Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Faith versus Fear of viruses, floods, ISIS etc.

The weekend kept me hopping and I haven't stopped yet.  I drove Mom to Farmer's Market on Saturday and then brought her to my house to skype with Keri and her family in North Africa.  Sunday was Keri's 45th birthday and she still looks like she did in high school.  No kidding!  Her children are doing wonderful in the British school there.  Isaiah is 4 years old and already sounding out words and read his first book.  Selah and Sofia spoke to me in the local dialect and sang a song about love.  Selah is 7 years old and Sofia will be 10 years old in November.  I do pray for their safety everyday.  I know they have a host of angels all around them.

Sunday, I taught my first new Bible Study Class at Blackburn Chapel Baptist Church.  There were 5 that left the other class and now we can grow.  Since I am the church pianist, I have to arrive at church early to practice the songs that Russ has chosen.  On the spur of the moment, I was asked to play the offertory.  I chose, "Speak to My Heart"  from the old Baptist Hymnal.  There is a new hymnal that was published 4 years ago with all of the new songs. 

Yesterday, I took Lorna and Victoria out to lunch and then brought them to my house to play Skip-Bo.  We were celebrating their birthdays.  Victoria and her husband left today for Seoul, Korea.  Her sister works for the American Embassy.  She was so excited!

This morning, I volunteered at St. Anthony Hospital.  Galen works on Tuesday mornings as well.  I visited with 10 new mothers and then worked half of 2nd floor.  A doctor walked into one of the rooms where I was just about to pray with the patient.  He asked if he could join us!  That's the third doctor to do so.  It makes me feel so good to know there are doctors that are believers and pray for their patients!  Wonderful!  There really is a spiritual warfare going on. 

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