Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I haven't written on my blog for so long!  I spent a week in Michigan visiting with my kids.  Keri's father-in-law passed away so her family flew to Grand Rapids from Africa for the funeral in Sparta.  I flew by myself to Grand Rapids and stayed with my second daughter, Kelli in her new home.  Kirk's family also flew in from California and stayed with Kelli as well.  Keri's family stayed with her husband's twin sister, Kerri in Sparta.  It was a wonderful time of eating, sharing, going to the Pumpkin Farm and trick or treating in the snow.  Yes, the snow!  On Halloween, we had dinner at MacDonald's where Kevin was a manager before his Marine and college days.  The 4 grandkids who are still very young were so cute!  When I took them to the restroom, I found myself holding a Spiderman suit and a cat's tail so the kids could do their business.  When we returned to Kelli's house, Hannah (high school senior) and her step sisters, Sheridan and Gabby had invited a group of friends for a costume party.  They did an outstanding job of creating atmosphere and setting a table of goulish delights.  They had even bought a pinata and filled it with candy.

While in Michigan, my grandson, Caleb, came home from college to visit with the family.  Keri's kids, Selah, Sofia and Isaiah taught him to play Skip-Bo with us.  When I heard that Kelli, his mother, was going to drive Caleb back to Indiana Wesleyan University which is a 4 hour drive, I went with them.  While there, Caleb introduced us to his roommate and many friends who are on his tennis team.  I was so impressed with the campus.  Very, very nice!  Especially the indoor student mall with a movie theater.  I was most impressed that Caleb is going to church again and has friends who are very spiritual.  He seemed so mature and I knew that my little Caleb is becoming a man.  I will also mention that he is a free lance sports writer for ESPN.  He is aware that he gets his talent from his Mom!

Sunday, I taught my Bible Study Class which includes several pretty girls from OBU.  I played for the morning worship service and then again for the Christmas choir rehearsal in the evening.  When I returned home, Mom called and said she needed to go to the hospital.  Her blood pressure was 220/85.  By the time we reached the ER, the machine registered 226 and started to flash red.  She was sent home at 3:30 a.m. after getting tests and 2 IVs of blood pressure meds and pain killers for her headache.  I brought her to my house and we were both sleeping soundly by 4 a.m.  She is fine now and back to her apartment.  My sister-in-laws have helped so much with food and checking on her.  I love my family!

It turned cold in Oklahoma today.  We were blessed with really nice weather until now.  Bill and I have winterizing our home for the past month.  We put away the patio furniture, bought new gas logs for the fireplace and replaced our electric blanket.  Today, I remembered to get out the humidifier.  It gets too dry in the house with the heat on. 

Bill still teaches on-line music for K-12.com., scores twice a week for the Educational Testing Service and has begun teaching English on Thursday mornings for students in China.  They pay $30 an hour so he doesn't mind getting up early.  I teach 4 piano students each week.  I ask 2 students to stop due to lack of progress.

Sunday, my lesson was about Psalm 23 and the peace we can have in any situation if we let God be in control.  I got to practice that lesson this week and truly had peace.  I knew the hospital staff from my volunteer chaplains work and it helped the 5 hours go fast while Mom was there.  When Christians relax, other people around us relax as well.  Peace is catching!  It's time Christians come out of the closet!

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