Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Getting Busier By the Day!

This week I have volunteered at the hospital, played the organ for a funeral, taught piano lessons and got my household chores done.  I am trying to get caught up so that I can be there for Noel on Friday morning at north Heart Hospital.  He is having a 2 hour ablation surgery.  The surgeon is using a pent -a-ray to determine where the electrical currents are straying from his heart.  It looks like a tiny spider with 5 legs going into his each section of his heart. 

I took Mom to have a sonogram this morning at the clinic.  Her kidneys are being checked and she wasn't thrilled about drinking so much water. 

Last night, Bill and I had pizza with Noel, Mark, Mom, Galen, Sondra and their grandkids, Bailey and Brynnlee.  I decided I like Firelake Fry bread better than their pizza.  Pizza Hut is still the best.

Today at lunch, Bill won a game of Bingo and I won 2 games.  It was our lucky day!  It was worth a total of $15.

It's time to go watch Fox News.  The only place you can get both sides of the story.  Sometimes it's the only place you can even get the story.   

God is good all the time.  No matter what the news is for the day!!!

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