation we were wrong.  If it's possible to divide people, he has a special talent for doing so.  War would not help anybody right now!  As I have written before, I have listened to my mother and my father talk about Russia and China (the big bear) coming from the north to invade Israel and put down America.  At that time, China was nothing!  I can also hear my mother telling me that someday the black people would turn on whites because of slavery.  She pointed out that their population would overtake us.  With the advent of computers, English becoming a global language, and a one world financial system, it is now possible to have a one world government.   I have also been told that the United States of America would fall and is not even mentioned in the Bible.  That didn't seem possible until Obama's administration took over.  That is not to say that Republicans are not helping him bring America down.  God cannot protect and keep people from destruction inside and out who do not even acknowledge Him.  The Bible has predicted that people would once again become just like they were in the days of Noah.  They have turned against God and have begun to worship and please only themselves.  Christians cannot become discouraged because we know without a doubt that Jesus will come again and rescue His children!  Yes, we will be mocked and persecuted, but one day God's people win!

Bill has been grading students for the testing company.  Sometimes, he listens and grades students for 8 hours.  He begins at 7:30 A.M.  On those days, I try to be gone so that I will not make noise.

We enjoyed having Noel and Janice back in town.  Janice was sick with a cold for several days, however.  I made some potato soup and took it to her.  She had bought me a new serrated bread knife.  Now, I have to bake some bread and take it to her.  Smile.  Last night, we went together to IHOP for dinner.  Seniors eat for half price between 4p.m. and 6 p.m.

We still enjoy going to the Senior Center for lunch.  Noel took everyone's picture and made name tags.  That was a hit!  We play BINGO several times a week, and make $5 per game when lucky.  We don't pay to play, so no harm done!  The food is good (especially the salad bar) and our new friends are so funny and entertaining.  In comparison, being there makes me feel young!  On Wednesday, we all got our flu shots.  Next week, the Seniors are going to the Arbuckle Bluegrass Festival.

We are looking forward to Galen and Sondra moving here next week.  They had to wait for their new apartment to be completed.  Bill and I talked to the kids, and we are getting excited about seeing them in a few weeks in Michigan!   God just keeps blessing and blessing!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Birthday Pictures

Mom's Birthday Limo
 At Gliori's Restaurant
Roger playing background music at the party.
Mom and her children on her 90th birthday.  Roger, Noel, Galen, Marti, David in birth order.  (John and Truett are missing.)

Friday, September 6, 2013

A Hot September!

It has been hotter than usual this first week of September.  Tomorrow is expected to reach temperatures near 100 degrees.  I just thank God for air conditioning.  It seems that the world is heating up as well.  ObamaCare is suppose to start accepting enrollment in just three more weeks.  It is going to be a disaster.  Oklahoma is waiting for the U.S. government to set up the exchanges and the administration has its mind on starting another war in Syria.  I understand that people are dying there.  One hundred thousand people have already died.  Why do some become more upset when chemicals are used.  I think that killing your own people with machine guns and tanks is just as bad.  And, to be honest, most American citizens are not sure who the "bad guys" are.  Who are we helping by bombing Syria?  We are war weary and cannot absorb the cost of war at this time.  And, I am still concerned that Syria will retaliate against U.S. Embassy personnel, and most likely Israel.  I'm not convinced that Obama cares about Israel.

God is still in control.  The world will go as He has planned it.  I know that He is still taking care of me!  This afternoon I had a follow up visit with my ENT doctor.  My CAT Scan was great, and the prescription that I was given worked like a charm.  I told Dr. Willis that I had been prayed for by the technician, and that I had prayed for him.  He smiled and said, "The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing."  He wasn't surprised at all!  I'm so glad I have Christian doctors.  I have avoided surgery on at least 2 occasions this year.

Labor Day, Mom came over for lunch and Bill grilled pork steaks.  They were so so delicious!  Then we played Mexican Train dominoes.  We missed Noel and Janice being here, but they had to go back to Springfield for a week.

I enjoyed my work at the hospital as usual, and gave my piano lessons this week.  Kim is my 4 year old who constantly amazes me.  She is playing with both hands now, and has learned to count.  She is being raised by her grandparents who pastor Noel's Church.  They are sweet people.

Bill is going nuts this week!  He has been offered 2 more jobs.  He has to decide which jobs he will keep and which ones to drop.  The latest is teaching professional people in Japan via computer, and one is to tutor a high school exchange student locally who is from Japan.  He worked for the testing company 2 days this week.  Eight hours each day is really demanding!  I stay far away so that I won't make any noise.

I skyped with David (in Mexico last week.)  He teaches English to 4 classes of 20 students at a local highschool.  It is a private university prep school.   I also talked to Galen and Sondra.  They will come to Oklahoma after their daughter gets back from her cruise.  They are babysitting Bailey and Brynlee.

Bill is almost finished mowing the lawn, so I will make dinner.  I have been promised that we will put pictures in the blog tomorrow.  We will see.  Smile.